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Get to Know about GHMC Property Tax –

Want to know about GHMC property tax? Keep reading The tax paid by land and building owners is known as "property tax." This industry contributes heavily to the state budget, as it is governed at the state level. The majority of funding for cities and their facilities comes from property taxes.

Municipalities and corporations are entrusted with gathering property taxes on behalf of the state government, albeit with some oversight. Consequently, taxes, calculations, and payment methods differ. Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is the city agency in Hyderabad responsible for levying and collecting real estate taxes. A property’s rental income is used to establish the yearly tax rate. For tax collection, GHMC property tax search uses flat rates.

On the GHMC website, a property tax calculator is accessible for use. If you own property under GHMC’s jurisdiction, you can estimate your property tax liability on their website by providing the required information. While location can have a minor effect on the value of a property, owners typically have a clear idea of how much money they can expect to earn from their investment.

How Is Property Tax in Hyderabad Calculated

Start by measuring the plinth or entire built-up area (including any balconies or verandas). Knowing the local rate per square foot is essential to accurately determine the MRV of a home you plan to live in. The MRV is the per-square-foot rental rate outlined in the lease agreement. You can take help from the Property Consultant Services Online to make better decisions.

Here is the formula:

Annual property tax (residential) = Gross Annual Rental Value (GARV) x [(17 to 30 percent) Tax rate as per slab which is based on MRV – 10 percent depreciation] + 8 percent library cess GARV = Plinth area x [MRV (in Rs/sq ft) x 12] Property tax on commercial property = 3.5 x Plinth area x MRV

Updated Property Tax Assessment

The following is a rundown of the most pertinent information regarding the GHMC’s property tax evaluation:

  • The first step in assessing property is applying to the Deputy Commissioner of property tax, along with any supporting documentation that may be required, such as a certificate of occupancy and a sales deed.
  • After the application has been turned in, the property in question will be visited by either a Valuation Officer, a Tax Inspector, or an Assistant Municipal Commissioner to verify the information.
  • In addition, ensuring that the title deed and other property documentation are authentic is essential.
  • After the data has been checked for accuracy, the property tax will be calculated by applying the most current Property Tax Online Chennai rates to residential properties and a standard rate to commercial buildings.
  • After completing the evaluation, each property will be allotted a one-of-a-kind door number and PTIN.
  • On the GHMC website, people can also do property evaluations and assessments. Using an online application, property owners must supply information regarding their building’s location, purpose, plinth size, and occupancy levels before they may obtain a new assessment for their home or business. With the information that has been provided, the owner will be able to formulate an estimate of their property tax bill.
  • After the online form has been submitted, a Tax Inspector (TI) or a Valuation Officer (VO) will be sent to the location to perform a physical evaluation. If everything is in order, the piece of real estate will be assigned its PTIN and the appropriate tax rate.

How Does One Make a Payment for Property Tax in Hyderabad –

Online tax filing requires a Property Tax Identification Number (PTIN), a 14-digit number for properties constructed before 1986, and a 10-digit number for buildings built after 1986. Using your GHMC circle and door number, you can identify your PTIN on the “Search Your Property Tax” page of the GHMC Property Tax site and then acquire your PTIN by clicking “Search Property Tax.”

Online Method

  • Begin by visiting GHMC’s online payment website.
  • The second step is to input your PTIN in the field labeled “Know Property Tax Obligations.”
  • Verify that all the information you entered (arrears, taxable amount, interest on arrears, adjustments, etc.) is accurate on the newly created page.
  • Complete the transaction by inputting your payment details into the payment processor and paying with your chosen mode (net banking, debit card, or credit card).
  • You can receive a physical copy of your tax refund check if you give your PTIN. Make the Online Real estate Documents Registration Today.

Offline Method

You can also submit the documents listed below at any State Bank of Hyderabad branch, MeeSeva counter, Citizen Service Center, or Bill Collector.

  • Confirmed by a Gazette officer is a valid mode
  • Authorization to occupy
  • A copy of the approved building blueprint
  • Cheque/Demand: Preparing a money order or check payable to the “Commissioner, GHMC.”

What Are the Exemptions From Paying Property Taxes?

In specific real estate categories, the property tax payment is not obligatory. Properties are placed into several types according to the amount of rent they command and any bbmp property tax online payment incentives or other advantages they have from the government. The items listed below are some examples of things that are exempt from paying taxes:

  • One can find properties renting for up to ₹50 rupees each month on the market.
  • If the current owner is a veteran, they may be eligible for various programs.
  • Properties that are held in the ownership of charity organizations
  • Sacred Places and Lands
  • The high schools have been acknowledged as meeting the requirements for accreditation by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and other accrediting agencies.
  • After an inspection, vacant properties may be eligible for a reduction of up to half their annual property taxes. Click here to more about Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike – Revenue department

Updates to GHMC Property Taxes for the Year 2022

Beginning on April 6, 2022, building owners can sign up for the GHMC Early Bird plan to receive a reduction of 5% on their annual property tax bill. Under the terms of this offer, a tax refund cannot be issued for taxes paid during an earlier tax year. Notifications have been delivered to every landowner whose property will be affected by the action being taken by the government. Those eligible for the discount can receive it by submitting their property tax payment through the GHMC’s online portal (by clicking on the link that has been supplied) or by paying it in person at one of the GHMC’s citizens’ Services Centres.

Tax Breaks on Property

  • If you are on time with your tax payments and enter the GHMC lottery, you will have a chance to win twenty million rupees (about three million dollars).
  • The owners of homes and businesses who operate “green” structures, which are structures that use sustainable methods like solar panels and rainwater storage tanks, may be eligible for cash incentives.


Now that you understand the system outlined by the GHMC:, you can timely pay your property taxes. This strategy helps the state grow, which is one of its advantages.

A property tax receipt can be used as proof of ownership in a disagreement about the legal title to a piece of real estate.

Before approving a loan, lenders will also want to review a copy of the property’s most recent tax receipt. Obtaining a loan with a strong sanction, such as one backed by real estate, is a systematic way to achieve success when reaching for the stars. In case you face any problems, contact Vakilsearch.

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