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EPFO UAN Helpdesk Portal: PF Problem Solution

Often, little yet significant errors are made when filling out legal paperwork. The Employee Provident Fund Organization maintains a distinct helpdesk called EPFO UAN Helpdesk in order to avoid any mistakes. This helps users fix their issues through toll-free calls and emails. Let's take it deep!

EPFO UAN Helpdesk

The EPFO UAN Helpdesk is an online resource that both employees and employers can use to get assistance with a variety of problems and services. If you have any questions, you can call the toll-free number at 1800 118 005 any day of the week between 9:15 am and 5:45 pm (IST). Before we can answer any of the questions raised by the person, we must first comprehend what UAN is and how it can help with all of these issues.

UAN (Universal Account Number)

The UAN is a unique number provided to each member associated with the Employees’ Provident Funds Organization (EPFO). Instead of having a number of various IDs and passwords for different purposes also in the case of jobs, the UAN is a single valid across all the entities, enabling the individual to access their PF accounts easily. To log in to UAN/EPF portal, it is mandatory to have the UAN number as well as the password. The members can easily change their mobile numbers or passwords just like on the other digital platforms. The mobile number can be updated through the ‘Contact’ bar of the portal.

How to Access the EPFO UAN Helpdesk and the Various Issues That Can Be Resolved

  • Visit the UAN portal and go to the Online Helpdesk page.
  • Two options will be offered, one is of the ‘Member’ and the other is of the ‘Employer’.
  • Click on the ‘Member’ option.
  • After that, the members are offered to choose from several problems, which are as follows:
    1. What is my UAN- In case the individual forgets their UAN, it can be obtained by providing various personal details. 
    2. Mobile number is changed and Forgot Password- Most of the issues are related to this one. 
    3. A form is opened and the member has to fill in the details to retrieve the information, else the password can be changed directly through the EPFO UAN portal.
    4. Correcting the Personal Details: These details can be corrected either through an online request or offline by requesting the employer to get the changes done.
    5. In both cases, an ID proof has to be submitted to support the requests for the change of details.

Through SMS

In order to obtain any information related to PF accounts and queries, an SMS can be to 7738299899, in the format EPFOHO<UAN>LAN, where LAN stands for the language.

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Contact EPFO UAN Helpdesk for Inoperative Accounts

When no transfer of funds or actions is being taken in the Provident Funds account by the member, then, the status of the PF account can be checked by contacting the EPFO UAN helpdesk for the same.

Tracking the Status of Complaints

The status of the complaints and queries made by the members can be tracked easily online, with the help of the Registration number provided. The requests are processed only after the verification is done by the EPFO. This complete process usually takes up to 15-30 days. If no information or updates are provided about the complaint, a follow-up can be taken by sending the details again along with the registration number.


The drill of questions, queries, and complaints does not end here. The members can also face issues regarding the transfer of the Provident Funds, Amount, Filing the forms, and Settlements that need to be done for the pension scheme, PF account, and insurance. Additionally, problems related to the UAN number and accounts can also occur. All these grievances are looked upon by the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPFO), with strict timelines and efficient processes to resolve the issues of their members. Depending on the complexity, these problems are addressed and monitored carefully, providing the members with the best solutions and securing their accounts and provident funds.


You can reach out to the EPFO UAN Helpdesk through the above-mentioned toll-free number or you can send an email to the following address: The EPFO UAN Helpdesk helps and solves all questions and mistakes regarding PF accounts. Get expert legal help now with Vakilsearch if you require registration information or legal assistance. In India, they are the leading provider of legal services.

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