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What is Fees Imposed for House Registration?

Land registration is a stringent process through which ownership is established. The process for registration is as mentioned below.

Fees Imposed for House Registration:-

In India, if you are considering registering a piece of land, you must follow certain rules and regulations. Nodal authorities define such rules and regulations as municipal corporations or property registration offices.

However, consultants’ from the field of real estate agree that the fees related to the registration of lands vary from one state to the other. Citizens in India interested in buying land plots are requested to take detailed information on how to complete the registration process following the market requirements.    

How to Complete the Process of Land Registration in India

The first and foremost point in getting your land registered is to visit the sub registrar’s office. Simultaneously, the authenticity of the land needs to be checked. The property’s location needs to be verified before you decide to purchase. Most buyers at this juncture ask about the intricacies of the documentation process. Experts related to the concerned field state that checking and rechecking the documents related to the land remains to be a mandate.

However, experts suggest that you need to hire legal personnel to complete the process of Verification of the document at the end of the day! As per data collected from authentic sources, it is understood that several fees are associated with hiring such lawyers at the end of the day. It is said that lawyers who verify the entire documentation process and land location can charge you approximately ₹20,000.

Do You Have Stamp Duty Charges?

This is a pertinent question that the experts have asked. Stamp duty is a fixed amount that needs to be paid by the buyer once the final sale deed is ready. However, it is important to note that, paying stamp duty should be done through the bank, and it is generally understood to be 5% of the total valuation of the concerned land area. At the same time, it is understood to be a time-consuming process. Expert intervention is also required, while the buyer should be intricately involved in the execution. Know about the Stamp Duty and Registration Charges to verify the Value of it. 

Do You Need to Pay Fees for Scrutinizing the Land Sale Deed? 

Yes, of course. Experts from the field of real estate state that scrutinizing the Sale deed Format is essential to proceed towards buying the piece of the land under consideration. But, who is eligible to scrutinize the sale deed. Remember that scrutinizing a sale deed is extremely important, as it requires one to go through the necessary terms and conditions and the obvious implications. 

Facts Related to Online Land Registration in India

Once land is registered, it belongs to the owner. But do you always need to go for a physical registration process? Since the physical registration process is very tedious and takes time, experts suggest that you can prefer to go offline as well. As regards online registration, please note the following points carefully.

  • Online land registration in India: is a valid process covered under the Land Registration Act of 2002. The process has been proven to stakeholders to be advantageous. 
  • Online registration can reduce the paperwork load associated with the physical registration process.
  • Online registration involves much less hassle as it allows to track a series of details from the comfort of home.
  • The online registration process remains error-free and brings a different perspective related to the documentation process.
  • The online registration approach for a piece of land is thought to be transparent.

However, the online registration process may vary from one state or territory to the other, and norms remain a little different. However, it is important to understand the intricacies before the buyer finally goes for the same.

Online Checking of Property Ownership in India

When it comes to verification of property ownership, one needs to go to the land records. Official papers related to land records can give you a great idea about the location of the land. Experts reveal that if you are looking for details about a piece of land in Karnataka, you must consult the Government of Karnataka‘s record books related to relevant details. Visiting official websites of the State Government can help you in this regard.

However, you need to specify the details of the premises and other relevant intricacies to find the required information. It is important to understand that every state has different norms, and experts have suggested visiting the state government’s official websites. 

It is interesting to note that the National Government’s Land Record Modernization Program has aimed at complete digitization of every detail as required. Such a program has now been made a part of the country. At the same time, relevant details of comprehensive land plots available in each state are now displayed digitally.

A few steps to track such details related to land are as given below:

  • Choose the district where the land is located. You have to enter the page wherein the parent village is located.
  • Enter the land survey number to find out the details.
  • Sometimes you have to register on-site and use the property details.
  • Comprehend the relevant information while submitting the details about the taluka, district, village, or land survey number. 

Once you get the relevant information, you can request a ‘Record of Rights’, which might verify the ownership of the land being considered for purchase.

Documents Required at the Time of Online Registration

When purchasing the e-stamp paper, the following documents are required.

  • Description of the property. This can include the location and other relevant details.
  • Mode or the status of the land under consideration
  • Details of occupants etc. 


In order to buy land, one should undergo a stringent property registration process. Every norm for the process has been laid vide the concerned state wherein land purchase is stipulated. Online land registration can be chosen to avoid hassles, although intricate documentation must be followed. If you are a prospective buyer, consult professional legal firms like Vakilsearch to get the necessary details.

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