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EPFO Claim Procedure [Steps] Online – Get Recent PF Update

EPFO Recent Update

  • February 2023

If the amount withdrawn from the EPF exceeds ₹50,000, a TDS of 10% is deducted. If an individual does not have a PAN, then the TDS deducted is 20%. However, individuals can avoid TDS on EPF withdrawals by submitting Form 15G or Form 15H.

EPFO launches Nidhi Aapke Nikat 2.0 project

  • January 2023

The Nidhi Aapke Nikat 2.0 project aims to encourage EPFO members to visit EPFO offices to address their grievances. Through this project, EPFO will increase its outreach and accessibility to members in all Indian districts. The project intends to cover all regions on a monthly basis. Starting from January 2023, Nidhi Aapke Nikat 2.0 will take place on the 27th day of every month. In case the 27th falls on a holiday, the meeting will be scheduled for the next working day.

Types of EPF Claim Forms

The Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) is a social security scheme in India managed by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). EPF provides retirement benefits to employees who contribute a portion of their salary to the fund. Employees can make EPF claims in certain situations, such as retirement, resignation, or in case of the employee’s death.

There are different types of EPF claim forms based on the reason for claiming. The following are the types of EPF claim forms:

  1. Form 19: This form is used for the final settlement of the EPF account. It can be submitted by employees who have resigned from their jobs and have not been employed for at least two months.
  2. Form 10C: This form is used to claim benefits under the Employee Pension Scheme (EPS). It can be submitted by employees who have completed ten years of service or have reached the age of 58.
  3. Form 31: This form is used to withdraw EPF funds partially. Employees can submit it for medical treatment, marriage, or education.
  4. Form 2: Nomination for the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) and Employee Pension Scheme (EPS)
  5. Form 5: Registering new employees under EPF and EPS
  6. Form 5 (IF): Claim form for Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI)
  7. Form 10D: Claiming monthly pension after retirement
  8. Form 11: Automatic transfer of EPF fund.
  9. Form 13: Transfer of EPF Account
  10. Form 14: For LIC policy payment
  11. Form 15G: Saving TDS of any interest that is generated from the Employee Provident Fund.
  12. Form 20: Provident Fund settlement in case of employee’s death to the nominee

Details Required for EPFO Claim

To make an EPF claim, the following details are required:

    1. EPF account number
    2. Name, address, and phone number of the employee
    3. Reason for the claim
    4. Bank account details
    5. PAN card number

Eligibility to Make EPF Claims

To be eligible to make an EPF claim, the following conditions must be met:

    1. The employee must have completed a minimum of 5 years of continuous service.
    2. The employee must be unemployed for at least two months before making a claim.
    3. In case of the death of the employee, the claim can be made by the nominee or legal heir.

Apply EPFO Claim Online

  • How to Apply for EPF Claim Online

    1. Go to the official EPFO website (
    2. Click on the “For Employees” tab and “Our Services”.
    3. Select “Claim (Form-31, 19 & 10C)” from the drop-down menu.
    4. Enter your UAN (Universal Account Number), password, and captcha code to log in to your account.
    5. Select the type of claim you want to make (Form 19, 10C, or 31) and fill in the required details.
    6. Verify the details and submit the claim.
    7. The EPFO will verify the claim and transfer the funds to the employee’s bank account.
  • How to Apply for EPFO Claim Offline

    1. Download the EPF claim form from the official EPFO website (
    2. Fill in the required details in the form (Form 19, 10C, or 31).
    3. Attach the necessary documents, such as a cancelled cheque, PAN card, and Aadhaar card.
    4. Submit the form and documents to the nearest EPFO office or through the employer.
    5. The EPFO will verify the claim and transfer the funds to the employee’s bank account.

It is important to note that the EPF claim process can take some time, and employees may need to follow up with the EPFO to ensure their claim is processed in a timely manner.

How to Check EPFO Claim Status?

You can check the claim status for Provident Fund through several methods:

  1. UAN Member Portal: You can log in to the UAN Member Portal with your UAN and password to check your claim status.
  2. EPFO Portal: You can also visit the EPFO portal and select the “Track Claim Status” option to check your claim status.
  3. PF Account Number: If you do not have a UAN, you can still check your claim status by entering your PF account number and other details on the EPFO portal.
  4. UMANG App: You can download the UMANG app on your mobile device to check your claim status.
  5. SMS: You can send an SMS to 7738299899 with the message “EPFOHO UAN ENG” to receive your latest EPF balance and other details, including your claim status.
  6. Missed Call: You can give a missed call to 011-22901406 from your registered mobile number to receive an SMS with your claim status.

PF Forms for EPF Withdrawal

There are different PF forms for EPF withdrawal, depending on the purpose of withdrawal. The most common forms are:

  1. Form 19: This form is used for the final settlement of the EPF account after resignation, retirement, or termination from service.
  2. Form 10C: This form is used to claim the EPS (Employee Pension Scheme) benefit, a pension scheme available to EPF members.
  3. Form 31: This form is used for partial withdrawal of EPF balance for purposes such as medical expenses, home loan repayment, education, and marriage.

How to Withdraw EPF After Claim?

To withdraw EPF after a claim, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the appropriate PF form(s) based on the purpose of withdrawal.
  2. Submit the filled forms and supporting documents to the EPFO office, where your PF account is maintained.
  3. Once the forms are processed, the EPFO will credit the amount to your bank account registered with your PF account.
  4. You can check the status of your withdrawal request on the EPFO portal or by giving a missed call to 011-22901406 from your registered mobile number.
Note: It is important to keep your KYC (Know Your Customer) details updated, such as your Aadhaar card, PAN card, and bank account details, to ensure a smooth withdrawal process.

How to Cancel the EPFO Claim?

If you have submitted a claim for EPF withdrawal or transfer but now wish to cancel it, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Visit the EPFO website and log in to your account using your UAN and password.
  2. Go to the ‘Track Claim Status’ section and check the status of your claim. If the status shows ‘Claim Settled’, then you will not be able to cancel it.
  3. If the status shows ‘Under Process’, you can cancel the claim by clicking the ‘Request for Cancellation’ button.
  4. You will be asked to provide a reason for canceling the claim. Enter the reason and submit the request.
  5. Your cancellation request will be forwarded to the concerned EPFO office for verification and approval.
  6. Once the EPFO office approves your request, the claim will be cancelled, and the amount will remain in your EPF account.
Note: If the claim has already been processed and the amount has been credited to your bank account, you cannot cancel the claim. You may have to approach the EPFO office for further assistance in such cases.


Can a PF member submit his/her claims settlement form without the employer's attestation?

Yes, a PF member can submit the claims settlement form (Form 19, Form 10C, and Form 31) without the employer's attestation if the member's UAN is linked with the Aadhaar and bank details.

What are the conditions to file for a transfer claim online?

The conditions to file for transfer claim online are: The member's UAN should be activated and seeded with the details of Aadhaar, PAN, and bank account. The employer should have uploaded the member's KYC details, such as Aadhaar, PAN, and bank account number, on the EPFO portal.

How can the member see the status of his/her claim?

The member can see the status of his/her claim by logging into the EPFO portal and going to the 'Track Claim Status' section. The member needs to enter his/her UAN and captcha code to see the claim status.

How long can a member keep his/her PF account active?

A member can keep his/her PF account active until he/she attains the age of 58 years.

How can I claim my PF withdrawal online?

To claim PF withdrawal online, the member needs to: STEP 1: Log in to the EPFO portal using his/her UAN and password. STEP 2: Go to the 'Online Services' section and select 'Claim (Form-31, 19, 10C)'. STEP 3: Fill in the required details and upload the necessary documents. STEP 4: Submit the claim and track its status.

How long does the EPFO claim take to settle?

EPFO claim settlement usually takes around 10-15 working days from the claim's submission date. However, the time taken for settlement may vary based on the claim's complexity and the information's accuracy.

Can we withdraw the full PF amount?

Yes, a member can withdraw the full PF amount if he/she is unemployed for two months or more. However, if the member withdraws the full PF amount before completing five years of service, the amount will be taxable.

How do I know my PF balance is credited?

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