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Vridha Pension Yojana 2023 – MP Old Age Pension Scheme

In this article we will be providing you with all the information you need to know about the Vridha Pension Yojana.


The Government of Madhya Pradesh will pay a pension to all Vridhi inhabitants of Madhya Pradesh under the Vridha Pension Yojana 2023. Madhya Pradesh’s old age pension system will help around 35 lakh individuals. This initiative will provide financial help to the elderly.

One unique feature of the MP Vridha Pension Yojana Scheme is that the pension payment is instantly sent to the beneficiary’s account. This initiative, however, will be available only to BPL card holders.

Who Are all Eligible for Vridha Pension Yojana 2023?

  • It is mandatory for the applicant to be a permanent resident of Madhya Pradesh.
  • The applicant should not be a beneficiary of any other government pension scheme.
  • The applicant should not be a Government employee or servant.
  • The applicant should not be the owner of three wheelers or four wheelers.
  • The age of the candidate should be 60 years or more.

Document Required for Vridha Pension Yojana

In order to avail of the benefits of the scheme the applicant must keep the following documents and information handy – 

  • Address proof
  • Income Certificate
  • Photocopy of BPL ration card
  • Caste certificate
  • Aadhar Card
  • Identity card
  • Mobile number
  • Account number
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Birth certificate

Benefits of Vridha Pension Yojana 2023

Under the Old Age Pension Scheme (Pension Yojana) Madhya Pradesh 2023, if the applicant is between the ages of 60 and 69, he will be given financial support of ₹300 per month, and if the applicant is 80 years or more, he would be given financial assistance of ₹500 per month.

How to Register for the Vridha Pension Yojana?

  • To begin, navigate to the Madhya Pradesh Pension Portal’s official website.
  • The home page will now be shown in front of you.
  • On the home page, click the link for online application for pension programmes.
  • A new page will now appear in front of you. If you do not appear, you will be required to fill out all of the information requested, such as the name of the district, body, and so on.
  • You must now click the apply button.
  • The form will then appear in front of you.
  • You must carefully fill out all of the information requested on this form.
  • You must now upload all of the papers.
  • After that, you press the submit button

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Beware of fraudsters trying to extract sensitive information from you under the guise of this scheme. Never divulge your personal details on any website other than the official website of the Yojana linked above. 

Note – Vridha Pension Yojana’s details pertaining to 2023 are yet to be updated. Stay tuned for the latest details.


How much money is available in the old age pension scheme?

The amount of money offered under the old age pension plan differs throughout Indian states. Typically, the sum is between ₹400 and ₹2,000 per month.

When will the old age pension come in 2023?

The exact date for the release of old age pension in 2023 varies from state to state. However, generally, an old age pension is released on a monthly basis.

How to see the old age pension list 2023?

Vridha Pension Yojana: The old age pension list for 2023 can be accessed by visiting the website of the concerned state government. The list may also be available at the local government offices.

How to check old age pension from Aadhaar card?

You can check your old age pension from your Aadhaar card by visiting the website of the concerned state government and entering your Aadhaar card details.

How to see your name in the old age pension list?

You can see your name in the old age pension list by visiting the website of the concerned state government and entering your details like name, Aadhaar card number, or pension application number.

What is the eligibility for old age pension?

Each state has a various set for procuring an old age pension. Old age pensions are now available to low-income individuals who are 60 years.

How to check pension by mobile number?

You can check your pension by mobile number by downloading the mobile application of the concerned state government and registering your mobile number.

Who is eligible for an old age pension in India?

Vridha Pension Yojana - Old age pensions are available in India to low-income individuals who are 60 years of age or older. State-to-state variations in qualifying requirements are possible.

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