What Are the Types of RCMC Memberships Under FIEO?

There are various platforms that offer RCMC registration processes under FIEO. Now read the different types of the benefits

There was a new organisation formed by the government and private sector called the Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO). RCMC registration under this new firm will provide major benefits. The primary goal of the organisation is to promote international trade to represent and assist small business owners and exporters in foreign markets. 

As FIEO has been working hard to expand and improve India’s export market as a result. The Trading House, Star Export House and Export House represents the interests of a government-approved exporting firm. FIEO not only promotes merchandise exports, but also service exports. 

For all Indian entrepreneurs attracted to the export-import market, the FIEO serves as a model. The FIEO is in charge of all export-related businesses in the country. As a result, it aids the Indian government in publicising the country’s exports. By registering with FIEO, businessmen can gain global exposure, detailed advice and support on major areas of international trade including Foreign Trade Policy (FTP), and numerous concessions for MSMEs.

What Are the Advantages of FIEO Certification?

Global Exposition

Exporters get guidance on international exposure through FIEO registration.

Online Chat Guidance Exporters with FIEO registration have access to necessary guidance on issues such as FTP and corporate laws via online chat. Online business for free Ebay, for example, allows FIEO members to run free online stores for six months, while Amazon does the same for three months. Exporters who register with FIEO are entitled to receive a 10% discount on domestic and international air tickets.

FIEO exporters enjoy a 10% discount on credibility analysis services from one of the world’s leading credit rating agencies. Conformity with the government If an organisation or company obtains this registration, they will be required to follow the rules and laws of the government. 

FIEO’s Latest News

Additionally, updates on India’s foreign trade policy would be provided along with various types of concessions from FIEO. Any individual who wishes to benefit from FIEO but does not wish to obtain an RCMC certificate may register as an individual exporter.

Types of RCMC Membership Under FIEO

FIEO consists of two types of RCMC membership

Ordinary Membership – the name itself defines that this membership provides the basic membership, which simply means that this kind of membership is only appropriate for a company that has just initiated the import and export business.

Associate Membership – The associate membership is probably the best match for companies that are more experienced and long-term in the import and export business.  The fees for this type of membership include the fees followed by the nominal GST.

Advantages of RCMC Registration

Foreign Trade Policy – when you wish to register RCMC as an exporter, you will be eligible for a few of its advantages provided by the desired country’s foreign trade policy. Apart from this, the exporter will also receive different types of updates regarding foreign trade policy.

Export Promotional Activities – In India, export promotion is extremely crucial. It is very difficult to promote exports in a way to create numerous sectors. Whereas acquiring this RCMC registration helps in the direct promotion of international exports. 

One of the benefits of acquiring an RCMC certificate download is the process of safeguarding international expansion policies linked with a country’s export. 

Example – the government launched the Atma Nirbhar Bharat scheme, the purpose of launching this scheme is basically grabbing attention among Indians to buy products that originated under this scheme or are made in India. This scheme also improves the counting of Indian exports.

  • Schemes – with the help of RCMC registration, a company or exporting firm can utilise the benefits of numerous schemes.
  • Government Observance – The rules and laws of the government will be followed by any company or an entity that acquires rcmc registration.

News and updates from FIEO – the FIEO not only provides concessions but also provides updates on foreign trade policy. People who want to utilise the advantages of FIEO but do not wish for an RCMC certificate can still choose to register as an exporter.

What Are the FIEO Services? 

Export promotion activities of the Federation of Indian export organizations include a weekly electronic newsletter to update traders about global developments impacting India’s foreign trade and international trade. You can access free online MFN, preferred tariff, SPS, and TTIP tariffs for 65 countries, import statistics for 87 countries, and India’s share of global imports through the Indian trade portal. 

You can also get answers to questions about quality standards and corporate legal affairs on the FIEO website, including arbitration, international agreements, technology transfer, patents, trademarks, brand management, and copyright. 

The FIEO website contains press clippings on international trade issues. FIEO has launched FOREX services such as pivot points, spot rates, forward calculator, FOREX matrix, forward rates LIBOR rate, and chart. Currency source, and historical data.


In India, the most preferred governing agency for RCMC registration is FIEO. With the help of this registration, the exporter or merchandiser can achieve FIEO membership. FIEO provides this RCMC registration, whereas securing this sort of registration requires a country’s foreign trade policy. This is mandatory if an individual is looking for some sort of advantage.

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