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How to Get Wholesale Drug Licenses in India?

Unlock legal compliance in the pharmaceutical sector. This guide, with Vakilsearch's expertise, navigates the steps to secure wholesale drug licenses in India for entrepreneurs and businesses.

To start a wholesale drug business in India, you need a wholesale drug licenses. This license is required by law and ensures that you are complying with regulations. Whether you are a new entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical sector or an existing business looking to renew or expand, it is important to understand the process of obtaining a wholesale drug licenses. In this guide, we will explain the key steps to get a wholesale drug license in India.

Understanding the Basics

To get a wholesale drug license in India, you need to first understand the basics. The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, regulates the distribution of drugs in the country. This law says that anyone involved in drug distribution must get a wholesale drug license from the State Drug Control Authority.

At Vakilsearch, we understand the intricacies of wholesale drug licensing in India. The distribution of drugs is governed by the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, and our team is well-versed in the requirements set forth by the State Drug Control Authority.

Step 1: Eligibility Check

Our experts will guide you through the eligibility criteria set by regulatory authorities. Whether you’re an individual or a business looking for a wholesale drug license, we’ll make sure you meet all the qualifications and infrastructure requirements. This includes having a registered pharmacist on staff, proper storage facilities, and following Good Distribution Practices (GDP).

Step 2: Documentation Assistance

Count on Vakilsearch to help you prepare all the necessary documents for your application. Application Form: Our team will guide you through filling out the form provided by the State Drug Control Authority. Proof of Identity: We help you submit documents that prove the identity of the applicant and key personnel. Premises Details: Our experts assist you in providing detailed information about the location where your wholesale drug business will be, including a blueprint of the storage area. Qualification Proof: For individuals, we make sure you submit the proper proof of education or experience in the pharmaceutical field. Partnership Deed or Memorandum of Association: For businesses, our experts help you submit the partnership deed or memorandum of association.

Step 3: Application Submission with Confidence

Submit your application to the State Drug Control Authority confidently with Vakilsearch. We pay close attention to details, ensuring accurate and complete information. This reduces the risk of unnecessary delays.

Step 4: Inspection Preparedness

Our team understands the importance of the on-site inspection conducted by regulatory authorities. We help you prepare for this inspection, ensuring compliance with storage conditions, record-keeping practices, and all other regulatory requirements.

Unlock Regulatory Compliance: Secure your Drug and Cosmetics License with Vakilsearch. Streamline your registration process for a seamless journey into the pharmaceutical industry.

Step 5: Fee Payment Guidance

Vakilsearch provides guidance on the payment of prescribed fees for processing your application. We keep you informed about fee structures that may vary by state.

Step 6: Seamless License Issuance

After your application is inspected and approved, the State Drug Control Authority will issue your wholesale drug license. Vakilsearch makes the process simple and reminds you that these licenses usually last for five years and need to be renewed on time.

Professional Assistance Tailored for You

Navigating the complexities of wholesale drug licensing is made easier with Vakilsearch. Our team of experts includes lawyers and business consultants specializing in regulatory compliance. We help people and businesses get wholesale drug licenses. We make sure the application process goes smoothly and there are no delays or rejections.

Case Studies

1. In 2018, a company in India was fined 10 million rupees. The company made and sold adulterated drugs. They used expired ingredients and didn’t follow proper manufacturing procedures.

2. In 2019, a cosmetics company in India had to recall a batch of its products. The products were found to contain harmful chemicals. The company had not tested its products properly before selling them.

3. A drug company in India was closed in 2020 for making fake drugs. The company used fake packaging and labels to sell their products as real.

Comprehensive Legal and Compliance Support for Your Pharmaceutical Business: Vakilsearch’s Services

Vakilsearch is an expert in Indian legal law and business compliances. We offer a range of services for the wholesale drug business. We also offer extra services that may be useful to people and companies in the drug industry.

1. Legal Consultation: Vakilsearch can provide legal consultation services to ensure that your wholesale drug business complies with all relevant laws and regulations. This includes ongoing legal support for any issues that may arise in the course of operations.

2. License Renewals: As wholesale drug licenses are typically valid for five years, Vakilsearch can assist in the timely renewal of licenses. This ensures that your business remains in compliance with regulatory requirements.

3. Intellectual Property Protection: For pharmaceutical businesses dealing with unique formulations or branding, Vakilsearch can assist in the registration and protection of intellectual property, including trademarks for brand names and patent protection for innovative products.

4. Contract Drafting and Review: Vakilsearch can help in drafting and reviewing contracts relevant to the pharmaceutical industry, such as distribution agreements, supplier contracts, and partnership agreements. This ensures that legal aspects are well-managed in business relationships.

5. Regulatory Compliance Audits: Conducting periodic regulatory compliance audits is essential for pharmaceutical businesses. Vakilsearch can assist in conducting thorough audits to identify and address any potential compliance issues.

6. Dispute Resolution: In the event of disputes or legal challenges, Vakilsearch can provide support in dispute resolution, whether through negotiation, mediation, or legal proceedings.

7. Training and Workshops: Vakilsearch can organize training sessions and workshops to educate your team on legal and regulatory requirements in the pharmaceutical industry. This helps in building a culture of compliance within the organization.

8. Business Expansion Support: If your business is expanding into new territories or introducing new products, Vakilsearch can assist in obtaining the necessary licenses and approvals, ensuring a smooth expansion process.

9. Customized Legal Solutions: Vakilsearch understands that each business is unique. Therefore, they can offer customized legal solutions tailored to the specific needs and challenges of your wholesale drug business.

10. Government Liaison Services: Vakilsearch can act as a liaison between your business and government authorities, facilitating communication and ensuring a smooth interaction during regulatory processes.

These additional services reflect Vakilsearch’s comprehensive approach to legal and compliance support, covering various aspects of the pharmaceutical business lifecycle. Businesses in the wholesale drug industry can benefit from these services to operate with confidence and legal integrity.


To distribute medications in India, you need a wholesale drug licenses. Follow these steps and get help from experts when needed. Entrepreneurs, existing businesses, and industry professionals can confidently navigate the licensing process. Vakilsearch is a trusted partner that helps individuals and businesses with pharmaceutical regulations.

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