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Which Country Provides The Foreign Trademark Approval?

It is important to keep your intellectual property safe and secured, and you need to go for foreign trademark approval for your intellectual properties like logos, numerals, slogans and devices. Make sure, it is not related to patent registration.

Trademarks can be obtained for the intellectual properties of a business or an individual. In India, you must go through a lengthy trademark registration process where you must fill out the application form, search the trademark database to find similar content available (if any), and pay the required fees for foreign trademark registration. Once you get the trademark approval, you can use “TM” on your logo, name and brand. In this blog we’ll will discuss Which Country Provides The Foreign Trademark Approval.

To prevent copyright infringement, use Vakilsearch’s Trademark name search engine to locate previously registered trademarks.

Italy has introduced the fast-track trade mark approval system where you can only get the trademark approval in a few days. Apart from that, the trademark registration and approval process can take several weeks to months, depending on your country. Here, you can find a probable timeline required to get the trademark approval from different countries: 

  • Germany is known for the fastest trademark registration process because you can complete your apply for  trademark registration process and get approval within one to three months in Germany. If you apply for a fast-track registration process, you can get your registration certificate within a month. But, it depends on the type and content you want to use, and it can take up to three months to complete the registration process. 
  • On the other hand, you need fewer fees for trademark registration in the UK, but the registration and foreign trademark approval process can take up to four months. 
  • If you want to register a trademark in the European Union, you need to pay a hefty fee because their registration fee is higher than the UK and Germany. It will take 6-7 months to complete the registration process in the European Union countries. Still, you can choose the fast-track application process available on their official website and complete your trademark registration process within four months maximum.
  • Mexico is similar to the European Union, where you must wait four to eight months to get your trademark registration done. Sometimes, you can get your certificate within four months, and sometimes it can take up to eight to nine months to complete the registration process.  
  • The Australian trademark registration process is lengthy; you must wait for seven to eight months to get approval. If any objection arrives during this period, you need to wait longer, and it can take more than a year to register your trademark in Australia. 
  • India is similar to Australia, where you can complete your registration of trademark within nine to ten months. But, if any problems arise, then your registration can be cancelled by the authority. Apart from that, the application process for foreign trademark approval in India is quite complicated, and you can take assistance from a legal firm in this case. Some online websites are available where you can find such information and use such a guide and talk to an expert to get your registration done within three to four months. 
  • China introduced a fast-track trademark registration process in their country in 2020. People can complete their registration process and get a trademark certificate within three to four months in China if there is no problem found during this period. But, in most cases, authority can take 9-12 months to approve trademark registration in China. 
  • The trademark registration and approval process in the United States can take more than a year. If an injection is filled during your registration period, it can take more than 14-16 months to get approval for your trademark in the US. 
  • Japan is similar to the US, where the foreign trademark approval process can take up to 14 months. 
  • Conversely, you must wait longer to get approval for your trademark registration in Brazil and Canada. In Brazil, it can take up to 18 months. 
  • Canada is known for taking the longest period for trademark registration. It is the most difficult task to get your trademark registration approval in Canada, and you need to wait for three to five years to get approval for your trademark registration. Even during the pandemic, all registration processes in Canada have been suspended, and people who applied for their trademark before the pandemic is still waiting for their approval. Canada’s Government has joined the Madrid Protocol and is expected to move such things faster. 

How Much Time Do You Need To Spend For Your Foreign Trademark Registration In India?

It is challenging to say the exact timeline for foreign trademark approval in India because you can only get your things done once you complete the registration process. In this case, you need to start your registration with a trademark search, which is available on the official website of the Trademark Registrar.

If you cannot find anything related to your content, like a logo, slogan or image, you need to apply for a trademark on their database. Then you can fill out the foreign trademark application form online. Make sure you choose the Trademark Registrar Office of your state because you can find five offices on their website, and each registered office has a jurisdiction where several states are listed. So, search your state and then fill out the application form. 

During this online application, you need to provide some information, including the logo or the content for the trademark, your full name and address, your trademark classification, and your goods or services description. Once you complete this online application process, you will get an application number within one or two days. You can use this application number to track your application status online. 

Trademark Journal is published by the Registrar’s Office every week, where all trademarks are published. Once you complete your registration process, your brand will be published in this journal, and people can check such data and make an objection. You need to clarify the same with valid information and documents in this case. You can get approval if no complaint is filed within the three months after the journal’s publication, where your trademark is visible. To get your foreign trademark approval done without any hassle, you can contact Vakilsearch. You can use the TM symbol after a few days of your application, which can be possible if you complete your registration error-free by an expert of Vakilsearch

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