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How to Sign PDF Online?

Are you facing a problem while how to sign PDF online document? Are you not sure about the difference between Digital signatures and Electronic Signatures? We have all the answers to walk you through this. Read the blog to know more!

Life has become too fast to wait for someone to physically come and verify the documents and prove their authenticity and authority. The pandemic has taught us to go digital, and since the outbreak of Covid – 19, digital signatures have come into place. In the present context, most of the stakeholders are located in various remote locations in the global workplace. Physically bringing them together is not only expensive but also time-consuming. But the electronic signature facility has overcome such problems by harnessing the power of technology. The article explains you about how to sign PDF online.

What is an Electronic Signature or e-signature? 

Electronic signature or e-signature has become the most common tool of verification, which is helping companies to continue their business. At the same time, their clients are located in various remote locations, be it domestic or even international. These companies quickly sign agreements to carry out their businesses using this facility. Mostly in real- estate or even financial sectors, these types of e-signing tools are used to ensure quick turnarounds, especially during the pandemic.  

Advantages of Electronic Signature or e-signature

  • Electronic signature or e-signature has improved the security of information exchange. 
  • It leaves behind an auditable trail. Thus, it is effortless to track the place and time when the concerned document has been signed. 
  • It can also track down and validates the authenticity of the person who has signed the document.   
  • It is essential to know that an electronically signed document can be fully archived. Thus, it ensures a long-term tracking facility even after completing the requisite transaction.  This is a guaranteed advantage over a document with a signature on hard- copies. One may lose track of such documents eventually. However, the chance of losing an e-signed agreement is far too less. 

Despite so many advantages, the Digital Signature is considered a better option than an Electronic Signature. 

What is a Digital Signature?

A digital signature in how to sign PDF online version is considered the same value as an ink signature done on a paper document. A digital signature ensures a high level of security. It guarantees that it is signed by the authorised person only, and after signing, no alteration or modification was done by any unauthorised entity. 

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Difference between Digital Signature and Electronic Signature 

A digital signature and an electronic signature may be the same. This is, however, not true. 

An Electronic Signature is often referred to as a digital wet link signature. It is legally binding. However, it is not secured using any standards or coding. It usually involves a symbol/ image or a process that can be connected to the message or the relevant document. This is to authenticate the identity and ensure requisite approval. However, such a verification process is not done by any authorized trust service providers or trusted certificate authorities. Thus, even though an electronic signature is easy to use, it is not 100% secure and less authentic.

However, Digital Signature is a secured signature. It is based on critical public infrastructure. This follows encryption standards as well. It is an electronic fingerprint that encrypts the data and keeps a person’s identity confidential. Thus, in the case of a high-value secured document, a class 3 digital signature is used. Trusted service providers do such validation, or trusted certificate authorities are authorized to perform this action. A digital signature is preferred and is much more secure and authentic, as has been disclosed by industry experts.

Therefore, an electronic signature means just an imposition of an image of your how to sign PDF online document. In contrast, a digital signature is a cryptographically secured way for verification. This allows an authorized third party to use your private signing key to check the document. It uses a complicated technique to ensure the maximum level of security because the high-security guarantee is an online equivalent of a notarized signature. 

Sign PDF – How to Include a Signature in a PDF? 

  • Businesses or even individuals who are some kind of service provider mostly require signed contracts before initiating the process.
  • Rental agreement documents often need the signature of both the landlords and tenants.
  • While hiring new employees, employers may need to ask the recruits to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Companies using online forms to collect customer feedback while collecting their personal information often ask the customers to sign the consent form.  

Names of a Few of Best eSignature software

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader allows  document signing on a PC
  • DocuSign-  for businesses that require many documents to be duly signed.
  • Vakilsearch is an amazing online platform to help you with the creation of your digital signature. 
  • Preview – it  sometimes allows  signing documents on a Mac
  • HelloSign – offers the facility of  integration with cloud storage
  • is a pay-as-you-go facility
  • PandaDoc is used for collecting payments after including the signatures of people;
  • SignWell is a free eSign app.

Online Pdf Signature – How to Add Signature in PDF Online? 

All these software more or less use similar features to include eSignature in pdf documents. One of the most standard and commonly used software is Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

Following steps need to be followed for how to sign pdf online signature using Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

Step 1: Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Step 2: Choose the Fill and Sign option from the Tools pane on the right-hand side.

Step 3:  Choose the Sign option, and then pick Add Signature option.

Step 4: This will open a popup window, which has three options— Type, DrawImage. After selecting the right button that you are looking for, press Apply.

Step 5: You can drag to adjust the size and the position of your signature inside your PDF file.

Thus, the process is simple. Electronic Signature has tackled multiple problems by using simple signature software how to sign PDF online document. It is beneficial for businesses – because it offers them a cost-saving and time-saving facility. It is thereby enhancing the ease of business. On top of that, the software is straightforward to use. This online service can be used and accessed via any device connected to the internet.  Thus, this facility is device-independent and location-independent. In most cases, since this software is cloud-based, it also guarantees glitch-free downloads and an automatic update facility.  


1. Is signing a PDF online secure?

Yes, signing a PDF online is secure. Most online PDF signature services use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to protect communication with their servers. Arguably, electronic signatures are more secure than traditional paper-based signatures.

2. How can I ensure the authenticity of my online signature on a PDF?

Most online PDF signature services provide a way to verify the authenticity of your signature. For example, some platforms allow you to track when the recipient opens your signed document. Additionally, some services even comply with legal eIDAS standards for Simple Electronic Signatures (SES).

3. Are online PDF signatures legally binding?

Yes, in most countries electronic signatures are just as legitimate from a legal perspective as a handwritten signature. However, it's important to check the specific laws in your country or region.

4. Can I add multiple signatures to a single PDF online?

Yes, most online PDF signature services allow you to add multiple signatures to a single PDF. For example, some softwares allow you to request signatures from up to 100 people.

5. How do I verify the validity of an online signature on a PDF?

Most online PDF signature services provide a way to verify the validity of a signature. For assistance obtaining a DSC, get in touch with our experts right away!


A digital signature is quite different from an electronic signature. The former is applicable in secured data transfer, and endorsements through digital signatures encrypted in PDF files remain valid. However, electronic signatures can also be used in some instances in the current context, when the global marketplace has mainly evolved post the pandemic.

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