URN Status Online: Step by step procedure to check the status

Last Updated at: Dec 12, 2019
URN Status Online: Step by step procedure to check the status

Update Request Number, commonly known as URN is a unique number generally allotted to all Aadhaar card holders who are seeking correction in their Aadhaar Data. The number generates automatically by the system on submission of a request for change by the Aadhaar card holders. Once a person has received URN number, it should be saved safely as it can be asked for at different stages of tracking the Aadhaar URN status.

In case the person loses it, there is no alternative way to check the URN status. Since the introduction of Aadhaar card data, it has come to one of the vital documents of identity required at governmental as well as private offices, offering citizen services.

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Majorly, the government schemes at both the central as well as the state level require citizens of the country to link their Aadhaar card, in order to be beneficiaries to various government-run schemes. This move has come into existence to ensure that to benefit the proper citizen out of this scheme and no one should try to misuse it. UIDAI has also come up with Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal (SSUP) using which the Aadhaar card owners can directly check their URN status and other related services online.

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How to check the Aadhaar URN status online?

A citizen can easily check your Aadhaar URN status online, without having to visit any office or stand in long lines. All one requires is to have a laptop or computer with an active internet connection. However, alternatively, you can do the same via the offline mode by visiting the nearest Aadhaar enrollment centre. Here is a step by step guide to check your Aadhaar urn status online:

Step 1: Log on to the official website of Aadhaar self-service portal (SSUP). Here is the link to the official website: https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/ssup/

Step 2: Once you log in, scroll down on the home page to find an option which reads ‘Check status’. Simply click on the tab to proceed.

Step 3: You will be redirected in a new page, where you will be required to fill in the following details:

  1. Your Aadhaar Number
  2. Your URN or SRN Number

Step 3: After providing Aadhaar and URN number, enter the Captcha code in order to complete the verification process.

Step 4: Once you have filled all the details, click the “Get Status” tab. Now you will be able to access the status of your Aadhaar update.

Has your request for an Aadhaar Update been accepted or rejected? Know what it means!

  • If the results show that the application has been successful, then the changes have been made successfully in the Aadhaar. Now you can download an updated copy of the e-Aadhaar. You will also receive a hard copy of Aadhaar by post on your registered mailing address.
  • Another outcome can be that your Aadhaar update is under process, meaning that the changes are yet to be approved. You need to check-in after a few more days for your URN Status.
  • If the request has been rejected, then it means that changes are not made. And so, you will need to apply for the same again. A rejection generally takes place when:
    • The applicant has not provided sufficient documents supporting the sought change
    • The applicant has provided incorrect details supporting the sought change
    • There have been some typographical errors while updating the application form at the time of filling.
    • The documents provided have not been self-attested by the applicant before submitting.

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Even if rejected, the applicant still holds a chance to re-apply for the URN. There is often a high probability of having typographical and other errors in the entries of the Aadhaar card data, sometimes an Aadhaar holder also requires a photograph update. All that is now possible very easily at the Aadhaar SSUP portal.

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