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RCMC Registration

What is The Eligibility Criteria for RCMC Registration?

All eligibility criteria must be met prior to RCMC registration under FIEO. Learn all the necessary information now!

The abbreviation for registration cum membership certificate is RCMC. This certificate is issued to the company as a license to conduct exports and obtain some form of concession under the current foreign trade policy. This certificate is issued by the Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO).

The certificate is also issued by the Export Promotion Council of India (EPC). This certificate can also be issued by community boards. One of the primary goals of issuing this type of certificate is to promote the Indian export business. Aside from that, obtaining such a certification would provide credibility when dealing with public transactions. 

A certificate of this type is not required by an organisation or institution that has been exempted from the requirement of an export and import license. An exporter must acquire this type of certificate under India’s export promotion policy. The certificate would be issued by the Export Promotion Council in Charge (EPC).

In India, the FIEO is considered the export promotion council for acquiring registration cum membership certificate registration. First, the company or organisation would have to apply to become a member of the FIEO.

What Is the Procedure for Applying to the RCMC?

If an individual or applicant wants to apply for an RCMC application, he/she must fill out the ANF 2C form precisely along with the signature that should relate to the export product. Example – If an applicant is related to tea or coffee, then he should apply for Tea and coffee, or if he belongs to the textile exporter, he should apply for AEPC (‘Apparel Export Promotion Council‘).

There are two types of exporters – one known as merchants and the other as manufacturers. The individual should submit proof of the existing manufacturing facility so that he/she can register as a manufacturing exporter. The information needed for the form is clear:

  • The individual must submit the application to the applicable EPC that includes the Company’s address, branch, registered place address and factory address, and contact number
  • An applicant should provide the IEC code in detail along with the manufacturing unit information such as factory registration, industrial license, etc
  • A person should also include a Trading House, Star Trading House, Export House, or Super Star Trading House number when filing an export request
  • They should also provide product specifications for required registration and also primary work type
  • If the applicant wants to know which EPC/Commodity Board/Authority their product belongs to, they can refer to the DGFT’s updated Annexure 2T, which includes a list of EPCs or Boards or Authorities, their mobile number, and other related information. At present, there are 37 EPCs.

Documentation Required for Registration Cum Membership Certificate

  • Firstly, an individual should submit the RCMC application Form ANF 2C, form which includes necessary information that must be filled out accurately followed by the applicant’s signature. In addition to this form, he/she should also provide the necessary below self -certified copies below such as
  • An IEC number is assigned to the applying export entity
  • Pan card, a personal identification number
  • Articles and memorandum of association (for LLB, Pvt ltd company, institution, and corporation), trust deed or partnership deed (for limited liability partnerships and partnership business)
  • In the event of a company, the certificate submitted by the Registrar of Companies related to the change of registered office is needed
  • GST registration documents.

RCMC Registration Eligibility Criteria

Listed below are a few exemptions that must be fulfilled by an applicant during the process of FIEO application for an RCMC certificate.

Merchant – The applicant must make sure that the business is one of exports and imports. In order to establish an export business in India, this is an important requirement. Furthermore, the exporter must make sure that the Import Export Code (IEC) has been applied with the appropriate authority. The IEC authority is the DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade).

Main work type announcement – the main type of work must be mentioned by the merchandiser or an exporter. For example – the main business is tea and coffee then the tea and coffee promotion board should be consulted.

The FIEO’s Board of Directors has approved – the applicant should make sure that the necessary information is collected from the FIEO or the appropriate board. If there is no related board for a specific product then the applicant should apply for FIEO for approval purposes. Similarly, FIEO should grant its permission.


However, it’s possible that the product they want to export doesn’t already have an EPC assigned to it. In this scenario, they must apply to FIEO directly. If they have many goods or are unsure about their work type, FIEO can submit the RCMC under its multi-product group category. However, they must also register with the appropriate EPCs and declare their lines of business.

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