How to check Income Tax Refund status in India?

Last Updated at: Feb 08, 2021
How to check Income Tax Refund status in India_
On 30th September, the CBDT tweeted to inform that it had issued income tax refunds of over Rs. 1,18,324 crore to more than 33.54 lakh taxpayers during 1st April to 29th September, 2020 . Refunds of Rs. 32,230 crore have been issued in 31, 75,358 cases & corporate tax refunds of Rs. 86,094 crore have been issued in 1, 78, 540 cases.


As a responsible Indian citizen, it is our duty to pay income tax. However, there can be numerous circumstances when the taxpayer may have paid more than the due amount. In such cases, a taxpayer can demand a refund of money. In this article, we will find out the ways to check the Income Tax refund status and other features associated with the same.

When does a Taxpayer Pays Higher Income Tax?

  • In normal case, an employer deducts the tax based on the proofs furnished by the employee about an investment like 80C. But there are circumstances when the employee is not able to provide the proofs, and in such a case a higher amount might get deducted. But, later, the employee can claim for the extra amount and get a refund on the same.
  • The second case is when an individual doesn’t fall in the tax bar, and yet the tax gets deducted on the income. In this case, as well, the person can claim refunds for the higher tax paid.
  • There may be circumstances when the taxpayers may be asked to pay additional taxes by the tax office during the proceedings of income tax. These additions will be refunded later.

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Checking ITR Refund Status

Nowadays, it has become easy to check income tax refund status. One can check the income refund status online. The steps for the following are mentioned below:

  • Visit the NSDL website, or you can click this link
  • Once you have logged on the page, you would be required to fill the PAN number
  • Next, you need to select the financial year for which you need to check the income tax refund status
  • Submit the selected information
  • Next, a page will be displayed showing the status of the refund. Based on this status, you can take necessary measures to make the changes or rectify the same.

Alternate method: The following method will help in checking the income tax refund status; this is done via e-filing account.

  • To begin with the process of checking TDS refund status online via the e-filing portal, you need to log on to the e-filing website.
  • Once you have successfully logged in, you will see VIEW RETURN/FORMS on the dashboard.
  • Under the VIEW RETURNS/FORMS section, you will be asked to fill the PAN number
  • Now in the SELECT AN OPTION tab, enter “Income Tax Returns”. Choose the assessment year or AY and click submit
  • Now click on the acknowledgement number
  • After this, you will see the income tax status appearing highlighted.

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What are the different income tax return statuses?

Once you click on the assessment year, you will see different options under the AY or Assessment Year section. These are mentioned below:

Income Tax Refund Status – Expired

The refund for the payment expires after 90 days.  In case you notice expired option during income tax refund status check online, then the following steps need to be taken:

  • If you have physically applied for a refund, then you need to contact the Assessing Officer
  • In case you have used the e-filing system, then you need to visit the e-filing portal similar to what you did to check the income tax refund and enter your ID and password.
  • Go to My Account and click the “Refund Re-Issue” option
  • You would be asked to provide CPC or Central Pay Commission Communication Reference Number and Refund Sequence Number

Online Income Tax Refund Status– Refund Returned

In such a case, the assessee must:

  • Connect with Assessing Office in case the person has physically applied for a refund
  • If you have done it via e-filing portal, then you need to go to the e-filing portal, enter the user ID and password
  • Now go to My Account Tab and clicking “Refund Re-Issue” option
  • You would be asked to provide CPC or Central Pay Commission Communication Reference Number and Refund Sequence Number
Online TDS Refund Status – Processed through direct credit mode but failed

There are chances that the payment is not done because of incorrect bank account details. In this case, the assessee needs to provide valid IFSC/MICR code to the Assessing Officer. Once the information is updated, the payment is re-initiated.

Refund Status – Amount adjusted against outstanding demand from last year – In this, the refund of the current year is adjusted against the balances of the previous year.

Refund Status – Failed despite being processed via NEFT/NECS – Sometimes the refund processed via NEFT or NECS fails and in this one needs to verify the account number along with IFSC and MICR code.

In the end

If you are unsure about the status of the refund, you will have to track the income tax refund, and the steps mentioned above will help you on how to check income tax refund status. You can contact the customer service team to clear any doubts or queries as well.


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