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Member of APEC Schemes 2023 or Subsidies for Exporters

The Apparel Export Promotion Council is the main institution in charge of promoting ready-made clothes from India. The Council serves as a crucial link between international markets and Indian garment exporters. Are you interested in learning how to join AEPC? Find out by reading on.

Member of AEPC

The Apparel Export Promotion Council is the central organization for promoting clothing made in India. The Council serves as a vital link between Indian garment exporters as well as international markets. It is the only national organization recognized under Foreign Trade Policy, and it is supported by the Indian Government and the Ministry of Textiles. Know how to become a Member of APEC.

AEPC has increased India’s global competitiveness by continuing to support it as a member of the Export Promotion Council. This organization works hard to achieve export promotion goals, which increase productivity, create jobs, and enhance India’s reputation in the apparel sector. AEPC India issues a Registration Membership Certificate (RCMC). A textile exporter must obtain a Registration Membership Certificate (RCMC) from either the AEPC in order to be eligible for several Foreign Trade Policy incentives. The government has appointed the AEPC Certificate Council to promote exports.

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Who Qualifies for Obtaining the Member of APEC

Any applicant who exports clothing, whether it is a factory exporter is eligible to become a member or a registered exporter.

Individuals who manufacture or sell the designated clothing can join AEPC by submitting an application online and the required documents to the Member of APEC head office. The main requirement for membership is to be an exporter from a factory. If having to apply as an independent company or sole proprietorship, the applicant must be over the age of 21. It is outlawed for the applicant to have been forced into bankruptcy or to have been convicted of moral turpitude or criminal misconduct in a court of law.

One of the most important requirements of almost all Export Promotion Councils is a Registration cum-Membership-Certificate (RCMC). To become a Member of APEC and receive benefits, an applicant must be in possession of the membership-Certificate.

What is the List of Documents that one Requires to Become a Member of AEPC?

  • Fill out the prescribed application form completely, and have a chartered accountant or banker certify the exporter’s revenue for the past three fiscal years
  • Original Registration Certificate for Registered Exporter
  • The application for conversion from Registered Exporter to Member Exporter might also be presented at the Council’s Registered Office, Head Office, or the pertinent Council Branches along with the aforementioned papers
  • Additionally, the applicant must be in possession of the following documents and papers with them while submitting this application form:
    • A pledge on non-judicial stamp paper, duly notarized
    • A self-certified duplicate of the firm’s partnership deed, certificate of registration, or memorandum of association and articles of association, if required
    • A copy of the self-attested Industrial License or SSI Certificate is required in the event of a Manufacturer Exporter.
  • Each of the documents listed above needs to be properly attested on a non-judicial seal
  • Letter of Intent, Industrial License, and Self-Attested Certificate provided by the relevant Authority.

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Advantages of Being the Member of AEPC

  • Grant for Market Development Assistance

Any AEPC member exporter who has been a member for at least a year and had a prior fiscal year’s export revenue of less than Rs. 15 crores is qualified to apply for MDA money for visiting international trade exhibitions.

  • Refund for Learning Expense

A 40% tuition price reduction for authorized staff participating in core courses at ATDC Centers and a 20% tuition price reduction for flagship courses are available to member exporters.

  •  Programs for Training Subsidies Abroad

The Hongkong Clothing Industrial Training Authority (CITA) provides a 75% training cost subsidy to employees who complete their training there.

  •  Duty Drawback Advantages

The organization actively works to gather duty drawback information and expedites a prompt refund to the exporters who are members.

  • Relevant Information for Making Decisions

Through papers and publications, this body also offers its members extensive information on market analysis, regulations, currency exchange, and other related topics.

  • Support System for Finance

After registering, one can benefit a lot from credibility since membership assures repayment ability when applying for financial needs such as working capital loans, trade finance, and export discounting bills.

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Schemes or Subsidies for Exporters Under AEPC

Under the auspices of AEPC India, exporters have access to several programs and resources. Let’s look at a few of them:

  • Exporters Availed Market Entry Initiative Strategy, Intelligent Supply Funds Scheme, Focus Market Scheme, Business Development Aid Scheme, Textile Center Infrastructure Investment Arrangement, Garment Park, Scheme for Inclusive Textile manufacturing Parks, and Special Economic Zones also known as SEZs are just a few of the market development programs offered by Member of APEC.
  • A pre-and after-shipment export subsidy, such as a packing credit, is eligible for an interest reduction under the Interest Equalization Scheme, also known as interest subvention.
  • The introduction of the Technologies Upgradation Investment Fund was made possible by innovative and effective technology
  • The textile industry is helped by the Rebate of Government Levies Scheme to give zero-rated exporting taxes and increase overall competitiveness in the international market. 


The registration is valid for a year and expires on April 1 of each year. At the latest, the renewal cost must be paid by May 31 of that year. Failure will result in the registration being cancelled. Exporters from both manufacturing and commerce can apply. A manufacturing exporter must, however, show documentation for his production site. Member of APEC Offer various programs.

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