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How To Get a Information About a Company

You can get more information about a company through many easy ways online. Here’s how you can get information about a company?

Some companies don’t advertise their business that much. How can you know about them?

It’s like diving into a relationship without even having a background check of that person! And it is certainly not safe enough to be so unaware of someone and trust blindly. We will have a quick run down on some methods to know about a company.

You can get more information about a company through many easy ways online. Here’s how you can get information about a company?

1. Company Website

It is the easiest way to find out tons of information about the company. Website is their online representation of themselves, their works, and work values. Furthermore, you can also find their contact details and office location details.

2. LinkedIn Business Profile

LinkedIn profiles are always updated by businesses. So, it will give you all real-time information.  Be it news and articles, or job openings, number of employees. Most of the details provide an insight on the actual working environment of the company.

LinkedIn is the social networking site for all professionals to build good networking. Companies often post their views on important industry trends, and also share their applauded works on it.

3. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is another simple way to get information about a company. You can find ratings and reviews of the company by the former and present employees of the company. 

Not just simple reviews of the work environment, but many other details like their selection process, salary slabs for different job profiles, etc are mentioned on Glassdoor.

4. Contact B2B Database Providers

B2B providers are like magic wands. One wave and they produce all the information at once. B2B data providers work on the online database and collect information from myriad sources. 

They can give you information from yellow pages, social media, company websites, and many other sources— all at once. It is also one of the quickest ways to get information about a company. 

Although, the database providers could be both paid and free. 

5. Google News

Yes! Like every cliche romance movie— this step sounds obvious. But it is a legitimate and most useful way to find out about any company. 

News that you might not find on LinkedIn or anywhere else could be found here. Many companies get their press releases, articles related to latest developments, and financial statements published here.

6. Directories and Yellow Pages

You can find out information like office address, email address, contact number— these are the perfect ways to contact the company directly and know about them.

They have accurate contact information and address updates. Nowadays, the ZIP codes are linked with Google Maps. So, you can get this all online easily.

7. Company Check on Govt Website 

You can go to the government website and find out any registered companies’ information for free.  There you can find information about:

  • Registered date and address
  • Document images
  • Current and resigned offices
  • Mortgage charge data
  • Previous company names (if changed)
  • Insolvency information

8. Reuters

Reuters gives information about stock market prices, stockholders’ list, portfolio tracking, companies charts and news and more. 

All you have to do is just enter the company name on the search bar, and the information available will be on your screen. Pivotal information like industry news, and analysts’ reports are all found on Reuters.

It is the best place to find detailed data on profits, stock info, and other details that are credible. You can go and try for yourself.

9. Social media

Now, LinkedIn is one of the many social networking sites. A majority of companies have their official social handles on Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms. It is an efficient way to promote your business.

If you are looking for a company, find its social media pages. You will find so many posts that showcase the company values, goals, and projects they are involved in. 

10. Forums

Even after searching a lot, you have doubts that you need to ask, there is a place for it— forums. You can go to business forums and ask questions related to the company. Many former employees or current ones could answer the questions from their personal experience here. Its a nice way to get unfiltered reviews and answers.

Some more ways to get a information about a company:

  • Contact the company’s customer care services
  • Skim through local magazines and newspapers
  • Look for information in public records
  • Read blogs written by employees of the company

We hope this article helped you in finding know some simple steps on how to find any information about a company you need.


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