Trademark Class 9: Computers and Scientific Devices

Trademark Class 9 is for registering a varied range of trademarks for nautical, scientific, surveying, optical, photographic, cinematographic, weighing, signalling and measuring devices. It mainly includes nautical, scientific, surveying, optical photographic, weighing, cinematographic, signalling measuring, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching instruments and apparatus ; instruments and apparatus for switching, conducting, transforming, accumulating, controlling or regulating electricity; apparatus for recording, reproduction or transmission of sound or images; recording discs, magnetic data carriers; DVDs, compact discs and other digital recording media; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; calculating machines, cash registers, computers, data processing equipment; -extinguishing apparatus fire, computer software.

Here are the items under Class 9
Class 9 Group Class 9 Good
Recorded content downloadable ring tones for mobile phones, films, exposed, X-ray films, exposed, X-ray photographs, other than for medical purposes, Databases (electronic).
Media content animated cartoons, cinematographic film, exposed, downloadable music files, downloadable image files, electronic publications (eBooks, eGuides), downloadable
Software computer software, recorded, computer programmes [programs], recorded, computer programs [downloadable software], electronic notice boards, juke boxes for computers, monitors [computer programs], Games software, computer game software.
Firmware Computer operating systems, computer operating programs, recorded, Information technology and audiovisual equipment, electronic agendas, amplifiers, couplers [data processing equipment], demagnetizing apparatus for magnetic tapes, magnetic encoders.
Communications equipment acoustic conduits, acoustic couplers, electric apparatus for commutation, galena crystals [detectors], high-frequency apparatus, radios, satellites for scientific purposes, sound transmitting apparatus, speaking tubes, transmitters of electronic signals, transmitters [telecommunication], transmitting sets [telecommunication], transponders.
Computer networking and data communications equipment.
Point-to-point communications equipment cell phone straps, facsimile machines, hands free kits for phones, intercommunication apparatus, phototelegraphy apparatus, portable telephones, radio pagers, radiotelegraphy sets, radiotelephony sets, telegraphs [apparatus], telephone apparatus, telephone receivers, telephone transmitters, teleprinters/teletypewriters, video telephones, walkie-talkies.
Broadcasting equipment
Antennas and aerials as communications apparatus, aerials/antennas, masts for wireless aerials.
Data storage devices compact discs [audio-video], compact discs [read-only memory], disks, magnetic, encoded identification bracelets, magnetic, encoded magnetic cards, floppy disks, holograms, identity cards, magnetic, magnetic data media, magnetic tapes, optical discs, optical data media, phonograph records/sound recording discs, punched card machines for offices, sound recording strips, sound recording carriers, USB flash drives, video cassettes, video game cartridges, videotapes.
Replicating apparatus blueprint apparatus.
Photocopiers photocopiers [photographic, electrostatic, thermic].
Image scanners scanners [data processing equipment], Printers, plotters, printers for use with computers.
Data processing equipment and accessories (electrical and mechanical bar code readers, data processing apparatus, electronic pocket translators, interfaces for computers, invoicing machines, mathematical instruments, optical character readers, readers [data processing equipment], voting machines.
Calculators abacuses, adding machines, calculating machines, calculating disks, pocket calculators.
Ticket dispensers ticket dispensers.
Payment terminals, money dispensing and sorting devices automated teller machines [ATM], cash registers.
Coin-operated mechanisms mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus, coin-operated mechanisms for television sets.
Peripherals adapted for use with computers computer keyboards, computer peripheral devices, electronic pens [visual display units], magnetic tape units for computers, monitors [computer hardware], mouse [data processing equipment], mouse pads, wrist rests for use with computers.
Computers and computer hardware bags adapted for laptops, computers, laptop computers, notebook computers, sleeves for laptops.
Computer components and parts computer memory devices, disk drives for computers, microprocessors, modems, processors [central processing units]/central processing units [processors].
Audio/visual and photographic devices audiovisual teaching apparatus, compact disc players, DVD players, head cleaning tapes [recording], light-emitting electronic pointers, portable media players, audio- and video-receivers, tape recorders.
Audio devices and radio receivers answering machines, cabinets for loudspeakers, cassette players, cleaning apparatus for phonograph records/cleaning apparatus for sound recording discs, diaphragms [acoustics], dictating machines, headphones, horns for loudspeakers, juke boxes, musical/coin-operated musical automata [juke boxes], loudspeakers, megaphones, microphones, needles for record players/styli for record players, personal stereos, record players, apparatus for changing record player needles, sound recording apparatus, sound reproduction apparatus, sounding apparatus and machines, tone arms for record players, vehicle radios.
Display devices, television receivers and film and video devices, camcorders, cinematographic cameras, digital photo frames, editing appliances for cinematographic films/apparatus for editing cinematographic film, film cutting apparatus, fluorescent screens, magic lanterns, neon signs, projection screens, projection apparatus, teleprompters, television apparatus, totalizators, video recorders, video screens.
Image capturing and developing devices cameras [photography], carriers for dark plates [photography], cases especially made for photographic apparatus and instruments, centering apparatus for photographic transparencies, darkroom lamps [photography], darkrooms [photography], diaphragms [photography], drainers for use in photography/photographic racks, drying racks [photography], drying apparatus for photographic prints, enlarging apparatus [photography], epidiascopes, filters [photography], filters for ultraviolet rays, for photography, flash-bulbs [photography], flashlights [photography], frames for photographic transparencies, glazing apparatus for photographic prints, heliographic apparatus, lens hoods, lenses for astrophotography, radiological apparatus for industrial purposes, radiology screens for industrial purposes, screens [photography], screens for photoengraving, shutter releases [photography], shutters [photography], slide projectors/transparency projection apparatus, speed measuring apparatus [photography], spools [photography], stands for photographic apparatus, transparencies [photography]/slides [photography], tripods for cameras, viewfinders, photographic, washing trays [photography].
X-ray apparatus not for medical purposes, apparatus and installations for the production of X-rays, not for medical purposes.
Signal cables for IT, AV and telecommunication coaxial cables, fibre [fiber (Am.)] optic cables, optical fibers [fibres] [light conducting filaments]/light conducting filaments [optical fibers [fibres]], telegraph wires, telephone wires, Magnets, magnetizers and demagnetizers, electromagnetic coils, magnets, decorative magnets, Devices for treatment using electricity, cathodic anti-corrosion apparatus, electrolysers, ionization apparatus not for the treatment of air or water, ozonisers [ozonators].
Apparatus, instruments and cables for electricity cell switches [electricity]/reducers [electricity], Apparatus and instruments for accumulating and storing electricity, accumulators, electric, anode batteries/high tension batteries, batteries, electric, for vehicles/accumulators, electric, for vehicles, batteries for lighting, batteries, electric, battery jars/accumulator jars, battery boxes/accumulator boxes, battery chargers, chargers for electric batteries, galvanic cells, galvanic batteries, grids for batteries, plates for batteries, solar batteries.
Apparatus and instruments for controlling electricity anti-interference devices [electricity], branch boxes [electricity], circuit breakers, commutators, comparators, control panels [electricity], converters, electric, current rectifiers, inverters [electricity], lightning conductors [rods]/lightning conductors/lightning arresters, limiters [electricity], relays, electric, stage lighting regulators, step-up transformers, switchboxes [electricity], time switches, automatic, transformers [electricity], voltage surge protectors, voltage regulators for vehicles.
Photovoltaics photovoltaic cells.
Electric and electronic components amplifying tubes/amplifying valves, anodes, anticathodes, armatures [electricity], cathodes, choking coils [impedance], circuit closers, coils, electric, collectors, electric, condensers [capacitors]/capacitors, conductors, electric, connections for electric lines, connectors [electricity], contacts, electric, couplings, electric/connections, electric, covers for electric outlets, discharge tubes, electric, other than for lighting/electric discharge tubes, other than for lighting, distribution boards [electricity], distribution boxes [electricity], distribution consoles [electricity], ducts [electricity], electricity conduits, fuses, glass covered with an electrical conductor, holders for electric coils, inductors [electricity], junction boxes [electricity], light dimmers [regulators], electric/light regulators [dimmers], electric, light-emitting diodes [LED], lighting ballasts, push buttons for bells, resistances, electric, rheostats, semi-conductors, sockets, plugs and other contacts [electric connections]/plugs, sockets and other contacts [electric connections], solenoid valves [electromagnetic switches], switchboards, switches, electric, telerupters, terminals [electricity], thermionic valves/thermionic tubes, transistors [electronic], triodes, vacuum tubes [radio], X-ray tubes not for medical purposes.
Cables and wires cables, electric, copper wire, insulated, materials for electricity mains [wires, cables], electrified rails for mounting spot lights, fuse wire/wires of metal alloys [fuse wire], identification threads for electric wires, identification sheaths for electric wires, junction sleeves for electric cables, magnetic wires, sheaths for electric cables, starter cables for motors, wire connectors [electricity], wires, electric.
Electrical circuits and circuit boards chips [integrated circuits], integrated circuit cards [smart cards]/smart cards [integrated circuit cards], integrated circuits, printed circuits, printed circuit boards, wafers for integrated circuits, Antennas and aerials as components, Optical devices, enhancers and correctors, instruments containing eyepieces, micrometer screws for optical instruments, mirrors for inspecting work, mirrors [optics], objectives [lenses] [optics], optical lenses, optical glass, optical lanterns/optical lamps, optical goods, optical apparatus and instruments, optical condensers, prisms [optics], stereoscopes, Optical enhancers, binoculars, eyepieces, magnifying glasses [optics], observation instruments, peepholes [magnifying lenses] for doors, periscopes, refractors, sighting telescopes for firearms, stereoscopic apparatus, thread counters/waling glasses.
Corrective eyewear contact lenses, containers for contact lenses, eyeglass chains/pince-nez chains, eyeglass cases/pince-nez cases, eyeglass cords/pince-nez cords, pince-nez/eyeglasses, pince-nez mountings/eyeglass frames, spectacle cases, spectacle frames, spectacles [optics], Sunglasses, sunglasses, Lasers, lasers, not for medical purposes.
Opticians' goods correcting lenses [optics], spectacle lenses.
Safety, security, protection and signalling devices fire extinguishers/fire extinguishing apparatus, fire engines, fire beaters, fire hose nozzles, fire hose, fire pumps, oxygen transvasing apparatus, shoes for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems for fire protection, traffic cones.
Alarms and warning equipment acoustic [sound] alarms/sound alarms, alarm bells, electric, alarms, anti-theft warning apparatus, fire alarms, theft prevention installations, electric.
Access control devices electrified fences, locks, electric.
Signalling apparatus beacons, luminous, bells [warning devices], buzzers, dog whistles, electric door bells, flashing lights [luminous signals]/blinkers [signalling lights], fog signals, non-explosive, marking buoys, mechanical signs, naval signalling apparatus, road signs, luminous or mechanical, signal bells, signal lanterns, signalling panels, luminous or mechanical, signalling whistles, signalling buoys, signals, luminous or mechanical, signs, luminous, sirens, traffic-light apparatus [signalling devices], vehicle breakdown warning triangles, whistle alarms.
Protective and safety equipment anti-dazzle shades/anti-glare visors, asbestos gloves for protection against accidents, asbestos clothing for protection against fire, asbestos screens for firemen, breathing apparatus, except for artificial respiration, bullet-proof waistcoats [vests (Am.)]/bullet-proof vests (Am.)/bullet-proof waistcoats, clothing for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire, clothing for protection against fire, filters for respiratory masks, fire escapes, fire boats, fire blankets, garments for protection against fire, gloves for protection against accidents, gloves for protection against X-rays for industrial purposes, knee-pads for workers, life jackets, life belts, life buoys, life saving apparatus and equipment, life-saving rafts, nets for protection against accidents, nose clips for divers and swimmers, protection devices for personal use against accidents, protection devices against X-rays, not for medical purposes, protective masks, protective suits for aviators, railway traffic safety appliances, reflecting discs for wear, for the prevention of traffic accidents, respirators for filtering air, respiratory masks, other than for artificial respiration/respirators, other than for artificial respiration, safety nets/life nets, safety tarpaulins, safety restraints, other than for vehicle seats and sports equipment, socks, electrically heated, solderers' helmets, spark-guards, teeth protectors, workmen's protective face-shields, Head protection, protective helmets, protective helmets for sports, riding helmets.
Eye protection anti-glare glasses, goggles for sports.
Diving equipment breathing apparatus for underwater swimming, divers' masks, diving suits, ear plugs for divers, gloves for divers.
Navigation, guidance, tracking, targeting and map making devices directional compasses, compasses [measuring instruments], cosmographic instruments, electronic tags for goods, Global Positioning System [GPS] apparatus, marine compasses, nautical apparatus and instruments, navigation apparatus for vehicles [on-board computers], navigational instruments, satellite navigational apparatus, sextants, steering apparatus, automatic, for vehicles.
Measuring, detecting and monitoring instruments, indicators and controllers, air analysis apparatus, mechanisms for counter-operated apparatus, diagnostic apparatus, not for medical purposes, dosage dispensers/dosimeters, food analysis apparatus, pressure indicator plugs for valves, stroboscopes, temperature indicator labels, not for medical purposes, wind socks for indicating wind direction.
Monitoring instruments monitoring apparatus, electric.
Sensors and detectors counterfeit [false] coin detectors/false coin detectors, detectors, electric loss indicators, apparatus to check franking/apparatus to check stamping mail, metal detectors for industrial or military purposes, automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicle tires [tyres]/automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicle tires/automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicle tyres, radar apparatus, rods for water diviners, sonars, sound locating instruments.
Testing and quality control devices crash test dummies, gas testing instruments, material testing instruments and machines, testing apparatus not for medical purposes.
Measuring, counting, alignment and calibrating instruments acid hydrometers, acidimeters for batteries, actinometers, aerometers, alcoholmeters, alidades, altimeters, anemometers, apertometers [optics], azimuth instruments, balancing apparatus, barometers, calibrating rings, counters/meters, densimeters, densitometers, dynamometers, egg-candlers, ergometers, exposure meters [light meters], frequency meters, gasoline gauges/petrol gauges, gasometers [measuring instruments], gauges, hemline markers, hydrometers, hygrometers, lactodensimeters, lactometers, levelling staffs [surveying instruments]/rods [surveying instruments], levelling instruments, levels [instruments for determining the horizontal], logs [measuring instruments], marine depth finders, marking gauges [joinery], measures, measuring apparatus, measuring instruments, measuring devices, electric, measuring glassware/graduated glassware, measuring spoons, mercury levels, metronomes, money counting and sorting machines, octants, photometers, plane tables [surveying instruments], planimeters, plumb lines, plumb bobs, polarimeters, precision measuring apparatus, pressure measuring apparatus, pressure gauges/manometers, pressure indicators, protractors [measuring instruments], quantity indicators, refractometers, revolution counters, saccharometers, salinometers, scales, screw-tapping gauges, slope indicators/clinometers/gradient indicators/inclinometers, spectroscopes, spirit levels, sulphitometers, surveying instruments, surveying apparatus and instruments, surveying chains, surveyors' levels, taximeters, theodolites, vacuum gauges, variometers, viscosimeters, water level indicators, wavemeters, weights.
Data loggers and recorders milage recorders for vehicles/kilometer recorders for vehicles.
Time measuring instruments (not including clocks and watches) chronographs [time recording apparatus], egg timers [sandglasses]/hourglasses, parking meters, time recording apparatus, time clocks [time recording devices], Weight measuring instruments, balances [steelyards]/lever scales [steelyards]/steelyards [lever scales], letter scales, precision balances, weighbridges, weighing machines, weighing apparatus and instruments.
Distance and dimension measuring instruments calipers, carpenters' rules, distance measuring apparatus, distance recording apparatus/apparatus for recording distance, dressmakers' measures, jigs [measuring instruments], appliances for measuring the thickness of leather, micrometers/micrometer gauges, pedometers, range finders/telemeters, rulers [measuring instruments], rules [measuring instruments], apparatus for measuring the thickness of skins, slide calipers, slide-rules, sounding lines, sounding leads, spherometers, verniers.
Speed measuring instruments speed checking apparatus for vehicles, speed indicators, tachometers.
Temperature measuring instruments pyrometers, temperature indicators, thermometers, not for medical purposes, Electricity measuring instruments, ammeters, galvanometers, ohmmeters, oscillographs, voltmeters.
Controllers (regulators) boiler control instruments, decompression chambers, electric installations for the remote control of industrial operations, electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of railway points, electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of signals, heat regulating apparatus, igniting apparatus, electric, for igniting at a distance/electric apparatus for remote ignition, regulating apparatus, electric, remote control apparatus, speed regulators for record players, thermostats, thermostats for vehicles.
Scientific research and laboratory apparatus, educational apparatus and simulators apparatus and instruments for astronomy, betatrons, capillary tubes, cases fitted with dissecting instruments [microscopy], chemistry apparatus and instruments, chromatography apparatus for laboratory use, clothing especially made for laboratories, containers for microscope slides, crucibles [laboratory]/cupels [laboratory], cyclotrons, diaphragms for scientific apparatus, diffraction apparatus [microscopy], distillation apparatus for scientific purposes, DNA chips, apparatus for fermentation [laboratory apparatus], furnaces for laboratory use/ovens for laboratory use, furniture especially made for laboratories, incubators for bacteria culture, laboratory trays, laboratory centrifuges, meteorological balloons, meteorological instruments, microscopes, microtomes, particle accelerators, Petri dishes, apparatus and instruments for physics, pipettes, Pitot tubes, probes for scientific purposes, resuscitation mannequins [teaching apparatus], retorts, retorts' stands, simulators for the steering and control of vehicles, spectrograph apparatus, stills for laboratory experiments, teaching apparatus, telescopes, test tubes, and urinometers.

Related (Coordinated) Classes: Class 10 - Medical Supplies, Class 16 - Paper Goods, Class 28 - Games and Sporting Goods, Class 35 - Advertising and Business Services, Class 38 - Telecommunications Services, Class 39 - Shipping and Travel Services, Class 41 - Education and Entertainment Services, Class 42 - Science and Technology Services, and Class 44 - Medical and Vet Services.

NOTE: Class 9 is NOT used if you are registering:
  • Electromechanical apparatus for the kitchen (grinders and mixers for fruit presses, foodstuffs, electrical coffee mills, etc.), certain other instruments and apparatus which are driven by an electrical motor
  • Apparatus for dispensing or pumping fuels
  • Flat irons ,electric razors, and clippers (hand instruments)
  • Electrical apparatus for cooking, space heating or for the heating of liquids, for ventilating, etc.
  • Electric combs and toothbrushes
  • Watches and clocks and other chronometric instruments
  • Control clocks
  • Amusement and game apparatus which are adapted for use with an external display monitor or screen.

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