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Why Should I Use Vakilsearch for the NRI Legal services?

Vakilsearch has a team of legal experts who can provide complete guidance on all the legal services we provide to the NRIs.

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NRI Legal Services in India- an Overview

The legal scenario is always evolving and being an NRI completely changes the whole game. This is exactly why Vakilsearch has come up with the best NRI legal services in India. You no longer have to let a tax or real estate situation consume your thoughts. If you have any questions, our team of seasoned attorneys can answer them and, if required, take additional action. We offer a network of lawyers with several specialisations, including NRI legal services, corporate law, family and property law, and much more. Get in touch with our experts for the NRI legal services in India. We can complete the whole process in just a few clicks.

NRI Legal Services in India

Vakilsearch has the best legal attorneys who can help with the NRI legal services and NRI taxation in India. Some of our NRI legal services are mentioned below:

NRI Title Search

We at Vakilsearch will take you through the nuances of property buying and the legal ownership of properties, etc. We make sure no NRIs are fooled in the process since they are new to this.

Tax Matters of NRIs

It is a nightmare even for the Indians to study about the various procedures. Also, NRIs are subject to a 20% income tax when they invest in specific Indian assets. If the NRI's special investment income is their only source of income for the whole fiscal year and TDS has been withheld, they are exempt from filing an income tax return.

NRI Property Issue Resolving

We are the best legal minds who will help the NRIs to buy land or deal with the real estate dealers in the safest and genuine way.

Open Legal Counsel

As you already know, we offer the best legal advice to the general public. Our expert attorneys can resolve all your legal issues.


When you require legal counsel to appear on your behalf in any court or considered court our team has got you covered.

Get a Lawyer

Call us and pay the necessary costs to hire a lawyer for the day if you find yourself in a sudden and urgent need of one.

Legal Assistance

Vakilsearch provides the best legal support, including research and citation assistance, for their litigation and other relevant activities.

Conveyancing & Documentation

This comprises the issuance of Legal Notices for various purposes in order to create and produce different legal documents and deeds. We assist our clients in properly registering their important aspects, among other things anywhere in India for conveyances and paperwork.

Commercial Services

If you are an NRI and looking to start your own business then we have got you covered . Every entrepreneur needs aid, as well as corporate and commercial direction and support for all legal issues that may arise, both anticipated and not.

Legal Studies

When obtaining information necessitates our specialised expertise or position as lawyers (often from government agencies or archives), as well as when Indian law considerations are involved. Of course, this also entails thorough real estate title searches.

Searches Pertaining to Litigation

Background checks and asset searches can also be done on your request

The Rights to Intellectual Property and Related Services

We offer corporate entities and individuals a variety of services, including searches, registrations, and counselling therewith.

Rights to Intellectual Property Both in India and Abroad

Immigration assistance services for helping foreigners get Indian visas and citizenship.

Benefits of NRI Legal Services

Get Rid of Doubts

You can quickly call our NRI legal service experts to address any questions you may have, rather than waiting until your subsequent journey home. Of course, all consultations are completely private.

Execute Swift Action

Legal issues frequently cannot wait. You can act right away if you need to issue a stay order, submit a petition, respond to a legal notice, or handle any other similar situation (should the lawyers recommend it). All you have to do is get in touch with our NRI legal service team and kickstart the process.

Save Cash

Many issues have been solved through technology. There are a few legal issues today that may be resolved, or at the very least delayed, without you needlessly travelling up and down. This can help you save a lot of money and time.

Process for NRI Legal Service

  • Reach out to us on our website. We'll respond to your question within six business hours. Based on your request and availability, we'll fix a call with our NRI legal services team. You can talk with our experts without any delay
  • Simply call the number our representatives mailed to you on the appointment time. During the call, one of our NRI legal services expert attorneys will be able to address all of your legal questions regarding the process.

Why Vakilsearch?

  • You will be guided through the entire process by our NRI legal services professionals
  • We can complete the NRI taxation in India in just a few clicks because all the forms and applications will be filled out and submitted on your behalf by professionals, saving you with the hassles
  • You can upload all the information and documents to a user-friendly dashboard, and the entire process is conducted online
  • With us, your work and data are secure
  • Any questions you may have can be answered by our support staff.
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