Advantage of the Trademark Classification & Trademark Class System

Do you have a new product idea and are planning to launch it? Well, you are on the right page! Read the advantages of Trademark Registration before going any further.

Firstly, you need to check whether the trademark that you are looking for your product, exists in the list or not. There is a list of 45 trademark categories including Industrial oils, pharmaceuticals, hardware and software products, musical instruments, building materials, furniture, etc. These are called trademark classification. All the physical goods and products are distributed into the classes. 34 classes are for manufacturing products, the rest are for service products.

What is the Difference between a Trademark and a Brand?

In the current times, people trust all branded products and services. But do you know what is the difference between a brand and a trademark?

Well, a brand is the name given to a product/ service by itss owner to create a unique identity in the market. A brand is considered the spirit of the company. It helps in distinguishing it from other products of similar nature in the market.

However, the issue is that a brand is easy to duplicate and is a common tactic used by many to become famous in a short span of time. To avoid this issue, the concept of trademark was developed.

A brand does not guarantee some kind of legal protection from any unauthorised usage, but a trademark does.

Understanding the Correct Way to Use the Trademark Class System

The trademark classification system is so vast that choosing from it becomes a complex task. That is why some of the points must be taken into consideration before choosing. Here are some of the points to keep in mind:

  1. Choose one specific class to initiate the trademark registration process

 Make a thorough choice before choosing the final class. Because if you get confused and choose the wrong class, your application will take longer.

Get professional help if you feel the need before taking the leap. And once you are confident enough about the class, you can go ahead and apply for the trademark registration process.

  1. Determining whether your chosen trademark is registered or available

A particular category of goods or services has many of them registered with a trademark. It is therefore a need to check that your trademark is not similar to products falling in the same category.It is a big risk to consider before going forward with your decision. Check the product category like chemicals, building materials, musical instruments, etc. Even a slight copy of some already registered trademark might risk you infringing an existing trademark. 

For the complete list of trademark classes read: Trademark Class Search Online in India- Vakilsearch

Advantages of the Trademark Class System

The following are the major advantages of the trademark class system:

1. The Trademark Rights are Exclusive

The owner has the soul right to the trademark rights of the registered trademark product. This will help prevent any unauthorised use of the product/ service by any third party/individual.

The owners can use the trademark to protect any products or services falling under the class that is applied to the registered trademark.

2. Good for Gaining Customer Trust and Goodwill

The registered trademark is the mark of establishing good standards and goodwill among your customers. The product becomes more credible by using a trademark.

The registered trademark communicates to your customers about the uniqueness of your brand and the vision of your company.

3. Protection Against any Third Party Trademark Infringement

None of your competitors/ any set of individuals can use your registered trademark. Only the owner of the registered trademark has the right to use it for their products. 

In case you find anyone using your registered trademark, you can take legal action against them for trademark infringement.

4. Creating a Valuable Asset

Your registered trademark is a valuable asset for your business. You can now use it for franchising, commercially contracting, or have the rights for selling your innovation.

Your product or service gains an extra footing in the marketplace with the gain of a trademark. It is an intangible asset that can be assigned to any new product or service you launch in the market.

5. Your Product or Service has a Different Identity

Trademarks give unique identity to your product or service.

Who does not recognize the half eaten apple? 

Yes, that’s the logo of Apple— a registered trademark that is now the identity of the tech mammoth. 

The quality of the product is your responsibility. But once you have gained the loyalty of your customers, the ground is set for growth. 

Customers often attach the product’s quality to its brand name. They recognise the trademark identity, which in turn attracts more and more customers.

6. 10 Years of Trademark Protection

Trademark registration is done onc. Thereafter, you need to pay a minimal renewal fee, after 10 years of registration. Nowadays, online registration can also be done that has comparatively lower maintenance cost. 

You see how with a minimal cost you can create a unique brand image for your business? 

And this uniqueness is beneficial for your firm in the long run.

7. Use of ® Symbol

This ® symbol signifies that your products and services are now trademark registered. Furthermore, this identifies your ownership and that the registered trademark cannot be used by anyone without your permission.

8. Establish a Foundation for Global Trademark Registration

What if you want to make a global identity?

In that scenario, you must have to get a global trademark registration done. If you already have a trademark registered in India, that means, you have a reputation in India.

This lays a foundation for you to prove that your firm can go global. Having a trademark already registered in India will get you good chances of getting a global trademark registered too.


Trademark classification and the trademark class system have many advantages that you are now aware of! So, buckle up and start preparing for your own trademark. You can get good guidance from our experts. No harm in choosing a trademark that will get you international identity in the coming year!

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