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HPCL Petrol Pump Dealership

This blog is about HPCL Petrol Pump Dealership and everything related to it. If you wish to get a dealership, you must be aware of the knick-knacks that are listed on this blog.

HPCL Petrol Pump Dealership

The majority of the public in our country has a common idea that the gas station business is profitable and has decent returns. Nevertheless, in recent decades, gas pump income has undergone a significant transformation. The increasing number of automobiles in our nation has boosted the need for fuel, increasing the demand for gas stations. The studies state that an average Indian gas station sells about five lakh litres of gasoline and diesel each month. With its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) is a government-owned Navratna oil and gas business. In India, the managing relationships are 14,675 gas stations. The steps for starting an HPCL Petrol Pump franchise are described in depth in this post. In case you are interested to take up the dealership of an HPCL petrol pump, then, this blog shall generate immense interest for you!

The Locations Of The HPCL Retail Stores

Have you ever thought of taking an HPCL dealership? Prior to that, experts reveal that there are certain norms to be met, while the suitability to undertake such a project will be judged by the parent organisation. 

It is important to know that, after considering the viability, HPCL selects the site for the dealership. It is important for the owner to understand that the preferred site needs to be located strategically and at the same time, should be well connected with highways, bypass lanes or major arterial roads.  Post the site is chosen by the given authorities, HPCL publishes advertisements for the chosen areas. Consequently, the corporation will also establish regular and rural HPCL retail locations simultaneously. Following certain points, experts from the related field state that:

  • Regular HPCL Retail Outlets (ROs) are found in urban and semi-urban regions near highways (NH/SH).
  • Rural HPCL Retail Outlets (ROs): Sites that are off of highways (NH/SH) yet in rural areas

Proximity to highways, main roads, and bypass connectivity seems to increase the probability of the site being chosen.

Start a Petrol Pump Business

Qualifications For Opening An HPCL Retail Location

The following describes the eligibility requirements for shortlisted candidates who will be called for collaboration or ownership of an HPCL retail establishment.

  • A citizen of India may own an HPCL gas station, following income tax regulations.
  • The individual’s age should be at least 21 and not more than 55, except for freedom fighters who fall under the CC2 category.
  • The individual’s minimal educational requirement to operate a rural HPCL ROs is the 10th standard.
  • The candidate must meet the minimum requirement of passing an HSC-level test administered by a board or institution to create regular HPCL ROs.

Qualification Standards – Finance

The investment criteria for qualifying for standard HPCL ROs will be Rs. 25 lakhs, and the money criteria for qualification for rural HPCL ROs will be Rs. 12 lakhs. The money may take any of the subsequent forms:

  • Money held in savings accounts and bank deposits
  • Company stock, National Savings Programs, Companies or Postal Schemes, Income Funds

Investment Information for HPCL’s Retail Store

The public investment required to construct an HPCL gas station differs from place to place based on the property’s price, the site’s length, and the amenities that must be built to fulfill customers’ needs in the HPCL retail outlet’s trade region. The announcement will estimate the sums needed to create the buildings and infrastructure at the future HPCL retail locations.

Application Fee for HPCL Retail Outlets

  • There is a Rs. 100 application fee for Rural HPCL ROs and an Rs. 50 cost for SC/ST applicants.
  • A charge of Rs. 1000 must be paid to apply for an average HPCL retail shop. The SC/ST group requires Rs. 500 fees.

Documents Needed

Documentation is the first and foremost part of making a relevant application for opening an HPCL outlet. In order to understand the same, please go through the given content carefully. 

The following documentation must be provided to register for an HPCL retail outlet dealership.

For educational credentials from foreign universities or boards, a comparable certification by the proper officer, State Government, or Central Government is required. Value credentials and a duplicate NSC are necessary for the purchase price. Value credentials and a duplicate of the Demat declaration are also needed for the registration communities or businesses.

Documents Needed to Prove Ownership

To prove that the candidate is the proprietor of the property proposed for the HCL Dealership, at least one of the following documents must be submitted:

  • Registration gift agreement or registration sale deed
  • Registered Khasra or Khatauni or any other comparable income record or diploma from revenue officials verifying the condition of the acquisition of the property
  • Any other type of shareholdings or transmit deed memorandum, such as Mutation record
  • Lease contract notice signed by the Government or Semi Governing entities

Selecting Dealers for HPCL Retail Outlets

The selection process for the HPCL Retail Outlet (Petrol Pump) dealership will involve accepting applications through advertising placed under the relevant category in two publications (one in Hindi and one in English). Based on the type of HPCL retail store location, priority will be determined either through a drawing of lots or a competitive bidding procedure. Additionally, each location’s specifics will be listed in the marketing.

Amount Of The Bid

A non-refundable fixed fee of 5 lakhs for a rural HPCL retail establishment and 15 lakhs for a standard HPCL retail establishment will be due in the case of dealer-owned or company-leased properties.

The minimum bid value will be 10 lakhs for a Rural HPCL retail outlet and 30 lakhs for standard retail outlets for HP Corporation-owned properties that are up for allocation. For Rural HPCL ROs, the applicant must deposit 50,000, and for Regular HPCL retail locations, 1.5 lakhs.


Taking the dealership of a petrol pump, that also of a Navratna brand like HPCL, is not easy. The first and foremost point remains to be a procedural approach in making a formal application on the basis of eligibility. Adopting a step-by-step approach needs to be taken, while, one needs to be careful to pay caution money, to the parent organisation. For more information related to this topic, keep an eye on Vakilsearch. 

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