How to apply for Marriage Registration in Chennai 

Last Updated at: Jul 29, 2022
How to apply for Marriage Registration in Chennai
In a recent statement on 25th July, the Kerala government has decided to stop publishing marriage notices online with immediate effect. Henceforth, the notices & application forms will be published only on the notice boards of the concerned sub-registrar offices.


Every marriage is a solemn affair, ritualized by certain customs and rules that lead to the eventual union of two people in love. However, legally speaking – this may not be enough. Marriage Registration in Chennai is essentially a contract, whereby the state grants recognition to the sphere of marital freedom and with it, bestows a bundle of rights.

These rights include a set of conjugal rights – such as the woman’s right to maintenance, property rights, the right to have children or adopt them, a future succession of property, tax payments, taking joint loans, or owning joint investments, etc. This makes registration of marriage, an essential step in the process of creating your new life with your partner. In this article, we discuss how to apply for marriage registration, with a specific focus on the procedures involved in Chennai. 

Essentials to be fulfilled before you commence the process of marriage registration 

  • The Bride must be at least 18 years old and the Bridegroom must be at least 21 years of age 
  • The law requires that free and voluntary consent must be given by both bride and groom to solemnize the marriage 
  • The marriage must be solemnized by a licensed person, in the presence of at least three witnesses (for a Hindu Marriage) and two witnesses in other cases. 
  • Neither the bride nor the bridegroom must have a living spouse, that is, even if they were married before – they must either produce certification showing they are divorced or widowed. 

The online registration process in Chennai

While the process in the state of Tamil Nadu has been made online, the couple may still have to visit the Registrar in person for finishing formalities. You can only apply for marriage registration in the following two cases 

  • Either the bride or the bridegroom has resided under the specific registrar’s jurisdiction for at least 6 months
  • The marriage was solemnized in Tamil Nadu at a place falling under the registrar’s jurisdiction
  • As per the state laws, marriage can be registered within 90 days without fine and within 90-150 days only with payment of the fine. 

Documents Required

Proof of Marriage

  • Wedding Invitation (or)
  • Temple Marriage Receipts (or) Church Marriage Receipts. However, for marriages under the Special Marriage Act – this requirement is waived. 
  • Any proof of marriage solemnization

Proof of Residence for both bride and bridegroom as well as three witnesses 

  • Employee ID Card (or)
  • Ration Card (or)
  • Driving License (or)
  • Passport or Visa

Proof of Age for both bride and bridegroom – 

  • Birth Certificate (or)
  • School/College Certificate (or)
  • Passport / Visa

apply for Marriage registration

Other documents required

  • Four Individual passport-sized photographs of both the bride and bridegroom 
  • If the marriage is at a religious place, a certificate from the priest will expect to solemnize the marriage.
  • A wedding photograph of the couple evidencing the marriage 
  • Wedding invitation card stating the name of both husband and wife, venue, and date of marriage
  • Certificate of conversion, as the law only allows people of the same personal law to marry. If the religion at birth differs from that adopted for marriage, a certification to prove that will be necessary. 
  • Proof of divorce by way of a divorce decree or a certificate evidencing death of the spouse, if either partner is widow or widower. 
  • If applying under the Christian Marriage Act, you also require the reference number, dispatch number, and Church Certificate. 

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  1. We collect all the necessary documents from you. 
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Process of Registration of Marriage in Chennai

Step 1 – Log in to the e-services portal of the Tamil Nadu Government at and look for the office of registrar applicable to your district. 

e-services portal of the Tamil Nadu Government

Step 2

If you have an existing account for availing e-services, you can log in with your details directly. If not, you must create one and proceed for user registration. 

Step 3

After you have logged in, you can choose to submit the relevant documentation and marriage forms by filling it in the “e-services” portal. You can also download the marriage forms under Hindu Marriage, Christian Marriage. Further, on Special Marriage, or Tamil Nadu Registration of Marriages Act 2009. You can do by clicking on the “Utility forms” at the Center of the bottom panel in “Downloads” on the home page. Additionally, you can directly at – 

This, however, would only mean that your certificate is online and pay the applicable fee. 

Step 4

You can choose to take an appointment from the Registrar of Marriages of your area for the final completion of formalities. If the marriage solemnizes according to Hindu laws, you also have the option of applying for registration requests at a private residence. Whereby the registrar will visit the place.

Step 5

An additional step in the Special Marriages Act is the waiting period of 30 days, under which objections can be filed. If no objections will receive, the registrar will grant a marriage certificate. 

Obtaining a Marriage Certificate

In order to obtain a registration certificate for a marriage that has been successfully registered, you can visit the official marriage registration website for the state of Tamil Nadu at the link – This certificate can have access to a Common Service Center near you.



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