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Intellectual Property

How To Protect Your Intellectual Property From Online Infringement

This article provides simple ways to protect your intellectual property right from online infringements. Also, we talk about various IP rights and their roles in protecting your product, innovation and creative work.

Intellectual Property is the idea and creation of a human intellect such as designs, art, names, literature, and images for which the government gives protection.

The right protects the work and idea from being copied by others, whereas one can also defend the right to sell and use it in court. Intellectual Property covers a wide range of topics from trademarks and industrial designs to artistic works like musical works, plays, poems, films, and architectural designs. When these concepts are unauthorisedly used, duplicated, or sold, the organisation or company can face many losses. 

The risk of Intellectual Property Infringement becomes much higher when providing services online. Even though the benefits of reaching a wide range of audiences through online platforms are huge, it is true that with such large accessibility of your content, it becomes so much easier for anyone to steal it. Hence it is the need of the hour to protect your intellectual property right and save yourself from incurring losses.

Types Of Intellectual Properties 


A trademark is a sign or symbol representing the company, products, or services of one business from another. registration of trademark protect your idea or business from counterfeiting. Trademarks are essential to distinguish your product or services from competitors. It also plays an important role in protecting your goodwill.


Anyone who invents or discovers a process, machine, plant, design, or any other useful improvement can do filing for a patent. The owner or the holder of a patent has the sole right to sell, use, and recreate the invention. A patent can be granted for inventions that can be a product like a chemical compound or can be a process, whereas we cannot give a patent to an idea or a suggestion. Patenting your idea helps you earn profit from your innovation. To surpass competitors, businesses must get their ideas and products patented and secured. 


A copyright is a legal right and a type of Intellectual Property right given by the law to the creators of literary and artistic works. Copyright protects the creator’s work from being used or duplicated by others. It is a protection given by the law to the original authorship. You Can Know more about the Property Registration Process in 2023!

The unrecorded Ideas and thoughts can not be copyrighted as the expressions to be copyrighted should be tangible. It includes works in art, music, literature, choreography, and other intellectual works. Online content creators must safeguard their artistic or creative work from being copied. Hence, when discussing your content being duplicated by someone or protecting your content online, you need to know about copyright. Mechanical licences, synchronisation licence, and reproduction rights are some examples of copyrights.

You can check trademark availability with Vakilsearch’s free Trademark Search tool before registering a trademark.

Five Effective Ways to Protect Your Intellectual Property

Protect Your Content From Being Copied.

Nowadays, it is easy for people to copy your content, mainly from your RSS feed and post it on their website. Various kinds of plug-ins and scripts are used for this work. To avoid this, you can simply seek the help of a programmer and ask him to set up a system that will automatically redirect the traffic from the copying website to some other website.

This will protect your content from being copied and teach a good lesson to the person stealing your content. Moreover, You can use programs and codes to disable the copy-paste option on your website to be safer.

Try Adding Internal Links Throughout Your Blogs

Internal linking is a must for websites to rank higher on Google. But it can also take advantage of your copier’s website. Add internal links throughout your blog, and if someone tries to copy your work, they will end up copying your internal links. Hence, you will get a lot of backlinks from the copied content itself.

Protect Intellectual Property With Strong Security Measures

Creating a strong password is not enough in today’s high technology era. To protect yourself from losing your million-dollar idea, you need at least a two-step authentication in your security measures. The more sophisticated the protection measure is, the more secure your IP is. 

Know Your Country’s Intellectual Property (Ip) Laws.

Whether you have a new idea or you are planning to build a new website, it is important to contact a legal team and get as much information from the team to protect your intellectual property from being infringed. Get Copyright protection for your content. Formulate your website’s policies and terms and conditions with legal experts to protect your content. 

Be a Sole Owner of Intellectual Property.

Having more than one owner of IP can be troublesome in the long run. So, it is best not to involve anyone other than you in the ownership of your property rights. This will not only help avoid conflicts but also be more secure, as only you will be in control of the security of your IP. 


Piracy is one of the most common and biggest problems that most business owners face today.

In every industry today, be it music, fashion, or technology, none is safe from this piracy issue, mainly because the technology nowadays is so advanced, and IP is always at risk of being stolen. Especially with the development of various programs and viruses such as the pegasus virus. But the good thing is that today many new regulations are being implemented by governments and agencies to ensure that your Intellectual Property is protected to the fullest. The content creator must be aware of his rights and safeguard his IP using copyright and other IP laws. Also, make sure to use the ways mentioned above to ensure the security of your intellectual property. For more information on property rights laws, visit the website of  Vakilsearch. They provide the best legal advice for all legal matters.

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