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How to Hire an Immigration Attorney?

Are you looking for an immigration lawyer in India but have no idea where to start? Well, this blog will give you a detailed insight into the requirement for immigration lawyers in India. Here, we shall discuss various queries relating to hiring one.

There is no doubt that India is a vibrant nation in itself. It is a country rich in culture, beliefs, and communities. It thus becomes an attractive place for immigrants all across the globe. However, settling down in a new country is not an easy job. Several laws are applicable in a country which makes this process challenging. So, here comes into play the role of an immigration attorney who helps individuals around the globe to Immigrate to India as per the immigration law. Let’s know about how to hire an immigration attorney in India in this blog.

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An immigration attorney is a professional responsible for interpreting the law and representing the individuals involved in the process of immigration. These individuals may be legal or illegal citizens and refugees wishing to reside in a nation, conduct a business, or get employment. Hence, an immigration attorney helps his clients immigrate to their dream place with minimum effort and a complete understanding of the applicable rules and laws. He is the one who guides you on immigration-related issues such as green cards, visa applications, citizenship, and employment for non-citizens. He is also known as an Immigration Attorney.

Why do I Need to Hire an Immigration Attorney?

Economic research says that migration has benefits for both sending and receiving countries. India has immigrants who are settling abroad. However, immigrating to any country is regulated by its laws and international treaties. We need to follow all these laws for smooth immigration. We can’t have an idea about these legal formalities. Here, we need to reach out to the best immigration attorney. The entire process of immigration demands the effort and time of the client wishing to relocate to another country. The need to hire an immigration attorney is significant in the following situations:

  • Assisting in the documentation process for immigration
  • Assisting in preparing the documents and submitting them to the concerned government authorities
  • Guiding in preparing the application for Overseas Citizenship of India( OCI) and filing them
  •  Assisting in visa renewals
  • Providing knowledge about the alternative visa options available to the client
  • Keeping the client informed of all the updates in immigration regulations
  • Handling issues related to immigration sponsorship
  • Helping in converting the visa status of the client
  • Assisting in filing applications and resolving immigration law-related queries in real-time.

How to Hire an Immigration Attorney in India?

We do not always need the assistance of an Immigration attorney. However, in some countries, there are strict laws related to immigration. Hiring an attorney saves the time, effort, and cost of visiting immigration offices. Check out some valuable tips that can help us hire an immigration attorney in India:

Checking the experience level: Determine how long the immigration legal advice online has worked in this field. An attorney with at least five years of experience would be ideal. He can provide you with better suggestions based on the knowledge of his past cases. Experience is crucial since an inexperienced lawyer cannot help you if your case is complicated.

Find out if he has registered with some community organisations: Some Community organisations help immigrant communities. It is always good to look up to an attorney who is a member of such communities. However, you do not need to compulsorily hire an immigration attorney affiliated with this kind of organisation. But, you can put more trust in him if you manage to hire one. You should always hire an immigration attorney in India who is devoted to his domain.

Membership of the American Immigration attorneys Association( AILA): AILA is an association of immigration attorneys that regulates the actions of all its member attorneys. Your immigration lawyer should be a part of this association since the members of AILA are aware of all the best legal practices. They also know the recent changes that have happened in the domain. It is best to hire one of these lawyers.

Know their fees: The fees of an immigration attorney might differ from attorney to attorney . They mostly charge on a fixed or hourly basis. There are other related expenses that we need to know about. These are filing fees and other miscellaneous Expenses. You should always select an affordable lawyer. But, it is not advisable to always go with an attorney with the lowest Fees. Good lawyers charge slightly higher, but their services are worth your money. 

Some Instances Where it Becomes Critical to Hire?

Applicant convicted of a crime: In cases where the client has been a convict, the immigration attorney can comprehend how criminal law and immigration overlap.

An applicant with some health issues: An immigration attorney helps these clients to apply for special visas since countries do not allow immigrants suffering from Communicable diseases.

An applicant denied entry to any other country earlier: In such cases, an immigration attorney advises on the impact of denial from a country.

Denial of prior immigration applications: An immigration attorney determines the reason for refusal. He also helps you to know if there are chances to appeal against the refusal or reapply later in the future.

Applicant trying for an employment visa: An immigration attorney ensures that the future employer fulfills the obligations towards the immigrating employees.

Applicant waiting for a long time for the application to pass: Since an immigration attorney is familiar with the time duration and deadlines, he can help the client to get speedy processing of the application.


Now we know that the immigration procedure is no longer sweet and Simple. Relocating to another country requires the guidance of an experienced immigration attorney . The reputed immigration attorneys in India will help you with all the documentary requirements and complications in the case. Hence, you should invest in a professional immigration attorney to save your hard-earned time and money.

We offer corporate immigration and naturalization services by combining personal attention and a detail-oriented approach. We know that every client is different and has specific needs. So, our attorneys help you to understand the complexities of the immigration process. Please do get in touch with our team to find a suitable immigration attorney for assistance. We have the resources that best fit your needs.

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