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Are you looking to expand the horizon of your business? Get your business registered with GST. Get your GSTIN in real quick time. This will be an important stepping-stone towards success.

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Wondering what the GST identification number is? Until GST was introduced, the respective state tax authorities issued a special TIN to all suppliers listed under the formal VAT statute. Likewise the Central Board of Excise and Custom (CBEC) issued a company tax identification number to service providers. Under the GST system, all taxpayers enrolled are integrated into a common forum for enforcement and administration purposes, and registration is issued under a single authority. Around 8 million taxpayers moved into GST from different platforms. A unique Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) is allocated to all of these businesses. GSTIN is the unique registration number of 15 digits for all GST registered individuals/entities. The 15 digits represent various things like the respective state code, the applicant’s PAN details, etc.

Benefits of GST Registration

  • If this is a regular registered business then the advantages are:
    • a. The company may take the input tax credit,
    • b. It can perform unrestricted interstate transactions,
  • When the applicants are traders in nature, the advantages are:
    • a. Compliance with the company is minimal
    • b. They are less tax-responsible
    • c. They would still have substantial working capital
  • If the organization willingly opts in for GST registration and has an annual revenue of less than Rs. 20 lakhs, then the benefits are:
    • a. The organization can take the input tax credit,
    • b. It can perform unrestricted interstate transactions,
    • c. It can register with e-commerce sites
    • d. The company also has a strategic edge in the industry compared to others.
  • For such forms of business,
    • a. If an individual files as a supplier of products and services, the government legally acknowledges the individual as such.
    • b. They require accurate financial recording of the taxes collected on products or services to be utilized for the payment of GST owed for the supply of goods or services.
    • c. The licensed individual is lawfully allowed to receive tax from the purchasers and pass refunds for taxes owed on the products or services given to the purchasers.
    • d. The GST law often grants them the rights to various benefits and privileges.

Checklist eligibility for GST registration

Section 22 to Section 30, of the CGST Act, 2017 includes the enrolment or registration of a products and services provider. The qualifying requirements for registration with the GST are as follows.

  • Any individual solely engaged in the providing of services and whose total turnover exceeds Rs 40 lakhs shall be liable under this Act for registration.
  • Taxpayers may apply for multiple registers for multiple companies based or operating in the same state.
  • There are a few exclusions to the above registration criteria, they are as follow
    • a. People involved in the production of the following goods
    • i. Ice cream or edible ice proving it includes cacao
    • ii. Tobacco and other tobacco substitutes
    • iii. Masala Pan
  • b. People who volunteer to register under the terms of Section 25(3) of the CGST Act 2017;
  • c. People obligated to deduct tax under section 51, whether they have been registered individually under this Act or not;
  • d. An individual required to accept compulsory registration as provided for in Article 24
    • i. An individual engaged in the inter-state taxable supply of goods;
    • ii. Individual liable under reverse charge mechanism for payment of tax;
    • iii. An individual who is liable to pay tax under section 9 of subsection (5) of the GST Act;
  • Other exclusions include
    • i. A taxable non-resident person who renders taxable supplies;
    • ii. Individuals who are eligible to deduct tax under section 51, whether reported separately under this Act or not;
    • iii. Individuals on behalf of certain taxable individuals make taxable sales of products or services, or both, whether as an individual or otherwise;
    • iv. Distributor of the input service, whether or not licensed individually as provided for in this Act;
    • v. Individuals that supply products or services, or both, through an online market provider other than the products referred to in subsection (5) of section 9, are required to pay tax at source under section 52;
    • vi. Any user of E-commerce who is required by section 52 to pay tax at source;
    • vii. Every individual who provides another individual rather than a registered user from a location outside India with online information and database access or retrieval services. 'All other people are informed by the government about the councils’ decision.

What are the steps involved in GST registration through Vakilsearch?

  • Step 1: We help you get a Secure GST Identification Number.
  • Step 2: We make it easy for you to get your GST from the comfort of your own home.
  • Step 3: We will file your returns and complete all other compliances as and when required.

Documents required for the GST registration process

Depending on the different types of business, different sets of documents are required during the GST registration process.

Sole proprietorship and individuals:

  • PAN card of the owner or the individual
  • Photograph proof (multiple copies) of the owner
  • Proof of business address
  • Bank account information
  • Aadhaar card of the owner or the individual

LLPs and Partnership:

  • Proof of Partners addresses.
  • Bank account information
  • Partners’ PAN card details
  • Partnership agreement document
  • Proof of identity - Passport size of photographs of partners
  • LLP registration evidence
  • Company’s main address evidence
  • Proof of the signatories' appointment
  • Aadhaar card copy and information of the authorized signatory

Hindu Undivided Families

  • Bank account information
  • Owner’s passport size photograph (multiple copies)
  • Company’s address proof
  • PAN card details of the Family Patriarch
  • PAN card details of HUF


  • Business’s PAN card details
  • All business executives' PAN card details
  • Proof of the principle location address of the company
  • Bank account details of the company
  • Evidence of appointment of the signatory
  • Signatory’s PAN card details
  • Signatory’s Aadhaar card details
  • AoA and MoA
  • An incorporation certificate produced by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
  • Address proof of all managers

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