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How to Register Marriage Online?

In this article, we will mention How to Apply for a Marriage Certificate Online? How Long Does It Take to Get a Copy of Your Marriage Certificate? How to Get a Copy of Your Marriage Certificate Online on Your Own?

How to Register Marriage Online: A marriage license and marriage certificate arise often used interchangeably. People frequently mix the two, even though they have significant differences. Marriage licenses are the official legally binding document of marriage issued by the government. Only a government office may issue a genuine marriage license. This documentation must be completed and returned to the issuance office on the wedding day.

On the other hand, marriage certificates are memorable wedding keepsakes meant for framing or other display. Marriage certificates are not legally binding. They are available for purchase and are purely made to remember the wedding day. After the wedding, couples frequently sign these certificates alongside their marriage licenses as a keepsake of the occasion.

Marriage certificates that are being sold are not official documents. Instead, they are carefully written contracts provided so that the husband and wife and attendees or witnesses can sign something in exchange for photos and memories. To be officially married, the couple must apply for a marriage license. They are not necessary to apply for a certificate of marriage.

How to Register Marriage Online

A marriage certificate is a legally binding document proclaiming two persons to be legally wedded. In India, marriages must be recognized under the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 or the Special Marriage Act of 1954. In 2006, the honourable Supreme Court of India made marriage registration mandatory to legalise it.But since most people know that getting a marriage registered in India is mandatory, many lack awareness of the procedure and end up either paying too much to an agency or experiencing too many problems.

The following are the online procedures for registering a marriage in India:

Marriage registration online is a choice, just like many other essential services in India. Online registration is much more desired since it saves time and difficulty, eliminates the need to stand in long lines, and is especially useful in this age of social alienation. It eliminates the need for several visits with the marriage registrar.

The steps are as follows

  • Navigate to the official website of the applicant’s native state.
  • Look around the website for the marriage registration form.
  • Complete the form with both marriage parties’ personal information.
  • Once completed, submit the form.

The Time Needed To Complete A Marriage Registration

When the form is completed, the marriage registrar shall notify the candidates of a specific date and time. It is mandatory to appear on time at the marriage registrar’s office with all the paperwork. Besides, two witnesses are required to be present from each side at the marriage registrar’s office. It is important to note that the marriage date and time offered by the marriage registrar for a wedding under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 is generally 15-30 days after the form is submitted. Furthermore, it is roughly 60 days in the circumstances of the Special Marriage Act of 1954. Every state of India has its own time consumption for registration. You should prepare to wait between 5 and 16 weeks for a copy of your marriage certificate

How Do You Get a Copy of Your Marriage Certificate Online

The marriage certificate is one of the most crucial documents to save, but if it is lost, a copy can be made. The method for acquiring a copy of the marriage certificate is as follows:

  • You must obtain a suitable duplicate Marriage certificate application form, which can be obtained from the municipality or marriage registration offices.
  • After receiving the application form, you must fill it out completely. The request will be denied if there is any incorrect information on the application form.
  • Attach all documents to the application form now. The documents needed to apply for a copy of the marriage certificate are listed below.

To fill out an application for a copy of your missing marriage certificate, the vital statistics department would need the following information:

  • Details regarding the wedding ceremony.
  • Personal details about the spouses.
  • The application’s filer’s name and contact information.


At the registration appointment, you must bring the following documents with you:

  • Both spouses have completely filled out the application structure. 
  • Voter ID/Ration Card/Passport, Driving License as proof of address
  • Proof of the couple’s birthday
  • two passport-sized pictures
  • One wedding photograph
  • Separate Marriage Affidavits from Husband and Wife in an authorised group, as well as an Aadhaar Card
  • Invitation to a Wedding
  • Married couples must correctly self-attest (i.e. sign) all reports.

The Advantages of a Marriage Certificate

Getting a marriage certificate is a mandatory process for a married couple and it can benefit them in the following ways.

  • A marriage certificate is essential if you seek a passport or create an account in the bank after the wedding.
  • Marriage certificates can provide excellent assistance in securing visas for both married couples.
  • Since foreign embassies in India and overseas do not recognize traditional marriages, the marriage certificate is required for the couple to travel abroad on a spouse visa.
  • It allows a spouse to recover an insurance return or bank deposits in the event that the Insurer or depositor dies without a nominee.
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Tatkal Services

The word ‘Tatkal’ means emergency, and the word ‘tatkal services’ implies the services that you need urgently. The Revenue Department of the Delhi government established a ‘tatkal’ service in April 2014, ensuring single-day permission for the marriage and prioritising the registration process. The programme, which went live on April 22, 2014, enables individuals to file their marriages and receive a certificate within 24 hours for a price of Rs. 10,000.


Obtaining a marriage certificate entails a number of stages. It is a required and legally mandated procedure. There are several necessary documentation and formalities required, as described above. The law has attempted to make this a comprehensive process, including inter-caste marriages, while also making it simple by How to Register Marriage Online. Check out Vakilsearch for more useful insights and solutions to your legal concerns. 

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