What is PF and How to Check PF Claim Status?

Last Updated at: Aug 25, 2020
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Individuals with an EPF account are allowed to withdraw the accumulated fund during their employment under certain circumstances. However, to ensure the entire EPF claim process is completed smoothly, EPF account holders should make it a point to find out more about it.

What is PF and how to check PF claim status
The honorable finance minister announced recently that the employee’s contribution to PF would be reduced from 12% to 10%. The decrease in the payment would result in an rise in the take-home salary, which, in effect, would be taxed at ones income tax rate. Those businesses coming under the ambit of EPF will undergo this reduction.


Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has also provided the beneficiaries with an advisory to use PF Online Resources to control COVID-19 spreading.

Case Study 1 –

Mr. Ravi Kumar has joined the job of a lecturer in a private college at Chandigarh. He has initiated his savings on PF and continue to do it for the next 30 years. Let us see some magical numbers –

Basic Monthly Salary – Rs. 40,000
The expected annual increase in salary – 10%
His contribution to PF – 12%
His employer’s contribution to PF – 3.67%
Interest rate – 8.65%
He will accumulate Rs. 4,59,33,328 on his retirement.

Case Study 2

Ms. Garima took the job of a nurse after marriage in Bhopal. She initiated her PF savings at the age of 35 and aims to continue to do it for the next 25 years. Let us see how much she can save –

Basic Monthly Salary – Rs. 40,000
The expected annual increase in salary – 10%
Her contribution to PF – 12%
Her employer’s contribution to PF – 3.67%
Interest rate – 8.65%
She will accumulate Rs. 1,62,42,056 on her retirement.

We can see the huge difference in the maturity amount of both. This is the benefit of saving at an early age in PF.

Provident Fund is one of the best forms of investment.

Let us see how it works and how we can check our PF balance.

Provident Fund (PF) is a very safe and suitable instrument for savings. It is a famous name for the Employees Provident Fund (EPF). Savings in a PF account is very necessary to have a secure life after retirement. A salaried employee can save a fraction of his salary every month on the PF account and at the time of retirement, he can have a good amount of money in his savings account.

How PF is deducted from the salary?

An employee contributes 12% of his basic salary to the EPF account. The employer contributes 3.67% of the employee’s basic salary and 8.33% goes to Employee’s Pension Scheme. The annual interest rate is around 8.65% on the EPF account. It is considered as one of the best forms of savings.

online pf registration

Checking the PF Claim Status Online

Inquisitive about how much you have saved for your after-retirement days. Well, with the digital platform gaining transparency, you can easily check your Provident Fund status.

But, before that, one needs to apply and request for the funds at the Employees’ Provident Funds Organization (EPFO). If the employees want to check their status or even withdraw the amount, they must have the following details:

  • Details of the Company
  • Extension Details (In case they are needed)
  • The regional office of the employee
  • Universal Account Number (UAN)

Methods of Checking the PF Claim Status

If the employee has the above-mentioned details, they can check the details of the claim status through both Online and Offline methods.

Checking EPF Claim Status Online

  • Firstly, visit the official portal of EPFO.

PF claim status

  • Under the ‘Our Services’ menu, click on the ‘For Employees’ section.

pf claim status

  • Once the ‘For Employees’ page opens, you find a ‘Services’ section.
  • Click on the ‘Know your Claim Status’ tab.
  • A new page opens wherein you are required to enter your UAN and the CAPTCHA code.

pf claim status

  • Confirm the details and click on Search which opens to another page.
  • On this page, the employee has to enter their PF number, employment details, and other such details.
  • Once all the details are entered, click on the submit button. The Claim status of the employee is further displayed.

Checking EPF Claim Status Online by logging in to UAN portal

  • Firstly visit the EPFO portal and login to the UAN portal.
  • After logging in the UAN portal, click on the ‘Track your Claim Status’.
  • Once logged in, the claim status details will be displayed.

Through Missed Call

For this method, the employee must have their phone number linked to the UAN.

The claim status can be checked further by giving a call on the number: 011-22901406 from the number that is registered with UAN. After two rings, the call disconnects and the employee receives a text providing the Claim Status.

Through SMS

The employee can send an SMS through their mobile number that is registered and obtain their Claim Status. The SMS has to be sent to the number 7738299899 and must be of the format “EPFOHO UAN LAN”, where LAN is the language in which the employee wants their claim status. The acronyms for various languages are English- ENG, Punjabi- PUN, Hindi- HIN, Marathi- MAR, Telugu- TEL, Malayalam- MAL, Gujarati- GUJ, Kannada- KAN, Tamil- TAM, Bengali- BEN.


The last method of checking the Claim Status is through the UMANG App. Not just Claim Status, PF balance, raising of Claims, establishments, etc. all of these can also be checked.

umang app

UMANG stands for Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance.

The method of checking the status is as follows:

  • Go to the play store and download the App. Both, Android and IOS versions are available.
  • Login to the EPFO account.
  • This can be done in two ways: Through ‘MPIN’ and ‘OTP’ on the registered number.
  • Once you receive the OTP and log in, the EPFO portal opens.
  • On this portal, click on the ‘Employee Centric Services’.
  • Next, another page opens where you have to click on the ‘Track your claim status’, and after entering the details, the status displays.

Advances for Employees and how can they be availed?

It is not always necessary to wait until retirement to withdraw the collected sum. In case of emergencies and need, these can be withdrawn in the form of “advances” in which the money is deducted from the calculated amount easing the pressure of taking a loan.

You need not pay interest on these “Advances” and neither is it necessary to repay this amount. The advances can be withdrawn under the following circumstances:

  • Home loans
  • Purchasing a home
  • Medical emergencies
  • Educational Requirements
  • Marriage of children

Understanding the needs of the employees, in the new rules, the EPFO has allowed the employees to use 90 percent of their accumulated amount to purchase a house or to submit the down payments for the same. The condition for availing this scheme is that the individual must have been a member of the Provident Funds for a total of 3 years or more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do I need a UAN to check my EPF claim status?

Yes, it is necessary.

  1. What if I forgot my EPFO login password?
  • There is a forgot password option, below the login button
  • Fill the required details
  • You will get an OTP, enter it to activate your new password
  1. Can I check my PF claim status without a PF number?

Yes, you can. You can check your EPF balance with UAN and password.

  1. Is there any tax benefit on EPF contribution?

The contribution from the employer is tax-free but an employee contribution is tax-deductible.


With all the Digital Platforms in hand, the tracking of the PF Claim Status and the provident fund has become an easy task. Hope this article will help you check your PF claim status and balance hassle-free.

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