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Can We Make OBC Certificates Online?

Learn more about how to register for an OBC Certificate online in India and every other detail related to online form filling.

These tribes or classes are mainly designed to enhance the drawbacks of definite castes and communities, as well as the deprived.

They benefit from a reservation in government positions, advanced education, and the administration. Section 16(4) of the Law allows for reservations for persons from the Backward Class who are a minority in the state.

You are all aware that when an infant is born, all of the toddler’s paperwork must be completed first. As a result, an OBC Certificate is issued, which serves as verification of your caste. It’s a form of a certificate that’s utilised to make any kind of legal document.

In this post, we will discuss how the OBC Certification listing is created and maintained in all Indian states. If you want your child to get admitted to great schools, colleges, or any other educational institution or work under the SC, ST, or OBC community groups, you must register your child with the OBC Certification Registration.

If you want to make use of the numerous advantages of this certification, or if you want to assist someone with that advantage, you must read this page thoroughly. 

if you need to create a fresh applicant in the formation of this Certificate, you can find all the information you need here, as well as check the status of an already registered applicant’s online application to see if it has been submitted. You will find all of the relevant information here, and you may simply submit your OBC registration and form via the website.

What is OBC or Other Backward Class?

A citizen who belongs to the Scheduled Category (SC) or any Other Backward Class must make or apply for a Caste certificate, according to the Indian Constitution. It is a form of government paperwork that reveals a person’s caste. Let us explain that the OBC Certificate is also known as the Communal Certificate. As you are all aware, this certificate is critical for all scheduled caste or scheduled tribal individuals to obtain benefits in several departments. We’ll go over all you need to know about the OBC Certificate right here.

India’s OBC Constitution [Section 340] 

Our constitution, as stated by the Government of India in Section 340, is constantly looking for benefits for citizens of the OBC category: –

Our democratically elected president aids in the identification of persons from lower socioeconomic groups. Our legislation provides it with our responsibility to identify socially and academically underprivileged and assist them during this difficult moment. This is not a provision of our constitution, but it is the responsibility of the people to look out for one another and assist them.

Furthermore, there is a law proclaimed by the supreme court in 1992, in addition to this provision granted by the Indian constitution, that roughly 27percent of positions in governmental jobs are covered by the Backward class.

Documents of Relevance 

After explaining the benefits of the OBC Certification. The documentation required for an OBC Certification, also known as an Other Backward Class Registration, will be discussed below. You must upload these papers if you are submitting your form online. 

The procedure is as follows:

  • Ration Card Photocopy
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s identification and proof of address.
  • A passport-sized photograph.
  • Income certificate copy
  • A photocopy of the parent’s OBC Caste Certification or any other academic certifications is required
  • Completed online or in person application form.
  • A copy of your school’s migration or graduating certificate


Digital OBC Certification Creation Process 

Now, this article will go over the many options for applying for the OBC Certificate Digital. Many individuals are now aware of the internet’s capabilities. Steps include: –

  • First and foremost, go to your state’s official web page.
  • To create an OBC Certification digitally on a state’s online webpage, you must first open an account.
  • After you’ve opened an account, login in and select the option to download the OBC Certification Online Application.
  • After that, enter your account to access your profile. It now displays the services option.
  • Then you must open an OBC certificate application and submit it.
  • You can also get a direct link to the OBC Certification Application form on several state websites, which you must download by clicking on.
  • Check for the Certification Option there now. Let’s all remind us that the majority of web pages with the OBC Certification link are part of the tax authority.
  • There is an official document for an OBC certification after clicking the link. Simply download it and submit the form entirely.
  • Identities, parent names, dates of birth, locations, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and PAN numbers are all required fields on an OBC online application.
  • You simply submit an application in the given state local languages, such as English, Hindi, etc.
  • Webpages, like certain regions, allow you to choose your linguistic and begin registering for it.
  • After you’ve completed the application, you’ll need to submit all of the relevant papers, either as listed above or as directed on the portal.
  • After that, you simply click apply, and your application will be uploaded.

As a result, anyone can enrol and request for the OBC Certification Digital in this manner.

Digital OBC Certification Verification 

We’ll go over the various methods for verifying the OBC Certification Online here. When we register for a certification, we must verify the status of our registration form or monitor the registration form’s status. So, there are four main steps to it.

  • First and foremost, go to the respective portal of the localities where you reside.
  • Login into the system by providing your passcode on the page.
  • Begin entering all relevant data, such as the claimant’s name, date and place of birth, age, and parent’s name.
  • You can quickly obtain your OBC certification if it is already verified. If not, you should apply for an OBC certification first, followed by the authentication process. Only after approval can your OBC Certification be issued.

You may simply search, examine, find, download, and print your OBC certifications using our online service. You will also acquire your certification for free through our online platform. You can now modify your form and submit it. With this Online facility, you can check every detail in the form such as parents’ names at the time of form enrolment. To check, you must fill in all of the pertinent information requested in the application.

The Importance of an OBC Certification 

  • To enroll in school
  • To apply for college entrance
  • To perform an entrance exam
  • This certificate is also useful for obtaining grants under the OBC category by displaying an OBC certification.
  • To employ in the OBC category (also known as a reserved class)
  • To receive rewards from all forms of government-sponsored gatherings.
  • If you fall into the OBC category, you may be eligible for assistance in purchasing a home as well as all self-employment initiatives.
  • To participate in or register for politics.
  • Land Assignment Support


OBC is a category of the community known as Other Backward Castes. You can apply for online or digitized OBC Certification. There are numerous benefits of OBC Certificates like admission, job positions, etc. Also, you can use a government website or portal to see or verify your application status.

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