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Myntra makes the online shopping procedure easier. Initially, the sellers are fulfilled with their on boarding requirements and the support regarding platform integration, etc.

Myntra is an e-commerce-based platform that is the foremost used application in India in terms of online shopping apps. It is an online based fashion store that also provides daily lifestyle items and its’ headquarters are located in Bangalore, Karnataka. 

Coming to its establishment, the company was established by Mukesh Bansal, partners with Ashutosh Lawania and Vineet Saxena. It initially started selling personalized gifts as per the demand of its customers. During its early years, it mostly followed the B2B (business-to-business) model. The website offered clients the chance to customise items including T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, and more between 2007 and 2010.

This platform is seemingly growing rapidly in terms of sales and revenue. Also, it is known that the company is shipping more than 8000 categories of products in a day around the country. The vision of the company states a comfortable and hassle-free shopping experience for customers across the world. 

It offers a wide range of brands and luxuries on its shopping portal. The products of the company are diversified into the ranges of shoes, watches, clothing, house articles, footwear, backpacks, jewelry, personal care products, accessories, and many more. In the below article procedure and eligibility criteria for the seller’s registration on Myntra is been looked at.

Why Sell on Myntra?

Myntra is the most well-known online retailer in India and has a user-friendly interface with significant traffic growth each year. With the aid of well-established customer supply chain management and cataloging support, it enables the seller to run their store. Therefore, vendors can concentrate on building their brand for Myntra’s online marketplace. 

The most recent market trends and original material will be provided for the seller’s brand by Myntra’s committed account managers. In-depth analytics, social media interaction, and other channel promotion efforts will also aid the vendor in comprehending what the client’s true needs are. 

With its extensive assortment of varied fashion, personal care, and electronic products over the years, Myntra has captured the hearts of millions of people. While numerous products have gained enormous appeal among online shoppers, we will focus on one specific product this time: timepieces.

Consumers today have a wide range of options when it comes to brands and lifestyle products. As a result, numerous manufacturers are now well-known for their lifestyle and branding selection. But confusion frequently results from having too many options, particularly when it comes to branded products. 

This is where Myntra as a one-stop online shopping destination comes into play. Myntra makes the online shopping procedure easier and more convenient. The sellers are initially fulfilled with their onboarding requirements and afterward the support regarding platform integration, fulfillment models, and prerequisites for operational readiness.

How Does it Work?

The sellers registered for Myntra are guided well by its onboard specialists when it comes to making their brands live as soon as possible. On Myntra, sellers could easily update their stock and start the order-receiving process via the application of the company from a huge customer base of its own. 

The supply of the products to end users is facilitated by the company so well and in a simplified manner that the seller just has to keep the product ready for shipment and delivery. It is the responsibility of Myntra to pick the order up and deliver it to the end user of the product. 

It’s mainly the support of regular capital and settlements which could lead to the rapid growth of sellers via this platform. The promotion of your brands and items will also be assisted by Myntra Live, product list ads, search banners, and display ads.

Legal Documents Required to Become a Seller on Myntra

There are certain documents required once the business or a seller gets registered his/her company they must arrange-

  • A current account with the bank’s name and branch along with the name of the account holder;
  • The applicant’s business’s GST registration certificate and GSTIN number;
  • PAN card information of the business;
  • Account number and IFSC code.

The applicant will be prepared to launch their products on Myntra once their application to become a seller on the site is approved.

Myntra Registration

The applicant must complete the following steps before registering to sell on Myntra. Only businesses are permitted to sell on Myntra, individuals are not permitted. As a result, the applicant must register his or her business legally.

The four possibilities for registering the company’s legal identity are as follows-

  • Firstly, a private limited company, sometimes known as an LTD, is a type of business that can have as few as two shareholders and as many as 200.
  • Secondly, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) profit from various forms of business organisation, such as corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships. LLCs are recognized as flexible corporate entities that distinguish between personal and business liability. Each owner’s tax obligation will be distributed.
  • Next, creating a sole proprietorship is the simplest way to register a business in India. The sole proprietorship is managed by a single person. This is the best choice if you want total control over your company.
  • Lastly, setting up a partnership firm is the simplest course of action if you wish to bring in partners for your business. A partnership deed, which is an agreement between the partners, is all that is required. This contract will outline all of the responsibilities and obligations of the partners as well as how profits will be divided.

Therefore, the applicanhttps://vakilsearch.com/partnership-firm-deedt’s business must be registered with any of these four entities. Once registration is complete, VAT registration is required to sell goods online. The applicant cannot sell on Myntra if they do not have a VAT registration.

Apply for Registration

  • Step 1- The seller visits the official Myntra website : https://www.myntra.com/.
  • Step 2: On the home page of the Myntra website portal the option of “Register now” will appear. Click on it
  • Step 3: The form of application will appear on the main screen for the seller.
  • Step 4: Fill up the asked details to get registered as a seller of Myntra such as phone no., seller’s name, Email address, nature of the business, name of the company, etc.
  • Step 5: For successful registration, the seller must confirm the above details and fill up the captcha to verify the details.


India’s top online destination for fashion and cosmetics is Myntra. By presenting something fresh and stylish every day, it maintains its relevance in the minds of fashion consumers. If you sell on Myntra, there is also a tonne of room for expansion and customised support at each stage of the selling process. Along with reporting dashboards and carefully curate data analysis tools, Myntra’s Partner Insights also offers real-time data. Through videos, classes, documentation, and more, Myntra’s very own Partner University will aid sellers in understanding Myntra’s policies and procedures.

If you are selling in India, you should sell on Myntra, and Vakilsearch also provides you with the information and advice you need for beauty brands or fashion.

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