Legal Passport Name Change Procedure in India|Name Change Online


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Legal Passport Name Change Procedure in India|Name Change Online

A valid passport serves as the basic mandatory requirement to travel across the Indian borders to many major countries. Hence when the new name reflects in all the important government documents, it has to be changed in the passport as well.

Procedure to change the name in the passport in India

1. Change the name in the Central Gazette: In order to fulfil the foremost step, a name change affidavit has to be created, mentioning the applicant’s details of the old name, new name, the reason for the name change and the address. Once the process is complete, the new name will be published in the Gazette and copies have to be preserved for future reference.

2. Publish newspaper ads: An advertisement has to be published any two local newspapers, preferably one in English and one in the respective mother tongue.

3. Apply for re-issue of the passport with the Regional passport service centre: The application can be filed online or by visiting the centre directly. In order to do it online, visit the Passport Seva website and fill in Form No. II for Miscellaneous Services. Then the fee has to be paid

Required documents for the name change on passport:

The documents required for name change may vary, depending upon the reasons. However, the following are the basic documents needed:

  • Existing original passport
  • Copies of the first and last two pages of the original passport. The copies have to be self-attested
  • A copy of the Emmigration Check Required (ECR) and non-ECR pages, if applicable
  • A copy of the page of observation, self-attested, if applicable
  • A self-attested copy of validity extension page, if applicable

Documents for the name change in passport after marriage

  • Existing passport and a copy of the husband’s passport, if any
  • A photocopy of the attested marriage certificate. Or it is also possible to submit the equivalent affidavit and other supporting evidence like Marriage Card or joint photo (Annexure D').

If a woman wants to change the name after divorce, then a copy of the divorce decree that is duly certified by the court has to be submitted.

If changing name after re-marriage, a self-attested copy of the husband’s passport (if any) has to be submitted.

Name change for other reasons

If an individual wants to change his/her name and none of the above circumstances is applicable, then atleast two copies of the gazette notification stating the new name change or newspaper advertisements have to be submitted

Changing spouse name in Indian passport

To change the name of the spouse, belonging to another country, then the following documents are needed:

1. Marriage certificate issued by the government authorities

2. Marriage certificate issued by the Foreign Govt and duly attested by Indian Mission/Post in the jurisdiction or by the Consulate of that particular country’s Foreign Embassy in India.

3. Re-issual of the passport: Once the verification by cops is completed, the passport will be issued.

Know the Legal Name Change Procedure for minors in India.

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