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Easy ways to find out the EPF Account Number?

How to get your EPF account number? This guide will help you to find your EPF account number. An EPF account number is essential for an employee to keep a check on balance and other activities on his EPF account.

As an employee working in a corporate system, you must know about EPF Account Number. EPF is the Employee Provident Fund, the main scheme under the Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provision Act, 1952. This scheme is managed by EPFO (Employees’ Provident Funds Organisation).

When a company has more than 20 employees, all employees are allowed to get EPF. Even companies with less than 20 employees can get EPF for their employees. 

In EPF, a percentage of your income is contributed to your EPF account, which is accessible with your EPF account number. The employer also contributes the exact amount. Primarily, any person having a salary less than 15,000 Rs. is eligible for EPF. But if a person has a salary of more than 15,000 Rs, he can get EPF if the employer agrees. 

Why is the EPF account number significant?

It is crucial to know about your PF account number for many reasons. It allows you to have various details about the account, and at the same time, it is necessary for fewer processes. 

  • Suppose you have lost your UAN number or forgot it. You can quickly get your UAN number with the help of your EPF account numbers.
  • To withdraw money from your EPF account fill out the EPF form 15g, and you will always need your EPF account numbers.
  • If you have switched your job or are thinking about it, you will need your EPF account number. Without your EPF account numbers, you will not be able to transfer your account from your previous member ID to a new one. Know that your EPF account numbers will change with your place of employment, but your UAN will always be the same.
  • And if you want to check the status of your EPF account, you will need your account number.

How to find the EPF account number?

Usually, you should not worry about your EPF account numbers a lot because employers take care of your EPF registration, account transfer, EPF account allocation, and other stuff. But if you are switching your job, are unaware of your EPF account numbers, or need other details like status or UAN number, here’s how to get epf number:

  • Find it on your Salary Slip

As many people think, getting your EPF number is not difficult. Generally, your EPF account is managed by your employer. They keep a check on your salary account and EPF account. And also, ensure that contributions are made regularly to your PF account. 

So, first of all, you should check your salary slip. Most employers print the EPF details also on the salary slip. So you can also find your EPF account numbers on your salary slip.

  • Contact your HR Department

If you do not get a salary slip or your EPF account number is not printed on it, you should contact any member of your HR department because it is their responsibility to keep all the details of their employees. They are the one who provides EPF account details to the employees. So, if the first option is unavailable, you can directly contact your HR department for your EPF account numbers.

  • Find your EPF account number with your UAN number

There are several more ways by which you can get your PF account no. If you have your UAN number, it becomes effortless to track your PF details. 

You can go to the official website of the UAN portal and log in with your credentials. Once you are logged in on the UAN portal, you can quickly get your EPF account numbers. At the UAN portal, you can also track your EPF account balance and get the account statements. It also allows you to access withdrawal services too. 

You can also use the UMANG app to check your EPF account details. You have to log in to the UMANG app, choose the EPF service option and select the “Employee-centric services.” There you can select the view passbook option, and after authorization with your credentials and OTP, you can get your EPF account numbers and other details too.

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  • Get it from your regional EPF office

If none of the options works for you, you can contact or visit your branch of the EPFO office. Once you reach there, you have to get details about the process. Once you provide all the personal documents and get your KYC done, they will provide you with all the details about your account. 

These are some of the methods with which you can quickly get your EPF account number. An employee needs to get all the details that are related to them. An EPF account number is significant for an employee as it allows him to get access to his account and keep a check on it.


If you find the above mentioned steps to be too lengthy and complicated, you can always get in touch with Vakilsearch. Our in-house legal experts will help you with the whole process. 

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