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What Is A Unique Business Name?

The use of a unique business name communicates to customers that your company stands out from the competition. Read on to know more.

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Choosing a perfect business name requires exceptional forethought. Decide how you will contact your target audience. Eventually, you’ll come up with a name that correctly describes your company. Hence, a unique business name is essential. But how do you find the right now? We will talk about it here in this article. Keep reading below! 

The Advantages of Having a Unique Business Name 

1. It is the first thing that customers see when they arrive.

Furthermore, to have a significant impression, a well-known brand is required. Therefore, selecting the appropriate name is critical. Your consumer will engage with you first and foremost via your company’s name. It must transmit an accurate message while impressing the audience. 

Consider companies such as Zillow, an online real estate database well-known for delivering millions of for-sale and rental listings and providing excellent customer care to its users. A version of the term ‘zillion’, the name Zillow is memorable and feels cosy since it rhymes with a pillow. It also demonstrates that the company is concerned with finding consumers a house where they would like to live.

2. It encapsulates the essence of what your company is all about.

When it comes to selecting a business name, there are various variables to consider, so picking a name off the top of your head is not the best plan for your company. In addition, when it comes to business names, they elicit various emotional responses while also positioning your company as a leader in a specific field. Take, for example, the clothing company Psycho Bunny. 

The proprietors chose the signature identity — a bunny skull and crossbones to symbolise disobedience fashionably. Creating a brand that signified refined mischief with matchless quality and a selection of designs for any occasion would be an excellent way to attract clients who are eager for cutting-edge design, and they were correct.

3. It’s a Novel Approach to a Typical Industry

There are generally many enterprises; this is one of the numerous reasons Americans do not create their businesses. They could be concerned that the market is saturated. The fact is that even new sectors develop momentum and can attract entrepreneurs, which leads to a large number of enterprises attempting to offer similar services to clients. 

On the other hand, business owners must find out what causes consumers to select their company over another. One strategy to attract more consumers is to choose a company name that conveys a sense of high value and dependability – without being so outlandish that it raises eyebrows or raises suspicion. You want to give the impression that your company is innovative and stands out from the crowd. When people see your product, you don’t want them to think, ‘Oh great, another insignificant business imitating social media trends’.

Consider the company’s needs. Uber is a transportation service that connects drivers and passengers using smartphone applications. The scheduled arrival time appears on the rider’s smartphone via the app as soon as the drivers accept the rider’s request. The name ‘Uber’ is derived from the common word uber, which translates as ‘super’ or ‘highest’. Whenever clients think of Uber, they think of a company that stands out from the competition by offering dependable and outstanding service.


Examples of Unique Business Names 

Here are some genuine companies with creative names to get you thinking about what you might call your own. A business name must encourage you to purchase its goods and services. It establishes a connection between their identity and the audience.

1. Brandless

When this health and environmental-aware eCommerce firm decided to advertise their business as ‘brandless’, they came up with a clever and memorable moniker. The name must convey the message that ‘better doesn’t have to cost more’ — that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a high-end brand-name item to acquire high-quality items.

2. Ollie

Using a human name helped to humanise this pet food company and make the brand more accessible. Ollie provides fresh meals for dogs that may be delivered directly to your dog’s door through a delivery service.

3. Groupon

Groupon is a corporation with a name that is both memorable and descriptive. It came up with ‘group’ and ‘coupon’. It was a unique combination of words. It accurately characterises their website, a collection of coupons that people can easily search.


WKND is the place to go if you want to have a good time on a night out in Nashville. The firm clarifies that it is not a nightclub but rather a weekend experience that lasts all day and night. It conveys a trendy and relaxed atmosphere while also conveying that the experience is just a good time without too many frills by omitting the vowels from the name.

5. Jonah’s Fish & Grits

The development of this eatery was inspired by a single church lecture that focused on the prophet Jonah. Who would have thought? To ultimately pursue his desire to operate a restaurant, the proprietor had to rely on his determination to navigate life’s hardships and tribulations.

6. The Mortgage Maven

The use of alliteration in the terms ‘mortgage’ and ‘maven’ gives this a unique and memorable business name. When communicating that this company is committed to delivering specialised financial solutions for house loans, this business name is unambiguous.

7. Arrow Auto Glass

This brand name, which is bold and straightforward, makes it apparent that they offer windshield repair services. In addition, the fact that this brand name begins with the letter ‘A’ makes it much more distinctive than it already is.

8. Flagship Funding

A company that specialises in providing quick finance to customers who strap for cash. The term ‘flagship’ refers to the most significant object that a company owns or produces on its behalf. The financial firm informs its consumers that they are leaders in the industry and have the most resources available to suit their customers’ needs.

9. Donut Cloud

A doughnut business with a cloud logo represents the lightness and fluffiness of their doughnuts, much like clouds. Because of their delicious cuisine for doughnut enthusiasts. Most doughnut enthusiasts like big and fluffy doughnuts, much like clouds on a bright day.

10. Narobia’s Grits & Gravy

Grits with gravy are being used in place of a more conventional restaurant name to make it more appealing and catchy. In addition, a more customised experience is provided by including the owner’s name.

Who Should Make Use of Distinctive Business Names? 

Any company might benefit from having a unique name that distinguishes them from its competition. But, on the other hand, unique company names run the danger of being difficult to spell or speak, and it might be tough to get people to recognise the name at first.

However, organisations with a serious purpose, such as financial institutions and legal offices, prefer to adopt more conventional names, such as the partners’ names, to distinguish themselves from their competitors. It is crucial to make a MCA registered name search before finalising and registering your name.


Making your company stand out from the crowd and developing a solid brand will be easier with a unique business name. But, once you’ve done that, you’ll need to figure out who your target market is, what your positioning is, and how you’re going to get your company off the ground to succeed. 


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