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What is Individual Sponsorship in Dubai Business?

Many entrepreneurs are often confused with the terms and norms of sponsorships in the UAE and thus cannot expand their business. The articles deal with the same problem and try to cover every key information one must know.

Individual Sponsorship in Dubai: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most popular countries in the world, especially in its capital city Dubai. Apart from tourism and a luxury lifestyle, the capital city is also known for its supportive nature for entrepreneurs. Moreover, they also provide a fertile platform for businesses to use the nation’s resources, location, and connection to bloom their businesses.

A policy that Dubai’s government follows to ensure the continuous growth of Dubai businesses by Dubai’s citizens is the Sponsorship Policy. Foreign business people or entrepreneurs need a local sponsor to issue their license as a legal mainland company in the city. 

We’ll be looking at every aspect of these kinds of sponsorships, flaws of Corporate sponsorship, and much more in the article. 

What is Individual Sponsorship in Dubai?

Dubai businesses must have a local sponsor to function in UAE legally. There are three types of businesses, Mainland, Freezone, and Offshore, which can be established in a foreign land. The sponsorship policy of the UAE is only applicable to Mainland businesses. Thus, only companies looking to consume resources will need to get a local sponsor. 

The main function of a local sponsor is to get the company verified and licensed through the government and thus, help it establish its business. A local individual who meets the same requirements and aim is known as Individual local Sponsorship. The person willing to be the sponsor should be above 21 years old. Although gender is not a concern here, the nationality of the local sponsor should be either UAE or GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council).

Moreover, the sponsor would take the majority of the company’s shares, i.e. 51% of the total shares, and there is no need for any proof of experience in the corresponding field of the company. But earnings made from the country would still be in the company’s name, not the local sponsors. 

Understanding the Meaning of Corporate Sponsorships

A corporate Sponsorship is yet another type of sponsorship you can get in a foreign country. A company or group of individuals will ease the process of registering and other operations for you. They have their own offices where clients can fix the deal and discuss topics. Trunkey Projects is also known as Trunkey Projects.

In this type of sponsorship, the company’s total shares will be managed by the sponsors. At the same time, the foreign organization would be free to access labor, visas, etc., from these corporate sponsors. The entrepreneurs can take this 100% share from the sponsor by offering some set fees or profit shares to manage the 100%  profits themselves.

One advantage of choosing a Corporate sponsor is the stability it will provide to the company. If a sponsor dies or retires, in Individual Sponsorship in Dubai, the organization would have to find a new sponsor. Thus, unforeseen happening can affect the structure of an Individual sponsored company. Whereas, in a corporate, several personalities are present that have the authority to make decisions in the absence of one or more. This may take time but is worth it. 

Where Can Corporate Sponsorship Go wrong?

Getting a local Sponsorship, whether Individual or corporate, is highly important. As they are the ones who let you get inside the market and reveal the customer nature to the organization. Individual Sponsorship in Dubai already has many loopholes like instability, inefficient decision-making, etc. 

According to many business people, Corporate Sponsorship is one of the best ways to enter the UAE’s local market. But still, there are many problems that a company has to cope with if they choose Corporate as a Sponsor for them. 

Firstly, like with any other sponsor method, these corporates also take 51% of the profits earned by the company, which impacts the organization in its initial stages. Good sponsors with a good network of markets or expertise in the same business may charge even a great percentage of profit. 

Secondly, choosing a Corporate Sponsorship may secure you from an individual’s unfortunate action, but the decision-making process can be lengthy and time-consuming. Again, this helps yield the best decision for the company as various opinions and reviews are considered while taking one but arranging a meeting when everyone is free is not an easy task.  

What Do Donors Want?

As the simples definition of Donors goes, they are the sponsors who do not expect any return on their investment. For instance, if a sponsor has a sponsorship with your company, they would surely expect some profit or be willing to earn something in return for the help that they had done to you. While the donors also performed the same task, they did not expect any earnings. 

One of the problems with Donor can be their financial cap. Donors, as they do not earn from their investment, never put much of their money or effort into an organization as they will get nothing for it, which means zero ROI (Return On Investment).

The only thing they want from their investment or help they made to the company is how the money will be used. Transparency is the factor for them that can surely influence their investment. Often donors are most interested in the cause for which you are running the business, unlike sponsors who just consider your valuation, target market, and how the products have performed in different countries. 


In a nutshell, various types of sponsors are available in UAE for various businesses. Neither of them is perfect or worst; it depends on what types of operation one has to perform. If you do not want to sell your product directly or indirectly in UAE, you do not even need a sponsor for your company. Only companies who to that specific channel for their company need to have a sponsor.

Availing of these sponsors can be tricky and complex as the interference of several laws and regulations is always there. Apart from these sponsors, many law-related complexities can be resolved by hiring a professional and experienced lawyer with expertise in their respective platforms. 

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