Trademark Class 2: Paints and Varnishes

Trademark Class 2 is for registering colorants, paints and the preparations which are used for the protection against corrosion of colorants, wood, mordants, metals which are in foil and also powder form used by painters, artist, decorators and decorators.

Here are the items under Class 2
Class 2 Group Class 2 Good
Dyes, colorants, pigments and inks alizarine dyes, aniline dyes, annotto [dyestuff]/annatto [dyestuff], auramine, carbon black [pigment], cobalt oxide [colorant], cochineal carmine, colophony, colorants/dyestuffs, dyes, dyewood/coloring [colouring] wood, dyewood extracts/wood dyestuffs, engraving ink, fixatives for watercolors [watercolours]/fixatives for watercolors/fixatives for watercolors, gamboge for painting, indigo [colorant], ink for leather, ink for skin-dressing, lamp black [pigment], marking ink for animals/marking inks for animals, mordants, orange lead/litharge, paper for dyeing Easter eggs, pigments, printers' pastes [ink]/printing compositions [ink], printing ink, red lead/minium, saffron [colorant], shoe dyes, siccatives [drying agents] for paints, sienna earth, silver emulsions [pigments], soot [colorant], stains for leather/mordants for leather, sumac for varnishes, titanium dioxide [pigment], toner cartridges, filled, for printers and photocopiers, toners [ink] for photocopiers/ink [toner] for photocopiers, turmeric [colorant], whites [colorants or paints], wood mordants, wood stains, yellowwood [colorant], zinc oxide [pigment].
Food and beverage colorings caramel [food colorant], colorants for beverages, colorants for butter, colorants for beer, colorants for liqueurs, food dyes/food colorants, malt colorants, malt caramel [food colorant].
Thinners and thickeners for coatings, dyes and inks binding preparations for paints/agglutinants for paints, Canada balsam, thickeners for paints, thinners for paints, thinners for lacquers, turpentine [thinner for paints], Coatings, aluminum powder for painting, badigeon, coatings [paints], protective preparations for metals, silver paste.
Metal in foil and powder form bronze powder/bronze powder [paint], gildings, metal foil for painters, decorators, printers and artists, metals in powder form for painters, decorators, printers and artists, silver foil [leaf], silvering powders.
Paints and washes aluminum paints, anti-fouling paints, asbestos paints, bactericidal paints, ceramic paints, coatings for roofing felt [paints]/coatings for tarred felt [paints], distempers, enamels for painting/enamel paints, fireproof paints, glazes [paints, lacquers], lime wash, repositionable paint patches, paints, primers, white lead, whitewash, wood coatings [paints].
Lacquers and varnishes bitumen varnish, black japan, bronzing lacquers, copal varnish, enamels [varnishes], fixatives [varnishes], lacquers, varnishes.
Preservatives anti-corrosive preparations, anti-corrosive bands, anti-rust preparations for preservation, anti-rust greases, anti-rust oils, anti-tarnishing preparations for metals, carbonyl [wood preservative], creosote for wood preservation, oils for the preservation of wood/preservative oils for wood, undercoating for vehicle chassis/undercoating for chassis of vehicles/undersealing for chassis of vehicles/undersealing for vehicle chassis, wood preservatives.
Raw natural resins copal, gum resins, gum-lac/shellac, mastic [natural resin], natural resins, raw, sandarac.

Related (Coordinated) Classes: Class 17 - Rubber Products, Class 19 - Building Materials, Class 35 - Advertising and Business Services, Class 37 - Construction and Repair Services, Class 40 - Material Treatment Services, and Class 42 - Science and Technology Services.

NOTE: Class 2 is NOT used if you are registering:
  • Artificial resins unprocessed
  • Cosmetic dyes
  • Laundry blueing
  • Paint boxes (articles which are for use in schools)
  • Insulating varnishes and paints

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