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Society Registration

How to Enroll Society In Tamilnadu

The society's Enrollment process is quite easy when done online. Read on to know about the society Enrollment process in Tamilnadu!

Introduction on Enroll Society in Tamil Nadu

Registering a society in Tamil Nadu, as with other regions, falls under the Society Registration Act of 1860. To enroll society, at least seven members are required, and they can be Indian nationals or foreigners. The process of enrollment is overseen by the state government of Tamil Nadu, which routes enrollment applications to the relevant governmental department.

What Is The Purpose Of Enrolling a Society In India?

Here are a few purposes of Enrolling a society in India:

Promoting arts: Enrolling a society helps to promote fine arts or regional fine arts among the citizens of a country.

Spreading awareness on politics: The Enrolling is often done to spread awareness on politics among the citizens about a specific political ideology.

Providing charitable help: One of the most common reasons for enrolling a society is to conduct charitable activities.

Promoting culture and science: Some associations opt for enrollment to build an education center in the society to promote science and literature among the people of the society.

Securing funds for military orphans: some of the associations look after the requirements of military families. Such associations commit to enrollment to gain funds for military orphans in India.

Maintenance of art galleries or museums: The enrollment of a society is often done by some associations that look after art museums and galleries. However, these associations are not connected with the social welfare community.

Maintenance of libraries foundation: Some bodies exist to look after the libraries across a city. They opt for Enrollment for the maintenance of libraries’ foundations.

Instructing students:  It also helps those bodies that seek to provide specialised classes to students and help them grow.


society registration


What Are The Features Of Society Enrollment In Tamilnadu?

  • Society needs to have a minimum of seven members to qualify for it’s enrollment process as per the Act of 1975.
  • A society whose yearly total income is at least 10,000 and consists of at least twenty members is qualified for it’s Enrollment.
  • The association developed for apartment maintenance needs to be enrolled with at least five members according to the Tamil Nadu Apartment Ownership Act.
  • The Society Executive Committee would look after those societies that consist of three members only.
  • Society needs to be Enrolled with the Tamilnadu District Registrar within three months from the day of forming the society.
  • According to Act, enrollment needs to be done by one of the committee members or any other individual authorised on that member’s behalf.

What Are The Essential Documents Required For Enrolling a Society In Tamilnadu?



It is essential to mention some details in the memorandum, such as

  • The society’s name.
  • The object of the to-be-enrolled society
  • The details of the committee members.


According to the Act, the by-laws need to contain all the following details:

  • The identification of society, like address,
  • The activities of the society.
  • Details of admission, eligibility, and withdrawal, including the elimination of membership.
  • Information associated with office bearers, like election, appointment, recall, responsibilities, and removal.
  •  Financial details
  • Details associated with internal matters of the settlement of internal disputes and dissolution and dissolution of the to-be-Enrolled society
  • How the Committee and General Body meetings will be organized and how many times, etc.

Annual Returns

The following details need to be mentioned in the annual returns:

  •  A photocopy of the balance report and sheet, receipt, and expenditure account.
  •  Information about the members at the end of the fiscal year.

Accounts and registers

Here are the details regarding the accounts and registers that need to be governed by society:

  • Receipt book.
  • Cashbook.
  • Ledger.
  • Vouchers file.
  • Register of members.
  • Governing Committee Meeting Minute Book
  • Annual General Body Meeting minute book.
  • Monthly register of receipts & expenditures.

Supporting Documents

Here are some of the details that have to be submitted besides the annual returns:

  • Special resolution.
  • Replaced members in the committee/election of the executive committee.
  • Change in membership.
  •  Form VIII.

Delay in Filing

If any of these documents are submitted with delay, the authorities often overlook them. Although a fee will be charged for submitting it after the specified time. The society needs to file additional documents if asked by the Registrar.

Fee Structure

The Enrollment fee in Tamilnadu is ₹2550. Society needs to pay both the fee and fine, which had to be paid through Demand Draft.

What Is The Procedure For Enrolling a Society In Tamilnadu?

The following is the essential process of Enrolling a Society in Tamilnadu: 

Collect the documents: One of the committee members of the society needs to arrange all the above-mentioned documents and ensure the authenticity of the information included in the document before filling it out.

Fill in the details in the online application form:  After checking the authenticity of the documents, the applicant needs to go to the official portal suggested by the government of the state and fill in all the required details about the society. In case the applicant finds it difficult to fill in the details properly, he/she might ask for expert advice. They can guide the applicant through the process easily.

Submit details to the website: Once the applicant is done with filling in the details associated with the society, he/she needs to submit them through the official website suggested by the state government. If the applicant notices that the official website for enrollment is not functioning properly, he or she can consult with an expert or apply for the enrollment of the society in the offline mode.

Collect the certificate: Once the application is submitted, the authorities under the state government will go through them and if the documents pass all the requested norms and conditions, then the applicant will receive the certificate.  Once the applicant receives the enrollment certificate, the certificate will be active for the next 5 years. After 5 years, the applicant needs to request for society Enrollment renewal in Tamilnadu within one month from the expiration date of the enrolled society. If the applicant fails to renew the society’s enrollment, then the society will become invalid.

Online Society Registration in Tamil Nadu

To register society online in Tamil Nadu, individuals can easily navigate the process through the state’s dedicated portal. This facilitates not only the initial enrollment but also subsequent procedures such as society registration renewal online. The Tamilnadu society registration online platform offers a comprehensive suite of services, from the initial application to ongoing compliance.

For those looking to enroll society online, the process begins with the Enroll society online login, where members can create an account, submit necessary documents, and follow the step-by-step instructions to complete the registration. Additionally, the platform allows for a Society Registration check online, enabling societies to verify their registration status and ensure all details are up to date.

This digital approach simplifies the traditional complexities associated with society registration, making it more accessible and manageable for communities across Tamil Nadu.


The process of Enrolling a Society online in Tamilnadu is quite similar to other states. A committee member of the society needs to submit all the documents to the online portal provided by the state government. After receiving the society’s Enrollment certificate, the society can fulfill its purpose of promoting charitable activities. However, if the society fails to be enrolled, it will be invalid and incapable of fulfilling its purposes.If you are looking to get some help for enrolling a society in Tamil nadu, our team of legal experts at Vakilsearch can be a great choice for you.


How do I create a society account?

To create a society account, you must first register your society under the Society Registration Act, 1860, or relevant state legislation. After registration, you can approach a bank with your society's registration certificate and other required documents to open a bank account in the society's name.

Who can be a member of society?

Any individual or entity that agrees with the society's objectives and is willing to abide by its rules and regulations can become a member. The specific eligibility criteria can vary based on the society's bylaws.

Which is better, society or trust?

The choice between a society and a trust depends on the objectives, the desired governance structure, and the regulatory requirements. Societies are generally more democratic with a broader membership base, while trusts are governed by trustees and might be simpler to manage.

Is society a legal entity?

Yes, once registered, a society becomes a legal entity separate from its members, capable of owning property, entering into contracts, and suing or being sued in its own name.

Is registration of a cooperative society necessary or compulsory?

Yes, registration of a cooperative society is necessary to obtain legal status and operate under the cooperative laws of the respective state or country.

What is better, an apartment or society?

The choice between an apartment and a housing society depends on personal preferences, lifestyle, and facilities offered. Housing societies may offer a community lifestyle with shared amenities, while individual apartments might provide more privacy.

What are the rules for apartment association?

Apartment association rules vary based on local laws and the association's own bylaws but generally include guidelines on membership, management, maintenance fees, use of common areas, and dispute resolution.

How can I register my society online in India?

You can register a society online in India by visiting the official website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs or the respective state government's cooperative society registration portal, where you can submit the required forms and documents.

What is the fee for society registration in India?

The registration fee for societies in India is set at ₹18,000 for those at the state level and ₹23,000 for societies operating at the National Level.



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