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Delhi Domicile Certificate: Mistakes To Avoid –

A domicile certificate provides you with benefits for being a resident of that state. In many cases, a domicile certificate is required to get local preference. In this article, we will tell you how to obtain a domicile certificate in Delhi with the help of Vakilsearch experts.

A domicile certificate is an official document issued by the state government to a citizen verifying an applicant’s residency. A Domicile/Residence Certificate is often issued to demonstrate that the individual receiving the Certificate is a Domicile/Resident of the State/UT in which the Certificate is issued. Several educational institutions reserve seats based on the applicant’s domicile status. Similarly, perks are available during government job recruiting wherein local candidates are given precedence.

One can obtain a domicile certificate from only one State/UT. Having a domicile certificate from more than one State/UT is an offence.

Domicile Certificate in Delhi: Documents Required

  • Identity proof 

Any one of the following – 

Aadhaar Card / PAN card / ration card with photo / voter ID card/ passport / driving license / any government-issued document

  • Singed self-declaration
  • Proof of continuous residency for the past 3 years in Delhi
  • Residence Proof
  • Identity proof of parents (in case of a minor)
  • Passport size photograph of the beneficiary (Size 5cm x 4.5cm Or 2”x1.75”)
  • Ensure that the photo is taken from the front and includes a full face with open eyes, a natural expression, and a closed mouth.
  • Ensure that the photo covers the applicant’s whole head, from the top of the skull to the shoulder.
  • Make sure that the background is plain white or off-white.
  • Ensure that there are no Shadows on the face or in the background
  • Also, make sure you’re not wearing sunglasses or a hat in the photo you’re submitting.

Benefits of Obtaining a Domicile Certificate in Delhi 

Having a domicile certificate can aid you in obtaining resident-based reservations in places such as schools, educational institutions and even government jobs. Students can use their domicile certificates to apply for scholarships that are only available to inhabitants of Delhi. Furthermore, a domicile certificate can also be used as proof of address when applying for loans.

Eligibility to Obtain a Domicile Certificate in Delhi 

An applicant is entitled to a domicile certificate if he/she – 

  •  Is a citizen of India 
  •  Has been residing continuously for the last three years within the territorial jurisdiction of NCT of Delhi
  • In the voter list
  • If their spouse is a resident of Delhi ( applicable only to female applicant’s)

For minors, the certificate can be applied for on the basis of their parent’s residence.


Step By Step Guide to Obtaining a Domicile Certificate in Delhi: Online Application Process

You can apply for a domicile certificate by following the steps below:

Step 1: Visit the official web portal of the Delhi Government via 

Step 2: Choose the ‘Apply For Certificates Online’ option

Step 3: Log in with your  User ID and Password, if you need help registering, get in touch with the experts at Vakilsearch

Step 4: Click on ‘Apply for services’ under ‘Apply Online’.

Step 5: Click on the ‘Apply’ button to get the application form.

Step 6: Next you must fill up all the necessary details in the form. Once you attach all the required documents click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 7: After submitting the form, you will receive an acknowledgement number. Remember to take a printout of the same.

Step By Step Guide to Obtaining a Domicile Certificate in Delhi: Offline Application Process

Alternatively, you can also apply for a Domicile Certificate at any Citizen Service Centre. Here are some things you keep in mind – 

  • When applying at a Citizen Service Centre, the beneficiary must provide a self-attested copy of the original documents. 
  • Original declarations must be submitted by hand or speed post/registered post to the relevant SDM/Tehsildar/CSC, together with the Application/Acknowledgement number.
  • The beneficiary or any of his family members must be present at the CSC for the photograph or submit his/her own.

If everything is in order, the respective authority will issue the domicile certificate to you within 14 days from the date of application.

Step By Step Guide to Obtaining a Domicile Certificate : Door to Door Application Process

A representative from Mobile Sahayak will visit your home after you request for the the domicile certificate issuance public service, through the call centre. The Mobile Sahayak representative will assist you in applying for the public service and shall even collect the required physical documents. Following this, the representative will deposit the documents with the respective department, and deliver the domicile certificate to your doorstep. 

Do note that the government has permitted such representatives to collect a facilitation fee/service charge of ₹50/- for the rendering of such a service.

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