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What Are APEC Activities?

The APEC activities involves promoting the exports of Indian garments worldwide. now learn more about the AEPC activities

What Is Apparel Promotion Export Council?

The APEC is the nodal agency that aims to promote and enhance the export of ready-made garments excluding, woolen knitwear and garments made up of leather, jute, and hemp from India to countries across the globe. Apparel Promotion Export Council  in India only institution at the national level recognized under the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP). This blog will cover about Export Promotion Activities from Apparel Promotion Export Council .

What Are the Aims and Objectives of Export Council?

The Apparel Promotion Export Council was formed with an intention to promote and support Indian garment exporters. It aims to facilitate the establishment and growth of garment exporters. It also strives to give a competitive advantage to the Indian apparel industry and improve its global position in a sustainable manner.

What Are the Export Promotion Activities Undertaken by APEC?

To achieve its aims and objectives the Apparel Promotion Export Council acts as a facilitator in the apparel industry by promoting exports. The Apparel Promotion Export Council generates employment opportunities in the export of apparel. It also works towards improving and sustaining the productivity and brand value of Indian garments.

The Apparel Promotion Export Council makes vigorous efforts to achieve its aim of promoting the Indian garment industry and lifting it to compete with the global market. It also aims to assist and support Indian exports by entitling them to the benefits of the following are the Export Promotion Activities performed and programs conducted by the council.

  1. Trade Delegation: Apparel Promotion Export Council identifies and sends trade delegations to potential markets such as the US, Taiwan, Canada, Brazil, Panama, and Columbia, among others
  2. Buyer Seller Meet: Apparel Promotion Export Council organises Buyer Seller Meets. It has conducted Buyer Seller Meets (BSMs) in South Africa, Spain, and even Japan
  3. Workshops: Conducting workshops on technical aspects, management and other important aspects of the garment industry is another activity that APEC performs. It invites fashion designers from various countries to attend such workshops
  4. Seminars: Apparel Promotion Export Council organises various kinds of seminars. A few seminars held recently include:
    1. Apparel Promotion Export Council awareness seminars on the Garments Special Package
    2. Apparel Promotion Export Council awareness seminars on Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) for a safer workplace
    3. Apparel Promotion Export Council awareness seminars on Unified Payment Interface (UPI) awareness program in Head Office and Regional offices
  5. Education and Training Initiatives: The council conducts training activities, and educational programs to integrate skilled human resources in the Indian textile industry. Some of its training programs include Apparel Training & Design Centres (ATDCs) conducted in 47 cities and Institutes of Apparel Management (IAMs) in 2 cities
  6. International Fairs: The APEC organises international fairs to promote the Indian garment industry. Some of the recent international fairs organised by Apparel Promotion Export Council include White gallery London, Moda Prima, Atlanta Apparel, and Interfi liere Paris. Twice a year, Apparel Promotion Export Council exhibits the best of India’s garment export capabilities through the prestigious India International Garment Fair which hosts more than 350 exhibitors. 
  7. Dissemination of Information: Apparel Promotion Export Council spreads out trade information in the following ways:
    • ‘Apparel India’, a monthly magazine published by Apparel Promotion Export Council containing all information on government policies, and initiatives regarding the apparel industry
    • The APEC portal provides a reliable platform through which the sellers and buyers can connect. The portal also provides valuable information and inputs to the apparel industry. It serves as a one-stop solution source of information on export-import policy and procedures, as well as export opportunities.
    • A well-equipped library located in Mumbai and Gurgaon, with inputs on all the latest fashion-related market trends
    • A compilation of detailed country reports, and trade statistics
  8. Research & Development: Apparel Promotion Export Council through its various cluster studies, research reports, and journals, conducts market surveys and provides market intelligence. It explores new markets and also identifies items of potential exports. APEC develops new markets for existing products by conducting promotional activities like roadshows
  9. APEC keeps its members updated with the latest developments concerning the economic scenario of the world. It provides- 
    • Information about the trade enquiries, and global tenders.
    • A comprehensive database on the textile industry, products, and companies.
    • Access to facilitate collaborations, joint ventures, tie-ups, subcontracting, imports, and exports.
    • Access to reports published on business opportunities, markets, products, and trade statistics.
  1. Man-Made Fabric Cell: The APEC established the MMF Cell to 
  2. Expand the export of Indian man-made fabrics 
  3. Hunt for the possibilities of 100% investment technology, joint ventures, and collaborations
  4. Look for opportunities for collaboration of man-made fabrics in India.

How to Benefit From the Activities of the APEC

To utilise the benefits of the activities and programs of the Apparel Promotion Export Council, every export business must register with the export council. As a registered member, an export business becomes eligible for the concessions and schemes launched by the council from time to time. 


Now that you know the export promotion activities from Apparel Promotion Export Council. If you are into exporting apparel, you should register your business with the APEC to get your export business booming in the world market. You can seek the services of Vakilsearch for the registration. The expert panel at Vakilsearch makes the registration possible as smoothly as possible, within 30 days, subject to government approval.

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