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Trademark Class 2: Paints And Varnishes

Class 2 mainly includes colorants, paints and the preparations which are used for protection against corrosion

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Trademark Class 2: When you own something, make sure that you always have a legal license to own it. Like marriage registration, property registration or patent registration, trademark registration is also needed. This is to ensure that unlawful and illegal people will not have the ability to copy or represent your business name or logo.

What Is Trademark Registration?

A trademark is a brand name or logo which defines your product or service. It can be a letter, phrase, number, word, symbol, shape or combination of alphanumeric digits. A unique brand name or logo is used to differentiate your product or service from others in a particular industry. You need to register your brand name or logo to secure legal protection for it. On receiving ™ Application number you can start using the symbol ™. By registering for a trademark, you can assure your customers/clients that your product or service is unique in the market. It represents the source or acts as an identification for your innovation.

Before registering for your trademark, you will need to assess your work on determining which type of trademark suits the best for your product or service. Vakilsearch helps you in applying, filing and registering your trademark. You can also have a word with our expert lawyers before you decide to pick your type of trademark. Also remember that when you get a trademark registered in India, then it is valid only in India.

Usually, trademarks are transferred from one owner to the other. These transfers are temporary via the form of permanent or licensing via the form of assignment. The owner of the trademark to be transferred will transfer all his/her rights related to it to a different entity. Here, you will get to know about it.

Trademarks are regularly transferred from one owner to another owner. The transfers will be temporary through the form of licensing or permanent through the form of assignment. Trademark Assignment of logos is a method through which the owner of the trademark transfers the possession of the trademark either with goodwill or without the goodwill of the business. In other words, it is transferring trademarked rights within the property of the businessman, the way within which the assignments are often created.


What Is a Class 2 Trademark?

Trademark Class 2 is for colorants, paints and the preparations which are used for the protection against corrosion of colorants, wood, mordants, metals which are in foil and also powder form used by painters, artists, decorators and decorators.

Class 2 mainly includes colorants, paints and the preparations which are used for protection against corrosion. This particularly includes paints, lacquers and varnishes for industry, arts and handicrafts, colorants for beverages and foodstuff, and dyestuffs for clothing.

The trademark registration is built on a class system. For each class of goods or services that is registered, a separate registration fee is paid.

The correct class should be indicated at the time of applying for trademark registration, because if the class is found incorrect then the application process starts all over again.

When registering for any of these types of goods you have to choose Class 2:

  • Varnishes, lacquers and paints for industry, arts and handicrafts;
  • dyestuffs for clothing;
  • Colorants for beverages and foodstuffs.
  • Class 2 is NOT used if you are registering:
  • Artificial resins unprocessed
  • Cosmetic dyes
  • Laundry bluing
  • Paint boxes (articles which are for use in schools);
  • Insulating varnishes and paints.

Specimens for Class 2

If the mark is being used in commerce, then you must furnish a specimen of this mark as consumers see it .It is necessary for the specimen to show the mark as used on or in connection with the goods in commerce. A trademark specimen should be a tag, label, or container for the goods, or a display which is associated with the goods. A copy or any other reproduction of a specimen of the mark as used on or in connection with the goods is acceptable.

In most cases, the label is an acceptable specimen, if the trademark is applied to the goods or the containers for the goods in Class 2 by means of labels.

Mailing or shipping labels may be accepted if proper usage is shown and if they are fixed to the goods or to the containers for the goods .It is not acceptable if the mark shown is just used as a trade name and not a trademark.

The proper method of trademark affixation is to stamp a trademark on the goods, the container, or on the labels or tags attached to the goods or containers.

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