How to Start a Small Business at Home

Last Updated at: Feb 23, 2021
Small Business at Home

People have started to move away from the notion that you need a traditional job to make money. In fact, due to the surge in internet penetration, more and more people are opting to start a business at home and become their own boss. Doing so not only allows you to follow your passion but enables individuals to have a flexible work-life balance. College students, homemakers and retirees are on the lookout for the best home business ideas to make money. Successful home business ideas have a few things in common: they are well-researched, focus on a clientele and are easy to start remotely. In this article, we will provide a small businesses ideas list to help you start the business of your dreams, from the comfort of your home.

  1. Benefits of Starting a Small Business at Home

  2. What are some successful home business ideas?

  3. Home business ideas for stay-at-home women

Benefits of Starting a Small Business at Home

  1. Most such investment ideas have very low overhead costs, making them easy to start.
  2. May offer several tax deductions and benefits if planned properly
  3. Allows small businesses to sell products and services, both locally and internationally 
  4. Offers a flexible work-life balance, making it easy for stay-at-home mothers and retirees
  5. Opportunity to involve the entire family and create a strong and well-connected business

What Are Some Successful Home Business Ideas?

Successful home business ideas are those that allow individuals to make good money from the comfort of their homes. Remote working has grown in popularity in recent years due to extensive internet penetration and an increase in smartphone usage. As a result, most companies have taken their business online, making it easier to start home-based businesses. When you go through a small business ideas list, you will find that the most successful ones are those that take little money, but offer high returns. Here’s a quick look at some of the most successful home business ideas for you to try out.

Start Your Business

Event Management

If you have a disciplined approach and have an innate skill in managing people, then you might consider starting an event management business at home. India is known as the land of celebrations, and most celebrations require the help of an event planner to organise. Whether it be a birthday party, farewell, corporate events or weddings, event management is an integral part of hosting a good party. This business requires very little capital investment, requiring only resourcefulness and having the right contacts to organise things within a budget.


A profession is driven by passion, photography can be a great way to start a small home business. Suppose you have a flair for videography or photography. In that case, a good visual presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook is all you need to start such a business. Extremely flexible in terms of work-hours, starting such a home-based business is a great way to make money doing something you love. In case you do not wish to travel to click photographs of events, you can work as a video or photo editor. 

Freelance Writing

A preferred home business idea amongst college students, freelance writing allows anyone with a flair for languages to make money online. The business requires very little capital investment, with the only requirements being stable internet and a good laptop. You can slowly grow this business over time, by offering blogging, vlogging, SEO, and other development services. 

Home Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Women

Women entrepreneurs are growing at an unprecedented pace in India. With more and more women working up their way the corporate ladder, even stay-at-home women are starting to explore the options available to them. Here’s a quick look at some of the best home business ideas for stay-at-home women to try.

Fashion Designing

If you have a love for sustainable and chic fashion, then you can try opening your own home-based boutique. Businesses centred around fashion and jewellery have always been fertile ground for women, as they understand the market better than anyone else. These types of businesses don’t require a lot of inventory, and since they allow a lot of personalisation, it is quite easy to build a brand for your business. Additionally, it requires very little capital and can be started very quickly as it has minimal compliance requirements, making it a great choice for women with a love for clothing.


With more and more women joining the workforce, daycare centres are turning into a necessity. If you love being around children and have a home or apartment large enough to cater for them, then starting a daycare centre might be a great business option. Not only will you be able to establish a successful business, but you will also be able to help women not worry about their children as they work. Working mothers are always on the lookout for safe and homely daycare centres where their children will receive individual attention. Hence, a small space at home can turn into a lucrative business with a little initiative.

Branding Consultants

If you have experience working within the marketing and sales sector, then you might consider starting a brand consultancy service. With most companies taking their business online, establishments are looking for ways to be unique and stand apart from the competition. Brand consultants help businesses improve their brand image and visibility, leading to more consumers and sales. 

Food and Bakery

If you are a stay-at-home mom with a love for cooking, then you must consider starting a home-based bakery or snack joint. These also require very little capital but can help raise a lot of money. As more and more consumers get health-conscious. Most people nowadays want to ditch large brands and opt for smaller ones. Home-based joints that assure them safe and fresh food. However, you will have to meet with legal experts to ensure you meet all the required compliance norms before starting such a business. 

Hobby Classes

If you are a good dancer, artist, singer, or DIY craft expert; then you might consider starting hobby classes for the same. Parents are always on the lookout for extracurricular classes for their children to engage in some after-school activities. Such classes not only nurture the creative pursuits of children but can also help them learn valuable life skills. These classes require very little formal training and can be an excellent business idea that offers flexible working hours.

Other Small Yet successful Home Business Ideas You Can Explore

  1. Landscape and interior decoration artist
  2. Selling homemade products, such as candles, jewellery, art, soaps and ceramics
  3. Dropshipping stores
  4. Online Tutoring
  5. Marketing and Graphic Designing