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APEDA Registration

APEDA Registration Fees: How Much Does It Cost To Register?

Know complete information on APEDA Registration Fees. You can deposit the registration fee online with a debit or credit card or offline with a pay order made payable to APEDA at any of the APEDA offices located around the nation.

The APEDA offers registration services to processed food export markets, such as sugar, rice, coffee, dairy, tea, seafood, and spices. The APEDA registration fee can vary depending on the product type you’re looking to export and how much you want to export each year. We’ll go over the APEDA registration fees in detail below; to know exactly what to expect before beginning the registration process.

The following are recommended features of APEDA:

  • It is a registration requirement for exporters of planned schedule products: As a result, anybody who wishes to be an exporter of packaged food products listed in the schedule must first obtain APEDA registration
  • It would only be necessary to be registered once: Unlike many business licenses, your APEDA license does not have to be renewed after a fixed period
  • APEDA registration makes you qualified for the following government programs: The packaged food market is regarded as a major economic driver in the country. Once you have acquired APEDA registration, you can request financial help from the government
  • You may participate in the following training programs as an APEDA certificate holder: Registered people can participate in skills training for scheduled products arranged in multiple industries.


The APEDA is charged with the following duties.

  • Individual registration as an exporter of scheduled products upon payment of the prescribed fee
  • Advancement of Scheduled-Products Industries in terms of exports by providing financial support, assistance in conducting surveys and viability studies, involvement in research capital through joint ventures, and other reliefs and subsidy schemes
  • Calibration of requirements and guidelines for scheduled products for export.
  • Trying to conduct safety checks on meat and meat products in the meat industry, processing facilities, warehouses, modes of transportation, and other locations where such products are kept/handled to ensure the benchmark and quality of products
  • Improving the global marketing scenario for scheduled products
  • Improving scheduled product packaging
  • Advancement of creation and processing of scheduled products for export
  • Training in various sectors of the economy that are linked to scheduled products
  • Facts on the manufacturing, handling, wrapping, branding, and export of scheduled products are accumulated. This information will be gathered from factory or establishment owners or any person as recommended on any topic about scheduled products. They could be acquired through publications and excerpts.

Registration Fees For APEDA

Before you register, you need to get familiar with APEDA registration fees. The fee is different for every business category, so don’t be surprised if your business requires a higher or lower registration fee than others. There are even different fees based on what sort of company you own. Private limited companies may pay more than sole proprietorships, for example. The minimum fee is ₹ 5,000, while some categories can exceed ₹ 10 lakhs in registration fees alone! But just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing; registering your company will allow you to enjoy all sorts of benefits ranging from tax exemptions and discounts for employees to getting credit from suppliers and accruing bigger profits in times of success.

Online Registration Process

With impact from 1.8.2015, the issuing of RCMC has indeed been done online using electronic documents to simplify processes and make doing value function. Exporters can make an application available on the internet by following the steps outlined below:

  • Sign in to the APEDA webpage and go to the “Register as Member” section
  • Insert the basic information – IE CODE, E-mail ID, and Mobile Number – and then accept One Time Password for verifying the details would be sent to the E-mail and Cell Phone number, which has to be inputted on the verifying screen and clicked on Submission to move ahead
  • Complete an online application and post the necessary documentation once verification is finished. The records should only be in JPEG, PDF, or PNG layout.
  • The online application can be conducted in one or more sessions by going back to the webpage and accessing the specified OTP. Once the data is entered into the timeframe given, save all the information. Before an online fee is paid, the data collated can be altered
  • The payment amount is ₹ 5000/- (excluding taxes) and can be paid in one of three ways: a) Credit Card (MasterCard and Visa), b) Debit Card (MasterCard and Visa), c) Demand Draft made payable to “APEDA” and indicating the respective areas
  • An application number is created once the payment process is completed. This is the application number, which is needed for reference purposes
  • When the RCMC is given, the user name and password will be sent to the Exporter’s registered e-mail id. The Exporter could access their setup by visiting the APEDA website and pressing the “Exporter Login” link
  • The RCMC application’s role can be viewed by selecting the “Track Application” link and accessing the IE Code and Application number until it has been authorised
  • If the implementation has a fault, the Exporter must supervise it and kindly send back the document in digital format
  • The last stage is for APEDA administrators to authorise the RCMC; once accepted, the Certificate can be acquired through APEDA Login under the header “View RCMC Certificate” under the RCMC Menu. Additional information can be found on the APEDA official website.


Now that you’ve learned more about what APEDA registration is and APEDA registration fees, you can decide whether to register your food business. Regardless of whether or not you decide to pursue registration, we hope our guide has provided you with information on APEDA requirements and questions. Now go out there and start tackling your business needs! 


How long does APEDA registration consider taking?

APEDA would allocate it in 10-15 days after you send all the required documents.

How many people are part of APEDA?

The Central Government appoints eight members to depict the Central Government's Ministries.

Is APEDA applicable to spices?

Fruits, vegetables, spices, and meat and poultry are part of India's food processing industry.

What exactly is APEDA Upsc?

APEDA is the main authority set up by The Government of India's Ministry of Commerce and Industry to advertise farm products and processed food exports.

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