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APEDA Registration

Apeda RCMC Application Form Download

Get the official APEDA RCMC application form and start registering your agricultural or processed food company as a recognised Star Export House.

The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) is responsible for regulating and promoting the export of these products. Simply make an application through a few easy steps, follow this guide to get started. Contact our specialists at Vakilsearch through our website to register for APEDA certificates. The experts will assist  you in making your APEDA RCMC application in 20 working days (subject to government approval).

Steps to Make an Application for Apeda RCMC

To apply for APEDA RCMC,  (Recognised Star Export House),  follow the given below steps to get started –

  • Visit the APEDA website and Click on “Register as Member”
  • On the Next Window, You will be required to sign in which the following information
  1. Fill out the detail of your IE Code
  2. Then, Enter your Company name
  3. Next Upon, fill in the email id details
  4. And Finally, Proceed with filling in your mobile number

Make your application hassle free with our team at Vakilsearch, we will support you with the formalities and compliances and register the RCMC in no time.

  • On to the next window, your filled details will be verified by OTP sent on the mobile and the email simultaneously
  • The exporter must fill out an online application and upload the required documents in JPEG, PDF, or PNG format after receiving verification confirmation. The exporter must ensure that the information provided is accurate and carefully enter all necessary information into the online application form
  • By returning to the website and entering the allotted OTP (One Time Password) that was provided to your email and mobile device, you can finish the online application in one or more sessions. The exporter can amend the filled-out data up until the online payment is made and save their progress by clicking the “Save” button
  • The exporter may use any of the following methods to pay the registration fee of ₹5000 (without taxes, which equals ₹5900 (with GST)) –
  1. Online (Debit and Credit Card)
  2. Offline (Demand draft payable at the respective cities of the APEDA offices in favour of “APEDA”)
  • An application number will be generated once the payment process has been completed.
  • Please keep a record of the application number for future use.
  • Login information is given to the exporter’s registered email upon issuance of RCMC.
  • Through the “Exporter Login” link provided on the APEDA website, the Exporter may access their account.
  • By selecting the “Track Application” option and entering the IE Code and Application number, the exporter can check the status of the RCMC application up until it is issued.
  • The exporter will need to resubmit the document online if any errors are found in the application. As a result, the exporter must keep track of the RCMC application’s progress as stated above in Step 10.
  • The application form must be accompanied by the following documents –
  1. For Merchant Exporter:
    •  A self-certified copy of the import-export code issued by the D.G.F.T.
  2. For Manufacturing Exporters:
    •  A self-certified copy of the import-export code issued by the D.G.F.T
    • The exporter must provide a self-attested copy of the company registration with the applicable certifying bodies for the goods.
  • Exporters may print their certificates using their APEDA login by selecting “View RCMC Certificate” from the RCMC Menu after APEDA officials have approved the RCMC.

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Benefits of APEDA RCMC

APEDA RCMC (Recognised Star Export House) status is a prestigious recognition granted to Indian exporters by the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA). This recognition is based on an exporter’s performance and compliance with export regulations. Here are some of the benefits of obtaining APEDA RCMC status:

  • Priority in government schemes: APEDA RCMC holders are given priority in various government schemes and initiatives related to export promotion and development 
  • Easier access to credit: APEDA RCMC holders may be eligible for easier access to credit and other financial assistance from banks and financial institutions
  • Enhanced credibility: Being recognised as an APEDA RCMC holder enhances the credibility of an exporter in the eyes of foreign buyers and other stakeholders
  • Improved market access: APEDA RCMC holders may have improved access to export markets and may be able to participate in trade fairs and other promotional activities organised by APEDA
  • Export incentives: APEDA RCMC holders may be eligible for export incentives and subsidies offered by the government to promote exports
  • Assistance with compliance: APEDA provides assistance and support to RCMC holders in complying with export regulations and standards
  • Networking opportunities: APEDA RCMC holders have the opportunity to network with other recognised exporters and industry experts through events and forums organised by APEDA

Obtaining APEDA RCMC status can provide numerous benefits to exporters, including improved market access, enhanced credibility, and access to financial assistance and export incentives. It is therefore worth considering applying for this recognition if you are an Indian exporter in the agricultural or processed food sector.


The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) offers the Recognised Star Export House (RCMC) status to Indian exporters in the agricultural and processed food sector who demonstrate strong performance, financial stability, and compliance with export regulations.  Obtaining RCMC status can provide significant benefits to exporters and is therefore worth considering for those in the agricultural or processed food sector. Here at Vakilsearch, Our team will assist you with the paperwork and regulations, as well as register the RCMC. Connect with Vakilsearch, our team of experienced business advisors are a phone call away, they will assist you with APEDA RCMC registration and thereby help you in  improving the packaging and marketing of the Scheduled Products to be exported smoothly.

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