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APEDA Registration

APEDA Registration to Start Food Business

Agriculture lays down a massive amount of the country’s foundation, the following article covers information on how registering in APEDA India, can help you to start a food business.

APEDA Registration to Start Food Business India is a developing country where agriculture resembles a large part of its foundation. As a matter of fact, nearly 17% of GDP is generated from the agricultural sector. 60% of the employees in the country are also from this sector. In contrast to this, the role of agriculture in exporting food products is dormant compared to other nations.  As agriculture constitutes only 13% of India’s exports, the role of APEDA is crucial in making this percentage reach greater heights. Let us know more about APEDA and its importance in starting a food business.

APEDA –  Objectives, Registration, and Benefits

APEDA stands for Agricultural and Food Products Export Development Authority. Created under the APEDA Act of 1985, APEDA strives to promote agricultural production, food processing, and food export quality. It has replaced the Processed Food Export Promotion Council and has added various new tasks and responsibilities.

Objectives of APEDA

APEDA promotes five main goals and tries to accomplish them.

  •     Scheduled development of products that fell under the APEDA and promoted exports of all processed foods and agricultural products from India to other nations.
  •     Creating and defining standards for various scheduled products which come under the responsibilities of APEDA.
  •     Improvement and optimisation of marketing and packaging of various agricultural products from India to other foreign locations.
  •     Fulfilling the concerns of required training and development of skills for those engaged in the food business (production and export of scheduled products).
  •     Giving financial support reliefs and subsidies to those who are involved in the manufacture and exporting of the scheduled products.

  APEDA Certificate and its Benefits

You may feel like setting up your own food business consisting of exports of manufactured products and processed goods. In that case, registering yourself with an APEDA certificate is mandatory to execute a trade with foreign countries. The certificate is more of an approval to the business entrepreneurs and exporters. The certificate is easy to receive just after registration and has several benefits.

  •   Market development and research- Registering yourself in APEDA provide you with an APEDA certificate. With the help of this, you, as an exporter, are able able to get access to critical information like market research data, updated databases, online/offline surveys and feasibility studies. This will help you in gaining knowledge about the market and determine which area you wish to target.
  •     Quality control and Assurance- Agricultural and Food Products Export Development Authority, also known as APEDA, is highly functional in providing quality tests and control. This is quite important for the business to flourish in foreign lands. Quality control helps in popularising the brand, which means an increment in sales and revenue. APEDA provides financial support to food businesses in gaining quality control certificates from certified organizations like ISO, BRC, HACCP, and GAP.
  •     Promotions- The scheduled agricultural products consist of various manufactured and processed foods. It requires an upgrade so as to be sold in foreign markets. APEDA provides help in promoting the same and encourages entrepreneurs to do more business and be successful.
  •     Assistance in transport- APEDA also provides a massive network of transportation. The complete transport network system can be exploited by food business people to export their scheduled products and foods to the desired location. The system is safe and fast.

Registration Process of APEDA

If you are willing to start a food business by exporting food items from the list provided in the above section, it is advised that you register yourself with an APEDA India certificate. The registration is to be completed within 30 days of initiation of the business.

APEDA registration undergoes a series of processes:

  1. After visiting the APEDA website, click on the ‘Register as a member option’. It is provided on the right-hand side of the screen just below the Members section.
  2.   After it is done, you have to provide your company name, phone number, email id, and the import-export code of your business in the newly opened pop-up.
  3.  After entering the details, click on the submit button. On clicking the button, an OTP will be generated. Enter the same in the box provided.
  4.  On proceeding, you are expected to receive an application form, which demands soft copies of different documents. These are to be uploaded in PDF or JPG format.
  5.   A fee of ₹5000 rupees with added 18% GST will be charged to you. You are required to pay the same through a credit card, debit card, or a demand draft in APEDA’s favor. This amount is payable across the various cities where an APEDA office is present.
  6.  After the approval of the registration, you are expected to receive the APEDA certificate. Along with it, the logic credentials will be shared with you.
  7.  Lastly, under the track application option, you can track your current status of the registration processes.

Documents needed for registering an APEDA certificate

The registration process of APEDA requires several documents, which are to be uploaded in JPG or PDF format. The records required are:

  •     The Import-Export code issued by the DGFT
  •     The Digital Signature Certificate.
  •     Scanned copy of the bank statement along with canceled cheque
  •     A certificate from the bank which includes the company name, nature of the business, and owner’s details.


Opening a food business and expanding its footprints to become a successful business requires an APEDA certificate as a primary component. In fact, registration is made mandatory for those involved in this field. The micro-advisory platform is easy to use and connects with experts and entrepreneurs helping them to achieve their business goals. Having an APEDA certificate helps you to connect instantly with industry experts and get a preferable solution.If you’re also looking to start your own food business, then getting an APEDA certificate will be a good idea. Our experienced legal professionals at Vakilsearch can get your APEDA registration done within just a few clicks!


What is APEDA registration?

APEDA offers exporters guidance, regulations, and directives regarding diverse products in accordance with the respective destination countries for export. Registration facilitates brand improvement and assists exporters in terms of brand promotion through advertising, packaging advancement, database enhancement, surveys, and similar activities.

Why is APEDA registration required to start a food business?

If you have aspirations of establishing a food business that involves exporting manufactured products and processed goods, it is essential to register yourself with an APEDA certificate in order to engage in trade with foreign nations. This certificate serves as a necessary approval for business owners and exporters, allowing them to proceed with their ventures.

Who is eligible to apply for APEDA registration?

The APEDA Act categorises products as schedule products, and exporters who intend to export such scheduled products must undergo self-registration with APEDA.

How can I apply for APEDA registration?

To initiate the registration process, follow these steps: Visit the APEDA website. Navigate to the Register as Member section. Provide the required information, including Import-Export Code, Email Address, and Mobile Number. Click the Submit button to proceed.

What documents are required for APEDA registration?

The following documents are required for APEDA registration: A completed and signed Application Form for APEDA Registration. A copy of the Import-Export Code issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade. A Bank Certificate that is signed by the relevant authorities. The firm's bank account statement for the last two months. A cancelled cheque.

How long does it take to obtain APEDA registration?

Once all the necessary documents have been submitted, APEDA will allocate the registration within a timeframe of 10-15 days.

Is APEDA registration mandatory for all food businesses?

APEDA Registration is a compulsory and legitimate registration that exporters of scheduled goods, as per the APEDA Act, must acquire to carry out their business operations. There are numerous advantages that exporters can avail themselves of by obtaining APEDA Registration.

What are the benefits of having APEDA registration?

Exporters have the opportunity to stay updated on the latest trade fairs, receive infrastructural support, adhere to export quality requirements, and access agri-exchange statistics. APEDA provides a diverse range of training programs for exporters to enhance their skills and expand their businesses.

Can I operate a food business without APEDA registration?

If you have the desire to establish your own food business involving the export of manufactured products and processed goods, it is essential to obtain an APEDA certificate to engage in international trade.

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