Consumer Complaints

How to Track Consumer Complaints?

A complaint includes information and supporting materials that describe the allegedly flawed products or services as well as the compensation and remedies you demand. Everything you need to know about tracking a consumer complaint is covered in this article.

Consumer courts are unique from other types of courts in India. They only exist to relieve consumer suffering. They have a reputation for providing prompt and effective legal support as a result. Read this blog to know consumer complaint track.

The Consumer Protection Notice Act of 1986 guarantees you some rights as a consumer. 

Track Consumer Complaint РMeaning 

If a service provider provided you with subpar service or a seller gave you a defective product, you have the right to file a consumer IRDA online complaint.

A formal complaint filed with the appropriate consumer forum against a retailer or service provider is known as a “consumer complaint” (also called consumer court). A complaint is made when a vendor or service provider ignores a problem despite being informed legally.

Advantages and Options for Resolving Consumer Complaints

  • You will receive a complete refund of your money
  • All product and service problems will be resolved
  • The damaged goods will be replaced
  • The complaint’s filing costs were all repaid in full
  • You will be made whole for whatever loss or pain you may have endured (including mental agony)
  • The vendor might be told to discontinue using unfair trade tactics
  • The site where the goods was purchased or the service was received, as well as the district or state where the seller resides or conducts business, are all acceptable places to register a complaint
  • The venue designated in the terms of service for addressing issues, which is the seller’s website, must be used to submit the complaint if the sale or purchase was done online.

Track Consumer Complaint – What Is Published and When Is It Published?

98 percent of complaints receive a prompt response from businesses.

Only complaints addressed to businesses seeking a response are eligible for publication, and they are only published after 15 days have passed or once the business responds and confirms a business relationship. Every day, the database is refreshed.

If a consumer chooses to share the narrative description of their complaint publicly and the Bureau makes an effort to remove any personally identifiable information, we publish it.

These complaints may not necessarily represent all consumers’ experiences with a financial product or company, and this database does not represent a statistical sample of consumer experiences in the market. The Information Quality Act does not define “information” as complaints.

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Recognising the Amount of Consumer Complaints

It’s not always the case that a product, problem, or company has little or no complaints against it in the database, regardless of how many there are. Depending on the nature of the financial product and how consumers use it, consumers may be hurt in ways that may not prompt them to submit a complaint with the Bureau or assign blame for the harm they have experienced to the product or provider.

When analysing the number of complaints received about a company or product, take into account the firm’s size and/or market share. For instance, businesses with more consumers could have more complaints than businesses with fewer consumers . When estimating the volume of complaints, take the state’s or ZIP code population into account. We advise merging complaint data with public and private data sets for a broader perspective.

Patterns of Viewing

As businesses are required to respond within 15 days, recent complaint data and trends will not yet include all complaints that are eligible for publication.

Looking at the Complaints

In complaint narratives, consumers express their experiences in their own words. Consider the conclusions that can be drawn from the accounts of the notice under consumer protection act¬†experiences. We don’t share their opinions, and we don’t vouch for the veracity or objectivity of their experiences.

Until we have finished our procedures to remove personal information from each consumer story, all complaint narratives that are eligible for release will not be included in the most recent complaint data.

How Can We Utilise Complaint Data?

Complaints can help us understand market issues, regulate consumer financial products and services in accordance with current federal consumer financial laws, effectively enforce those laws, and inform and empower consumers to make wise financial decisions.

Information Downloading

You can export your results and download a subset of the data, such as all complaints for a specific product, by filtering the entire data set. Alternatively, you can download all complaint data as a CSV or JSON file here.

Earlier Database Updates

In April 2017, we altered the arrangement of our goods, sub-items, issues, and sub-issues. Based on the choices provided on the form when the complaint was received, the consumer’s initial choices for the product, sub-product, issue, and sub-issue are displayed in the consumer complaint database.

How Long Does it Take to Track a Consumer Complaint?

A copy of the complaint is forwarded to the company specified on the complaint form within 10 to 14 business days of our office receiving the complaint and supporting materials. Following that, a letter is sent to the complainant identifying the person who has been given responsibility for their case.

How quickly the Office responds determines what course of action it will take next.

The speed of the company’s answer will affect the Office’s capacity to decide on the next legal step. A complaint is typically resolved in 9 months, however it could take longer depending on the situation.


You can act right away if you’re having issues with a good or service you’ve bought! You can file a consumer complaint with the assistance of our experts. Also, our experts at Vakilsearch will assist you in serving the vendor or service with a legal notice.

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