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Trademark Search

How To Look Up Foreign Trademark Registrations Search Database

Trademark registration search is the process of searching for trademarks in a database. Read to know how to Look up the Trademark Registration Search Database!

Foreign TM Registrations Database: A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of goods or services from others. You can’t use someone else’s trademark without permission. Trademarks are important because they help consumers identify products and services as coming from a particular company. They also help companies prevent others from using their name in connection with similar goods or services without permission.

What is Foreign TM Registrations?

TM registrations is the process of registering a TM with WIPO to establish ownership of a particular mark or logo. This process involves filing an application for registration of the mark with the Trademark Office and paying a fee to obtain that registration. Once registered, it is not allowed for others to use that mark without permission from the owner of that registered mark. It is not necessary for you to register your TM in order to use it, but registering gives you certain legal rights and privileges that can be useful if you ever want to enforce them against someone else who uses your trademark without permission. The most common reason why people get registered trademarks is that they are trying to protect their business name from being used by someone else.

What is TM Search?

TM Search is a process of verifying the authenticity of a trademark and its existence in the market. A Trademark search is done to find out whether there is any unauthorized use of trademarks or not. The purpose behind this is to protect the brand name from being used by others without permission. It also helps in identifying if an existing trademark has been registered with the government or not, which can help you avoid confusion among consumers and other parties involved. A Foreign TM registrations can be done through various means like searching on the internet, visiting official websites, etc., but it will be much easier if you opt for a professional service provider who specializes in this field.

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What Is the Foreign TM Registrations Search Database?

The Foreign TM Register search database is a trademark search engine that searches for registered and unregistered trademarks. It provides users with the ability to find out if their trademark has been registered by searching the foreign TM Registry (ITR). The ITR contains information on all foreign TM register of marks, including any subsequent applications for registration or oppositions filed against those marks. It provides you with all the relevant details of your target country’s trademark registration system. You can get complete details of any trademark including its status, date of application and filing date, etc.

What Kind of Information Can I Find in the foreign TM Registrations Search Database?

The foreign Trademark Registry describes itself as “the central source for information about intellectual property protection”. This database holds information on trademark registrations from countries across the globe, but what kind of information can I find? Each registered foreign trademark is a document that information companies submit to protect their business from intellectual property infringement. This database is searchable by country and foreign registration, along with many other keywords. Is one of your products a certain type of leather? Just search leather and you’ll find a lot of data. Do you sell lighting equipment? You can search for lighting, lamps, lighting fixtures and many other terms in addition to lamps for photography, etc. Do you provide computer-based services? The database contains thousands of keywords you are thinking of such as consulting services, computer-related services, etc. It is also possible to search on just one keyword by including its primary and secondary terms in the search engine query.

How Often Is the foreign TM Registrations Search Database Updated

The database is updated monthly, but it can take up to a year before it is included in the database. Data from the foreign Trademark Office is provided through the Madrid system, which means you will be able to find registered trademarks and pending applications for both countries. In recent years, new insight into how well the foreign registration system is working was provided by the publication of a study from the European Commission. Its findings suggested that the registries were not updated at all or were only updated once a year. Due to the European data being publicly available, it was possible to analyze the results in-depth for a very large number of countries.

How Do I Look up foreign TM Registrations Search Database

You are looking to search the online database of foreign TM register, which is maintained by the World Intellectual Property organisation (WIPO). Their database is broken down by country and you can find the name of the TM and the registered owner. You will need to enter a country and this may be a bit difficult because many trademark applications are directed to a foreign office. If the name of the country is not an option, one can do an alternative search to locate the office by country. You can visit their About section, where you will find the phone number for foreign T/M operations. Once you have a name of a country, you can contact them for assistance for a particular country. You can access this record by the following link: The “How to Search” page of the WIPO database. The World Intellectual Property organisation’s (WIPO’s) website describes the database as “the first foreign search engine of foreign TM registrations.” The full WIPO trademark database is also available for free.


The main advantage of registering your trademark is that you will be able to stop others from using your trademarks on goods or services without your consent. The registration of a trademark gives the owner exclusive rights to use the mark in relation to goods or services. In other words, it is not possible for someone else to use the same mark without permission from the owner. The registration also provides protection against unauthorised uses of the trademark by others, such as imitations and counterfeit products. The trademark can be searched by name, symbol, or keyword. TM register search helps you to find out if there is any trademark that matches your criteria and also provides details about the registered trademark such as its owner, date of filing, and status. You can also check if there are any pending applications against your desired trademarks. If you would feel safer getting some legal assistance to take you through the whole procedure of foreign TM registrations, Vakilsearch can be your best bet.

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