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Unique Businesses to Start in 2023

People are now quitting 9-5 jobs to start their own businesses. Why wouldn’t anyone want to be an entrepreneur? This article lists 8 exciting businesses that you can start in 2023.

There are many kinds of Unique businesses  you can start with a low or even no investment. Here are 8 such in-demand businesses you can start in 2023.

1. Event Management

This is one among those few businesses that never go off-trend. No matter what, marriages and engagements, professional get-togethers, and award ceremonies will happen. People who do not have the time or skills to manage all aspects of their event will seek an event management company.

2. Digital Marketing Services:

With companies and businesses moving offline marketing to digital platforms, this would be the right time for you to establish a digital marketing agency. So if you are someone who has knowledge about digital marketing, the tools used, and how to fulfill the requirements of clients, you can set up your own digital marketing agency.

For your brand-new, unregistered business, you can select from a selection of Company name search in the Vakilsearch company name generator.

3. Start a Housekeeping Agency

Working people, or homemakers, be it anyone, with their lives getting busier, find it difficult to manage all the household work by themselves. They are always hunting for domestic help. If you can create a network of house helps, or domestic workers, you can set up a housekeeping agency to fulfill the demand of households and offices seeking domestic help.

4. Custom-Made Gifts

The demand for gifts is a never-ending one. People need gifts to present, be it for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate success, and whatnot! Custom/hand-made gifts are a trend. All it takes is creativity and designing skills. You can find many such gift business pages on Instagram and Facebook, which is an indication that there is a huge demand for custom-made gifts. You can start this as both an offline and online business. If you opt for a physical store, a good location, and a creative design of your store can boost your sales.

5. Designer Laces and Buttons

With emerging fashion trends, there is a huge demand for designer laces and buttons in the garment industry. The designer laces and buttons can also be exported to various countries.

It takes a low investment to start this business and has a huge potential to bring home a higher return on investment.

6. Making Cloth Bags, Paper Bags, or Jute Bags

With the awareness of the ill effects of plastic on our environment, the Government pushes for eco-friendly packaging. People also feel morally obligated to use paper bags, cloth bags, or jute bags, rather than conventional plastic bags. With such an awareness unleashed to the masses, this would be a perfect time for you to become an Eco-friendly bag manufacturer.

7.  Youtuber

The most recent trend is to become a YouTuber. The pandemic pushed people into homes and brought out their unique talents. People started making vlogs on food, gadgets, fashion, daily tricks, and whatnot. The power of the internet is that it can make you reach the masses in the shortest time.

8. Home-Based Food Business

If cooking is your passion you are going to love setting up this small business. With food aggregators like Swiggy and Zomato delivering food at the doorstep of people, customers are now craving to try out different cuisines and dishes right from their homes. You need to study the demands of the area you are based in, get connected to a food aggregator and register with the FSSAI to start as a Food Business Operator (FBO).

The Takeaway

These are a few small investment businesses that you can start in 2022. For any of these businesses to be successful you need to make a blueprint, a defined plan, work out your budget in advance, and mainly, study the market you wish to start your business in.

And most importantly, reach out to the experts at Vakilsearch for advice and assistance.

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