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Last Updated at: Sep 29, 2022
On July 3, 2020, the Indian government paved the way to enable payment of the new equalisation levy by modifying the ITNS 285 challan. This tax payment form was introduced in Budget 2020. This form mandatorily requires the quoting of Permanent Account Number or the  Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) by the non-resident e-commerce operator.


Before you pay money to a shopkeeper or a dealer of goods, you must make sure that they are going to pay the goods and services tax to the government. The only way to ensure it is by checking their GSTIN on any of the reliable online tools. Some businesses evade taxes by providing a fake GSTIN on their bills. You must see to it that you do not fall into their trap.

On doing business with a dealer for the first time, it is vital to ensure that the Taxpayer Identification Number quoted is the correct one. If it isn’t, you may just be paying the ‘tax’ money into the pocket of the dealer. If you notice a certain dealer doing so, you can report him/her to the officials. The availability of online search tools has made it easy to perform a TIN Search.

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What is TIN?

A Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is a unique Identification Number issued to each business in India enrolled under VAT and CST. Whenever there is an intra- or inter-state transaction made, TIN is then logged in. Using it, your state’s Commercial Tax department will verify all transactions that are made under the VAT number by clicking a button.

On all financial transactions and trade slips, the TIN must be quoted with fail. 

Two Steps for TIN Number Verification

TIN verification is an online process where any dealer can test their partner’s TIN before dealing with him or her if necessary.

  1. Visit the website of the online information system TINXSYS (Tax Information Exchange System), a government initiative to help the commercial tax departments of States to identify the interstate exchange and monitor them effectively.
  2. Just enter the TIN and expect the results. You can see the dealer name, address, PAN. You can also check for the license validity.

TIN verification

Why Verify a TIN?

As a result, TIN number verification is essential for anyone looking to conduct business in this sector. It is not uncommon to deal with new dealers all of the time, and sometimes they even come from other states. For that reason, it is essential to know that any money being paid as tax is going to the government.

So, now, sitting anywhere in India, you can check if the trader you would like to do business with, has given all valid information, through TINXSYS.

Any trader or dealer needs a TIN to conduct business inside India once their revenues pass Rs.5 lakh. Indeed, it is an 11-digit number and can be obtained through registration. The first two digits of the TIN number are unique to each state.

TIN Benefits When Filing for Tax Exemption Status

It is necessary to have a valid tax identification number available when your business or your company is attempting to apply for tax exemption status. The common factors for tax-exempt status are usually entities committed to helping the public. These organisations involve areas such as religious places, charities etc. Tax exemption status means that an organization pays a reduced amount of its taxes for each taxable year than other companies. This status can be withdrawn if a company lies that their tax identification number is valid or is not aware of it.

TIN Benefits in establishing a business

There are plenty of business structures that you can use to create your corporation, but the range of business structures is extremely constrained when you have an incorrect tax identification number or no TIN. No individual is allowed to form a company or partnership without a tax identification number. This also implies the business people are not exempt from paying taxes. Make sure that your TIN is correct if you choose to build one of those businesses. This may also be helpful when employees are hired.

When it is time for both you and your employees to file tax returns for the past year, you would both have to get a TIN along with the tax identification number for the business. Without this, the IRS is informed that the business is not a legitimate partnership or corporation, so you can forfeit the tax deduction status including asset and debt liability protection.

TIN Benefits in retirements plan

You should think about creating your pension plan if you are self-employed, small business owner, or when you are an independent contractor. You should continue planning for a pension plan and a 401(k).  Provided that there is a separate procedure for filing a pension plan for self-employed people, each individual should have a tax ID number to enable their unincorporated business to fund their retirement or pension plan. You can not benefit from these advantages without a TIN.

If you want to verify your TIN, go to the website for the tax filing. You will ensure that there are no malfunctioning TINs with name or business through their TIN inspection services. While you are there, you will see what fines the IRS would enforce, and will allow you to brace your clients or staff for complications. Tax filing is highly secure and professional, and you shall be assured that all details are stored privately.


Verification of the GSTIN can be done with a lot of ease. Moreover, the only thing that you need is an internet connection and a device that can perform simple online searches. You can enter their GSTIN to check whether it is accurate. If it is not available in the database, then you must report the seller to the appropriate authority.

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