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Society Registration

What Is General Body Meeting of a Registered Society?

Here you will get all the important information you know about the general body meeting in society registration in detail here.

It is time for the Society to get together for its Annual General Body Meeting. It is a yearly gathering required of all Societies to participate in. The Annual General Body Meeting must be finished by August 14.

With the authorization of the Registrar of Societies, the cut-off date for holding these kinds of meetings can be pushed back by up to three months, but not beyond. All members must be present at the Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) because it is the only time during the year that the entire Society members get together to debate various topics relevant to the organization. A participant in this meeting may, with the consent of the chairperson, bring up a subject that is not on the agenda but is otherwise acceptable for discussion.

Members can review account books and complete questionnaires before the Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) if any accounting is involved.

Fundamentals of the Annual General Body Meeting

The Annual General Body Meeting of a Society Complex is an event held once a year to examine the significant problems faced by the Society and come to a collective agreement on the most effective solutions available. In a perfect world, the Annual General Body Meeting Society (AGM) would occur before August 14 of each year (or at the time specified in your association’s bylaws).

You can push back this date, but only by a maximum of three months once you have received authorization from the Registrar of Societies. Suppose the Registrar is not persuaded by the explanations provided for the delay in holding the AGM. In that case, the Registrar has the authority to appoint an authorized official to preside over the AGM at the organization’s expense.

Most of the themes discussed during the Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) will be linked to the policies, finances, and the future course of action for Society. There is no limit to the pieces that can be surfaced during the AGM; nevertheless, specific topics, such as the election of new members, the appointment of auditors, and any policy change addressing the amounts of expenses, among other things, can only be finalized via an AGM.


A Checklist for the Members of the Managing Committee

The Managing Committee will have their work cut out for this event. In an ideal world, every member of the Committee would be present at the meeting; nonetheless, the President, Secretary, and Treasurer would be the most important people there. If you are a member of the Managing Committee, the following checklist can be of assistance to you in ensuring that the 

Annual General Body Meeting Goes Off Without A Hitch

  • Call an internal meeting of the Managing Committee to decide when the Annual General Body Meeting will occur. To get the highest possible turnout from members, you should schedule it such that it does not coincide with any holidays or extended weekends.
  • Determine where the gathering will take place. (You need to consider the room required to accommodate the maximum number of participants.)
  • Ensure the notice is distributed to all of the Society’s members at least 21 days in advance.
  • Have the President, Secretary, and Treasurer each sign off on the accounts after they have been subjected to an audit.
  • Determine the auditors who will be selected and the compensation they will receive for the following year.
  • Compile the Annual Report for the Annual General Body Meeting. The work that the managing Committee accomplished over the previous year and the focus areas for the upcoming year should be included in the annual report.
  • Make sure that every member of the Society receives a copy of the annual report.
  • Obtained the minutes from the Annual General Body Meeting held the previous year and compiled a list of all the resolutions approved the last year.
  • Before the Annual General Body Meeting, compile a list of all the documents that will be discussed.
  • Make sure the books of account are always open and ready for review by the members.
  • Be ready to answer any questions posed by the group members.
  • The members of the Committee are also responsible for seeing to the administrative details, which include additional printing copies of the Annual Report for the day of the meeting, ensuring that there are sufficient chairs for the meeting, and making catering arrangements if any refreshments are going to be provided during the meeting, among other things.

Preparation of AGM

There should be a managing committee meeting before the Annual General Body Meeting to set the date of the AGM and the plan.

  • To verify that the Audit was completed successfully.
  • Complete the auditing process and acquire the chairman, honorary secretary, and treasurer’s signatures.
  • Make sure everyone knows the meeting 14 days in advance.
  • Send the Annual Report to members not inside the organization using Registered Mail and a Certificate of Posting.
  • Draft the Society’s Annual Report of Workings in preparation for the AGM.
  • Members should be given an annual report.
  • Instruct participants to bring their AGM Reports to the meeting.
  • Be sure to save some more copies in the AGM.
  • You must keep all of the most recent AGM Reports.
  • Get in touch with the Decorators so they can set up the meeting with things like chairs, tables, and sound systems.
  • Get in touch with caterers if you need food and snacks.
  • Ensure you have the minutes from the previous year’s AGM.
  • Deliver the copies to the office of the Registrar and request an acknowledgment of receipt.
  • Please provide a list of all resolutions from previous AGMs.

Essential Aspects Of The Annual General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a formal, mandatory meeting held once per year for societies. During the meeting, the directors of the society present an annual report containing information about the society’s performance and strategy. The essential aspects of a society’s annual general body meeting, are as follows: 

  1. The AGM is an opportunity for members to discuss society affairs over the last year, and it is also the time to discuss the future of the society. 
  2. Every society should have a Constitution which regulates their AGMs, including when and how they should be held. 
  3. An effective AGM meeting requires careful planning, and it is important to get the venue right, send a Notice of Meeting, and consider technical issues.
  4. An annual meeting agenda guides the AGM, and it acts as a compass for the general meeting to help the chair keep the meeting on track. 
  5. Members with voting rights vote on current issues, such as appointments to the society’s board of directors, executive compensation, dividend payments and the selection of auditors. 
  6. Often elections of new officers are held, and though the meeting is formal, it is an opportune time to communicate with all interested parties in the society.

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What is a general body meeting in a society?

A general body meeting of society is a gathering of all the members of the society. It is a forum where important decisions regarding the society is made, and various issues are discussed in accordance with the society AGM meeting rules.

What are the duties of a general body meeting?

The agendas of a general body meeting include approving the annual budget, electing the managing committee, reviewing the annual report and audited accounts, discussing and deciding on important matters concerning the society, and any other matter specified in the agenda.

Who can call a general body meeting?

A general body meeting can be called by the managing committee of the society or by a requisition signed by not less than one-fourth of the total number of members of the society.

How many days' notice is required for a special general meeting (SGM)?

A notice of at least 14 days is required for a special general meeting (SGM) of the society. However, in case of an emergency, the managing committee may call a meeting by giving a shorter notice.

What is the procedure of a general body meeting?

The procedure of a general body meeting involves:

  • Preparing an agenda
  • Issuing notice of the meeting to all members
  • Conducting the meeting as per the agenda
  • Recording the minutes of the meeting, and
  • Circulating the minutes to all members after the meeting.



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