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Provident Fund

How to Download EPF Passbook

The EPF Passbook offers a modern solution for individuals covered under the Employees' Provident Fund scheme. This digital statement and PF contributions

EPF Passbook Overview 

EPF passbook is a digital document that contains all the details of the contributions and transactions done in your EPF and EPS  account. It records the information of both the employee and the employer in detail along with their contributions made each month. It has a unique member ID and tools for employees to monitor the EPF balance from time to time. The EPF passbook provides transparency and accessibility to the beneficiary’s account and provides all EPF related information.

Applicability of EPF Passbook  

The EPF passbook does not apply to every individual as per the law the following members can avail and the EPF passbook facility: 

  • Exempted establishment members 
  • Settled members
  •  Inoperative members

PF registration made seamless. Let our experts guide how to apply for PF.

Registering on the EPFO Portal  

To register in the EPFO portal it is crucial to have an active uan the uan is allocated to the member by the government. The applicant has to log in to the EPFO member login portal and enter the uan number to check and claim the contribution made to the provident fund. It involves an e-KYC to be completed.  The process involved providing an Aadhar number, date of birth mobile number, and other documents for completing the registration.


After submitting all the required information an authentication pin will be directly sent to the registered mobile number. After entering the authentication pin the registration process will be completed. Post registration the applicant can access the portal login to it, check the status, and other member services.

Accessing EPF Passbook  

Having a universal account number or UAN is crucial to access a PF passbook. It is mandatory to login to the EPF account to download the PF passbook online or you can get it done through the Umang app.

Contents of the Passbook  

The EPF passbook contains the following information: 

  • Establishment details: ID and name of the employer’s company
  • Member information: ID and name of the employee
  • EPFO office: Name and type of the EPFO office
  • Contribution breakdown: Both employer’s and employee’s shares in the contributions
  • Monthly depository and withdrawal: Contributions and withdrawals made by the employee and employer each month
  • Pension contributions: Monthly contributions towards the employee’s pension account
  • Printing details: Date and time of the passbook’s printing, providing a timestamp for the financial statement.

Downloading EPF Passbook  

Step 1: Login to the EPFO Portal

Visit the official EPFO website and log in to the portal.

Step 2: Enter UAN and Password

Input your UAN (Universal Account Number) and the corresponding password generated on the EPF member portal.

Step 3: Click Login

After entering the password, click the ‘Login’ button to access your account.

Step 4: Select Member ID to View Passbook

Member IDs linked to the EPF account are displayed. Choose the relevant Member ID under ‘Select Member ID to View Passbook.’

Step 5: Download the Passbook

The passbook opens in a new tab in PDF format. Download the passbook for your records or print it directly.

Sample Format of an EPF Passbook   


EPFO Pasbook

Updating EPF Passbook  

The EPF passbook is updated automatically by the EPFO upon receiving the contribution being deposited into the employee’s account. While the specific date is omitted in the passbook, it does reflect the month and year corresponding to when the contribution was made. If an individual’s passbook does not reflect the latest transactions, it is recommended to wait for a brief period before revisiting the portal. Logging in again after a few days typically ensures access to the most recent and updated version of the passbook.


In conclusion, the EPF passbook streamlines the process of tracking and managing your EPF contributions. With its user-friendly interface and accessibility through the EPFO portal, the EPF passbook empowers individuals to stay informed about their financial transactions, ensuring accuracy and transparency. Embrace the digital era of EPF management, effortlessly checking balances, downloading statements, and taking control of your financial future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check the EPF Passbook online?

You can check your EPF Passbook online by logging into the official EPFO portal. Follow these steps: log in using your UAN (Universal Account Number) and password, select the Member ID, and view or download your EPF Passbook.

Is it possible to view the EPF passbook online without UAN?

No, viewing the EPF passbook online requires the use of UAN. The UAN serves as a unique identifier for each EPF member, facilitating access to individual passbook details on the EPFO portal.

What is the applicability of the EPF passbook?

The EPF passbook is applicable to all members covered under the Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) scheme in India. It serves as a comprehensive statement of the individual's EPF account, detailing contributions made by both the employer and employee, withdrawals, and other relevant financial transactions.

How can I check my PF balance in the passbook?

To check your PF balance in the passbook, log in to the EPFO portal using your UAN and password. Navigate to the passbook section, select the relevant Member ID, and review the contributions, withdrawals, and overall balance in your EPF account.

How can I check my PF passbook on my mobile?

You can check your PF passbook on your mobile by accessing the official EPFO portal through a mobile web browser. Log in using your UAN and password, and follow the same steps to view or download your EPF Passbook as you would on a computer. Additionally, there may be official EPFO mobile apps available for download on various platforms, providing a convenient way to check your PF passbook on the go.

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