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What Is an Intimation Application in Shops and Establishments?

Generally, the Shops and Establishments law is applicable to all commercial establishments in the state (not covered under the Factories Act), which employ 10 or more workers. If there are less than 10 employees then application for intimation of the same needs to be given within 60 days from the date of commencement of this act or the date on which establishment commences its business. In this article we shall see what is an intimation application in shops and establishments.

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Introduction: What Is an Intimation Application in Shops and Establishments?

As per Rule 8 under the Maharashtra Shop and Establishments Rule, Form for intimation of commencement of business has to be submitted by such employer engaging less than ten workers. 

The employer of every establishment engaging less than ten workers shall submit an online intimation in Form ‘F’ of commencement of the business along with the required documents as specified in Part ‘C’ of the Schedule under the Maharashtra Shops and establishment Act.  Part C of the Schedule mentions the list of documents to be uploaded for intimation (Form F)

What Is an Intimation Application in Shops and Establishments? Documents Required for intimation:

  • Aadhar card of the employer (in case of a legal statute such as company, etc. copy of Aadhar card of the responsible person under the respective act.)
  • Passport size photo of employer
  • Actual photo of the establishment displaying the interior and the Name Board at the appropriate place of the establishment.
  • Relevant details of the establishment like name, lease/rent agreement or property deeds, electricity bills
  • Details of employees
  • Registers maintained to date
  • Additional business licenses necessary to start a business

Process of intimation under Maharashtra Shops and establishment act:

Step 1:

Go to

Under the ‘Online Service’ tab select ‘Shops and establishment’ option. It will redirect you to Shops and establishment user pages.

Step 2:

Select ‘Intimation Application for 0 to 9 Employees (Form F)’. It  will redirect you to intimation form. Now, select ‘New Business Application no. generated’ as ‘No’ and click on ‘continue’ button. It will redirect you to Intimation form.

Step 3: Filing intimation form:

Now fill the below details in the Intimation form:

  1. Name of the establishment
  2. Previous ward (Check your gumasta certificate)
  3. Registration categories
  4. Gumasta Registration no
  5. Date of expiry of gumasta license
  6. Postal address of establishment as per gumasta license
  7. Date of commencement of business
  8. Nature of business
  9. Category of establishment
  10. PAN no of the establishment
  11. Whether establishment fall under private or public category
  12. Total no of employees
  13. Type of employer, No of employers
  14. Enter the details of employer by clicking on ‘Enter Name’ button
  15. Enter aadhaar details of the employer
  16. Enter details of manager if any
  17. Enter building UID details if any

Now click on the ‘Continue’ button. It will redirect you to ‘Upload documents’ Page


Step 4: Uploading documents:

Now upload the documents i.e. Passport size photo of the employer, signature of the employer, Aadhaar card of the employer and Previous gumasta certificate of the establishment.

Select ‘I Agree for the above Self-Declaration’ check the box and click on upload document.

Now click on ‘continue’ button


  1. Upload the Documents in ( PDF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP , GIF) Format only
  2. Maximum Upload size will be 2MB per Attachment.
  3. Fields marked with red mark are Mandatory
  4. Maximum Upload size will be 128KB for Photo & Signature Attachment and Upload the Documents in BMP Format only.

Step 5: Final Submission:

Now click on the ‘Generate OTP’ button below. It will send the OTP to the mobile no entered by you in the form. Enter the OTP and click on ‘Submit’ button your form will get submitted on the portal and intimation will be generated.

Procedure of application for a license under the shop act :

  • Go to the respective state’s labor Department’s official website. 
  • You must create a Login ID with a valid email address and a working phone number.
  • Please remember your Username and Password; if necessary, write them down.
  • After you’ve created your Login ID, you’ll need to fill out the Basic Information section of your profile. This should include all of the details about your shop, such as the location, employees, owner/manager information, and the kind of the business.
  • Upload the above-mentioned documents in the format, size, and resolution specified.
  • After that, you must pay the required fee. 
  • OTP is provided to the registered mobile number for verification at the time of final submission. The application is sent after the verification is completed. 

On receipt of the statement and the required fee, the authority shall, if satisfied that the statement is correct, register the establishment in the register of establishments in the manner prescribed and provide a registration certificate to the employer in the necessary form. The employer must show the inspector the registration certificate if the Inspector so requests.

Note: As per the Maharashtra Shops and establishment act: 

  • The employer of every establishment engaging less than ten employees shall submit an online intimation in Form ‘ F ’ of  commencement of the business along with the required documents as specified in Part ‘ C ’ of the Schedule. 
  • Issue of Receipt of Intimation.—After receiving an intimation in Form ‘ F ’ along with all the documents, a receipt of such intimation in Form ‘ G ’ shall be issued instantly to the applicant online.

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