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Quick Way to Solve a Legal Problem With Lawyer in India

This article explores some of how you can resolve a legal matter with your lawyer in India. It is in simple language and easy to understand for people with a low education background.

We are faced with many issues daily, ranging from conflicts with family members to problems with employers or business partners, and associates. It is also possible to get misunderstandings with your lawyer. Most issues are simple and can therefore be resolved amicably without the need to file cases in court. However, there are instances when matters at hand are delicate, complex, and so confusing that conflicting parties can’t find common ground to agree upon, the aggrieved party through a licensed lawyer could file a case in the courts of law. A judge will listen to both parties, study the shreds of evidence presented and make a fair judgement. If the aggrieved party is not satisfied with the verdict, they can ask their lawyer to file an appeal against the case.

The legal regime used in India today is akin to what was operational during colonial times. For example, the coat and gown worn by judges and lawyers were adopted from colonial court systems. The practice where mace-bearers lead the way before judges is a tradition adopted from colonial court systems. Several colonial laws still stand in Independent-India laws.

India has one of the largest, most robust legal professionals in the whole world. There are over one million registered lawyers in the different states of the country. As of 2010, the legal market was valued at about 1.2 billion dollars. There is stiff competition between advocates and between law firms. Advocates and companies dealing in the law are guided and regulated by the state bar council and all-India bar, as stated in the advocate Act of 1961.

Solving a legal problem with a lawyer should not be complicated or take long for that matter, however, if you don’t have a clear understanding of the issue or processes to follow for the problem to be addressed, it could be difficult for you to solve a legal problem. Regardless of whether you conflict with an advocate, friend, family member, business associate, or even the government, the problem can be solved quickly.

There are several ways to solve legal problems, not all disputes should end up in court. It is important that before you file a lawsuit against anyone you think deeply about the matter, and be open to other conflict resolution alternatives. Court cases can go either way and in most cases, it takes time, only to file lawsuits if other dispute resolution alternatives have failed.

We will now explore how you can quickly handle a legal problem with a lawyer in India, as a word of caution, make sure to always get professional legal advice from a licensed advocate.

Know Your Problem

The first step in solving any legal problem is knowing and understanding it in great detail. Legal problems can be complex and therefore difficult to be understood. No matter how straightforward a legal help online is, make sure you don’t take it lightly.

If you overlook any detail, you may expose yourself to costly liabilities. Several people lose court cases because of simple details or issues they thought weren’t important. It’s not for you to decide or determine what is important and what is not, leave that to the judge.

Explain Your Issue Comprehensively to the Lawyer

Legal issues, regardless of how straightforward you assume them to be, require the professional expertise of a trained lawyer, for them to be handled rightly. When you consult an advocate regarding a matter, you must furnish them with all information about the problem, so that they can expertly advise you on the merits and demerits of the issue.

Give your lawyer minute details about the problem, even if you are in the wrong, don’t be afraid to tell them (you are covered by attorney-client privilege). If your lawyer doesn’t get all the required information, they’ll not be in a position to effectively and efficiently represent or defend you in court, or negotiate on your behalf in cases where the matter is settled out of court.

Get Detailed Options for the Course of Action

Legal matters can be handled or settled in several ways, it depends on the gravity of the problem and the attitude of conflicting or disputing parties. An experienced lawyer will advise you about the different ways in which your problem can be resolved, most times it will be in consultation with the other party. It is important that you keep an open mind, listen and consider all possible options. A professional lawyer should put your needs first and make sure you are not short-changed or short-sighted. Ask your lawyer to give you a detailed explanation of all possible ways to solve the problem, after that, you can find out what they recommend.

Take Required Action Without Delay

After giving your advocate the necessary information, they’ll consult with the other party and then offer you expert advice concerning the same. It is upon you to decide and instruct your lawyer on how to proceed. It is critical that the lawyer is clearly instructed on what to do and as fast as possible to save time. If the issue requires filing lawsuits, you may instruct them to proceed right away. If the matter can be handled through negotiations outside court, request your lawyer to consult with the other party so that meetings can be arranged promptly.

Negotiations to resolve disputes are not simple, they can get emotive, that is why you must let your lawyer negotiate on your behalf. Just make sure they know where you stand and the outcomes you’ll be comfortable with. Legal matters can only be accurately interpreted by people without any legal background.


However careful or honest you may be in dealing with people, businesses, and government agencies, it may be difficult to avoid getting entangled in legal problems. Legal issues may also arise from the way your personal or business lawyer handles your matters. There are several ways in which legal problems can be solved, no matter the aggrieved party. 

If you want to learn how to quickly resolve legal problems, you may do a quick search on Vakilsearch to get clear, expert guidance. It is easy to use and best of all you don’t require any technical skills to do your research. Search results are relevant to the query, comprehensive, easy to understand, and not hidden amidst advertisements. This is one of the fastest ways of learning how to resolve a legal issue with a lawyer in India.



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