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Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme 2024 Apply Online

Know more about the Gujarat’s Two-Wheeler Programme, a government initiative designed to provide financial aid to students in Gujarat. This blog sheds light on the program's objectives

Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme 2024

The Gujarat two-wheeler Scheme was started to provide students in the state with subsidies. Each contender will receive a subsidy of ₹48,000 from the Gujarati government to purchase an electric rickshaw. People will also receive appropriate aid ₹12000 will be given to the students to purchase an electric scooter. Students currently enrolled in grades 9 through 12 will be eligible for this benefit. Only the subsidy amount provided under the Gujarat two-wheeler program may be used to purchase scooters. The state of Gujarat will provide students access to 10,000 electric automobiles.

Objectives of the Two-Wheeler Scheme

Vijay Rupani announced sponsorship plans for e-carts and electric bikes on Thursday in an effort to encourage the use of electric vehicles to reduce air pollution. The CM announced the funding as a ‘Panchsheel present’ of five improvement programmes in Gujarat to honor PM Narendra Modi’s 70th birthday celebration. 

The Chief Minister has declared that students will receive an allowance of ₹12,000 each to acquire electric bikes as part of a support programme for the use of battery-powered bikes and three-wheelers.

The government will provide assistance to students concentrating on Class 9 to purchase battery-powered motorcycles under this proposal. The goal is to assist 10,000 of these automobiles in this way.

Details of Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme

  • Name- Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme
  • started by- Gujarat Government
  • Benefit- Providing two-wheelers to the student
  • Objective- Helping the students to overcome any problem

Benefits of Gujarat E-Scooter Scheme

For the purchase of 5,000 battery-powered e-carts by individual and institutional recipients, the state government would contribute ₹48,000. S J Haider stated that the plans would be carried out based on the response. A funding scheme of ₹5 lakh has also been announced to establish frame offices around the state to charge a battery-powered vehicle. 35,500 MW is the state’s maximum allowed installed capacity. According to him, more than the general average of 23%, sustainable power sources are committed to Gujarat’s absolute set limit of 30%. Here is a complete list of the benefits: 

Decreased Dependency on Conventional Fuels: Governments are encouraging the adoption of battery-operated vehicles to reduce reliance on traditional fuels like petrol and diesel.

Environmental Protection: By limiting the use of fuel-based vehicles, these initiatives aim to protect the environment from harmful emissions and contribute to ecological conservation.

Promotion of Eco-Friendly Transportation: The widespread use of electric vehicles fosters a more eco-friendly mode of transportation, aligning with sustainability goals.

Exemption from Licensing Procedures: Many battery-operated vehicles, being low-speed, are exempt from the requirement of a driver’s license and other bureaucratic procedures related to the Regional Transport Office (RTO).

Noise Pollution Reduction: The shift towards electric vehicles contributes to reduced noise pollution, creating quieter and more serene urban environments.

Affordability and Convenient Charging: Battery-operated vehicles are often reasonably priced, and the convenience of charging them at home adds to their appeal, making sustainable transportation more accessible.

MOU of The Scheme

Through the application of space innovation and geo-informatics, the Environmental Change department signed a virtual memorandum of understanding with ten groups to make progress in reducing the impacts of climate change and increasing the use of sustainable energy sources. Another Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), entitled ‘Environmental Change Danger Appraisal of Moderation,’ has been signed with the Indian Organisation of the Executives in Ahmedabad (IIM-A) for matters relating to environment money and environment strategy, as well as with the Indian Foundation of Innovation in Gandhinagar for the purpose of establishing limits, conducting research, and improving the public utility of logical data in the area of environmental change and condition. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has also been signed with Gujarat Gas and the Gujarat State Street Transport Company to expand the usage of clean energies like CNG in car exchanges and to outline construction regulations on energy-efficient housing with the principal town planner.

Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme Eligibility Criteria & Documents

Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme
Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme Eligibility
  • The candidate must reside in Gujarat permanently
  • This programme is only available to students in grades 9 through 12
  • Aadhar card School certificate Bank account information 
  • a passport-sized photo and your phone number.

Gujarat Two-wheeler Scheme Application Online

  • You must first submit an application using the correct process for the scheme before that. The step-by-step application process for the Gujarat two-wheeler programme is shown below
  • You will need to start by going to the Gujarat electric car scheme’s official website
  • The official website’s main page will then show up in front of you
  • Navigate to the selection for just a new application after that. It may be found right on the front page. select it by clicking
  • The registration form will then appear next to you
  • The next step is to complete this form with all the necessary information
  • This information could include your name, birthdate, gender, level of education, and other things
  • They will then request that you upload a few papers. Ensure that you properly upload all required papers. They might reject your application if you don’t have these
  • To finish the process, submit your application today.

Procedure to Check Application Status

  • One can check the progress of their application after submitting it successfully. Please take note that all of these steps must be taken online exclusively. So, follow the guidelines below to find out the status of your application
  • You will need to start by going to the Gujarat electric car scheme’s official website
  • The official website’s main page will then show up in front of you
  • Proceed to the option to check the status of the application after that. It may be found right on the front page. select it by clicking
  • A new window will appear on your screen after that
  • You can type in your application ID here. The website gave you this ID after you submitted your application; it is the same ID now.

Reimbursement of Subsidy

Once your application has been submitted successfully, the relevant authorities will decide whether to accept it or not. Afterwards, they will permit the beneficiaries to get their benefits. The ₹12000 subsidy will be given to the beneficiaries. This money will be transferred by the responsible authorities right into their designated bank account. For this, they’ll employ the DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) option. Therefore, we urge all applicants to enter their bank information with great care. After submitting your application, you won’t be able to go back and check them again or make changes. Additionally, you can use the official website to check the status of your application.


 The Gujarat Two-Wheeler Scheme marks a significant stride towards promoting sustainable and affordable transportation solutions. With the focus on providing subsidies for e-scooters and rickshaws, the initiative not only contributes to environmental conservation but also enhances economic opportunities for individuals in the transportation sector. The ease of online application adds a layer of accessibility, empowering citizens to embrace cleaner and more economical modes of transport. If you wish to know more about the Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme, or if you want to register for the same, get in touch with the legal experts of Vakilsearch. By fostering a culture of innovation and sustainability, the Gujarat Two-Wheeler Scheme stands as a commendable initiative, fostering both individual empowerment and environmental well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the e rickshaw scheme in Gujarat?

The e-rickshaw scheme in Gujarat is a government initiative to encourage the use of electric rickshaws for last-mile connectivity. It provides subsidies and incentives to individuals or organisations purchasing e-rickshaws, promoting sustainable and pollution-free transportation solutions within the state.

How to claim Fame 2 subsidy in Gujarat?

To claim Fame 2 subsidy in Gujarat, individuals must purchase eligible electric vehicles from authorised dealerships. They need to submit required documents such as proof of identity, vehicle registration details, and bank account information to the relevant authorities for subsidy processing and disbursement

When was the Gujarat 2 wheeler scheme implemented?

The Gujarat 2-wheeler scheme was implemented on 25 October 2021 determined by the government.

Who is eligible for Fame 2 subsidy?

In order to qualify for FAME 2, an individual must fulfill the following requirements: You must own a legitimate ID You must not have previously received an electric two-wheeler FAME 2 subsidy The name on the ID proof and the name entered during registration must absolutely match.

What is the Activa subsidy in Gujarat?

The Activa subsidy in Gujarat refers to financial assistance provided to individuals purchasing electric models of Honda Activa scooters. This subsidy incentivises the adoption of electric two-wheelers, contributing to reducing pollution and promoting sustainable mobility in the state.


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