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What Is The Difference Between A Professional Tax And Income Tax?

Professional tax is different from income tax. The central government governs the income tax, whereas the state government governs a professional tax. There are many differences between these two types of taxes. Union Territories are not supposed to pay professional tax.

The professional tax is paid to the state government, whereas the income tax is paid to the central government. And union territories are considered under the central government.

Professional tax is governed by the state government and is imposed only on individuals who earn income through practising their profession. People like doctors, engineers, teachers, or accountants must pay professional taxes based on the tax rates. This tax varies from state to state and may change accordingly.

On the other hand, income tax is imposed by the central government on Income for business owners and employees who earn income from various products or services and their jobs. Income tax is a mandatory Tax for NRI every individual, and it is non-negotiable. The income tax rates are the same in each state, as the central government manages it.

What is Professional Tax?

It can be defined as a tax imposed by the state government on all the working professionals in a state. Each state declares different slabs, and the people are supposed to pay their taxes based on these tax slabs. Whereas there are few states which don’t change any professional tax. Also, union territories are directly managed by the central government. Hence, they also don’t pay any professional tax.

This tax is supposed to be paid by each individual in a state. The calculation of this tax differs from state to state, and the amount collected is also different. This tax is paid by dividing the annual professional tax of an individual into 12 different instalments. These instalments are paid every month. The inception month of this tax is February; hence, the tax is higher this month.

There can be scenarios where an individual’s income sources can decide different taxes in addition to the professional tax. The employers collect a certain amount of professional tax from the employees. Then the employer pays the collected professional tax to the government. If the employer fails to do so, it can lead to penalties for not abiding by the law.

If an individual doesn’t work for an employer, he must fill out a form to pay professional taxes on time. After filling out the form, a registration number is received, and with the help of this number, one can pay the tax in the bank. In some states, the government even provides a rebate for a couple of years if the tax is paid in a lump sum. 

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Hence, one must know the rules regarding professional tax in one’s state. This was some brief information about professional tax. One can check the different tax slabs for other states on the internet with the help of the government’s website.

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What is Income Tax?

The income tax is the tax imposed by the central government on working-class individuals and businesses based on different laws. According to the law, every taxpayer must file an ITR (Income Tax Return) every financial year to determine different tax obligations. Income tax acts as a significant source of revenue for the government. These taxes are then used to serve many public demands like food, transport, and communication.

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In most countries, the income tax rates progressively increase for higher-income people, which are lower for lower-income people. The central government collects income tax and uses it for different purposes. Union Territories only pay income taxes under the central government’s control. In India, income tax is paid yearly for the respective financial year. For example, from the 1st of April 2021 to the 31St of March 2022.

There are different income taxes based on the occupations and services provided by an individual. This includes individual income tax, business income tax, and the state. All these taxes are paid to the central government. Any person with an income tax of more than INR 10,000 is supposed to pay the income taxes in 4 instalments. This norm is given by section 208 of the Income Tax Act.

Difference Between Professional Tax and Income Tax: –

The significant difference is in the receiver of these two different taxes. The central government receives income tax, and the state government gets the professional tax. Then the constitutional provision of the income tax is Entry number 82 of the Union list of the constitution of India. And the professional tax comes under article 276 of the constitution of India. 

The income tax varies from individual to individual. At the same time, the professional ta was first imposed in the year 1949. And the rate was INR 250 per year. Now it is raised and is INR 7500 per year. This number is different for different tax slabs. One must research more about these two taxes and note the significant differences.

These fundamental differences can be used to distinguish between professional and income tax. As a responsible citizen of India, one must pay all the taxes on time and keep all the records clear. This will not only help the government to work more efficiently but will also make you a responsible citizen of the nation. One must also file an ITR 4 filing to be more professional while paying different taxes.


Hence, this was detailed and brief information about professional and income tax. The difference between a professional and income tax must be clear. One must take these taxes seriously and pay all of them on time. To know about these taxes, one can research on the internet and take help from a taxation firm.

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