Easy TIN Number Verification

Last Updated at: January 08, 2020

Before you pay money to a shopkeeper or a dealer of goods, you must make sure that they are going to pay the goods and services tax to the government. The only way to ensure it is by checking their GSTIN on any of the reliable online tools. Some businesses evade taxes by providing a fake GSTIN on their bills. You must see to it that you do not fall into their trap.

Register tin number

On doing business with a dealer for the first time, it is vital to ensure that the Taxpayer Identification Number quoted is the correct one. If it isn’t, you may just be paying the ‘tax’ money into the pocket of the dealer. In case you find that a particular dealer is doing so, you may report him/her to the authorities. Performing a TIN Search has been made easy by the availability of online search tools.

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What is a TIN?

A Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) is a unique identification number given to every business in India that are registered under VAT or value-added tax and CST or Central Sales Tax. It is logged in whenever an intra- or inter-state sale is made. With it, the Commercial Taxes department of your state can check all transactions made under the VAT number at the click of a button.

The TIN must mandatorily be quoted on all financial transactions and trade slips.

Two Steps for TIN Number Verification

TIN verification is an online process through which any dealer can if required, check the TIN of their counter-party before dealing with them.

1. Visit the website of the online information system TINXSYS (Tax Information Exchange System), a government initiative to help the commercial tax departments of States to identify the interstate exchange and monitor them effectively.

2. Simply enter the TIN and wait for the results. You will be able to see the Dealer’s Name, Address, PAN as well as check the validity of the license.

TIN verification

Why Verify a TIN?

TIN number verification is essential for any trade. Today, it is common to interact with new dealers all the time, and that, too, from other states. For this reason, it is essential to know that any money being paid as tax is going to the government.

So, now, sitting anywhere in India, you can check if the trader you would like to do business with, has given all valid information, through TINXSYS.

Every trader or a dealer requires a TIN number to operate within India once their revenues cross Rs. 5 lakh. Indeed, it is an 11-digit number and can be obtained through registration. The first two digits of the TIN number are unique to each state.

Verification of the GSTIN can be done with a lot of ease. Moreover, the only thing that you need is an internet connection and a device that can perform simple online searches on reliable search engines. You can enter their GSTIN to check whether it is accurate. If it is not available in the database, then you must report the seller to the appropriate authority as soon as possible.

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