How to get Telangana Encumbrance Certificate?

Last Updated at: Oct 21, 2020
encumbrance certificate in Telangana
How to get Telangana Encumbrance Certificate?

Purchase of property can be quite a hassle, wherein several documents are required for verifying and registering the property. Among all the documents, an encumbrance certificate holds primary importance. In this blog, let us look into how to get encumbrance certificate online Telangana.

The significance of the encumbrance certificate (EC) is that it assures and certifies that there are no dues on the property, and the ownership of the property is marketable and clear. The encumbrance certificate holds all the details of any transaction done on a particular property. In Telangana, the Department of Registration issues the encumbrance certificate.

Why is an encumbrance needed?

  • The encumbrance certificate shows the details of all the transactions that are done on a property. This information is of importance at the time of purchase of the property.
  • It ensures that the property is free of legal liabilities of any sort.
  • Also, it is needed to sell or buy a property.
  • It is required to take a bank loan against the property.
  • The encumbrance certificate is necessary to apply for a home loan.

What are the details present in an Encumbrance Certificate regarding a particular property?

The details regarding the property present in an encumbrance certificate are as follows:

    • Details of all the transactions on the property that have been recorded by the Registrar.
    • If there has been a gift deed on the property, the details of the gift statement will be mentioned.
    • All required details of the sales deed on a property for a specific period, which the certificate covers, are present in the encumbrance certificate. 

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The applicable charges for an Encumbrance Certificate in Telangana:

The charges that apply to the application of an encumbrance certificate are as follows:

The applicant has to pay a service charge of Rs. 25 and also bear the legal fee for the application. The payments levied on the encumbrance certificate vary with the age of the applicant. For an applicant who is below 30 years of age, the charges are Rs. 225. If the applicant is above 30 years of age, the costs remit on his application are Rs. 525.

Application procedure for Encumbrance Certificate in Telangana:

The following steps are to be followed to apply for Telangana EC:

  1. First, the applicant should visit the official website of the Meeseva portal. Click on the following link to do the same:
  2. Next, the applicant has to click on the ‘Government forms’ which is present on the homepage of the portal.
  3. Then the applicant has to go to the next page and click on ‘Meeseva services’ from the list of services.
  4. From the list of departments displayed on the page, the applicant can select the encumbrance certificate (registration) option.
  5. The application form for the encumbrance certificate can be obtained from the same portal.
  6. The applicant has to fill out the form with all the necessary details like the property owner’s name and the purchase/sale deed of the property. The details filled in the form should be accurate and relevant documents should be attached wherever required.
  7. Once the form is filled, the applicant has to submit the form at the nearest Meeseva centre and pay the stipulated charges. 
  8. When the applicant submits the application form, he will be given an acknowledgement slip for future reference.
  9. The concerned officer will check the documents and post the verification process, the application will be forwarded to the office of the Sub Registrar.
  10. Once the verification is done, the concerned officer will forward the request to the Meeseva centre. An SMS will be sent to the applicant regarding the status of the application. 

How to track the status of the application for EC online Telangana?

The status of the application can be checked online by the applicant through the following steps:

  1. Revisit the Meeseva portal. Click here to visit the page:
  2. Next, click on the option of ‘Encumbrance search.’
  3. Then select the criteria and also enter the year of registration of the certificate.

Following the above steps, the applicant can see the status of the application conveniently.

How much time does it take the department to process the application of the Telangana Encumbrance Certificate or the EC Telangana?

It takes the Registration department six working days from the date of submission of the application to issue the encumbrance certificate.

The online encumbrance certificate Telangana state is available for all transactions done on a property after 01-01-1983. However, the document can be printed only within one month of approving, after which it will not be available for printing for the specific transaction. For any transaction that took place before that, the concerned party must approach the Sub Registrar Office. 

The EC Telangana encumbrance certificate is an essential document that one needs to obtain regarding one’s land property and helps one gain clear assurance of clear title of ownership on the property.

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